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Let’s atone for Gomorrah’s sins through Gomorrahite art!

Criticizing poser metal bands, William Pierce committed the terrible mistake of proposing to use that sort of extremely degenerate music to counterbalance the message of it—through the same musical genre! While Pierce liked classical music and loathed death metal (cf. this video), his situation was so desperate that, like today’s nationalist pundits, he believed that if only the lyrics would be changed, like some rockers who introduce pro-fascist letters in their melodies, that would be a great asset for white nationalism!

Poor Pierce. No wonder why he failed so miserably. As I have implied elsewhere, you are fooling yourself if you believe you can atone for Sodom’s sins through Sodomite art. (The only righteous way is to leave the damned cities and pray for divine, fiery justice.)

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Iranian: Remember that video of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater that you liked so much when I linked it during a discussion at CC a few of months ago? If you are not scared after the Sodomite & Gomorrahite hell linked above with the voice in off of Pierce, you might be interested to know that I’ve just listened another version of the Stabat:


IMHO a genuine atonement for the cities’ sins not only would require amalgamating one’s own soul with this sort of religious music, but rejecting Gomorrahite “art” altogether.

My bro, who studied orchestral conducting in Paris, is the musician, not me. But this weekend I’ll see him and will ask if he has a book which content I might use to vindicate classical music in this blog.

Pierce’s descriptions of death metal were shocking! I didn’t know the situation is this bad. My naïveté and ignorance are born out of, if I may wax self-complacent and pretentious, my almost anchoritic lifestyle filled with real music and real books. Simply put, I live in a cocoon. And I plan on never eclosing!

“Pierce’s descriptions of death metal were…”

Shocking, indeed. That’s why I catalogued this entry under the topic of “sins against the holy ghost”, since in that video beautiful nude female bodies are debased and degraded visually to the extreme. Only the fire that will befall on America after the coming financial crash will start to purify such cities. Anyway, it’s past 4:00 AM here and I’ll try get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

Chechar: You used the following descriptive words/terms: “degenerate music, Sodom’s sins, sodomite art, leave the damned cities, and pray for divine fiery justice”.

You’ve done this on other posts. Have you undergone a conversion? Do you now believe in “God”?

No, actually. My views on religion have not changed for more than twenty years.

There’s something that I agree with Jung. If any person “touches” his own Self (which is not to be confused with his ego—imagine a sphere with the “Self” at is very core and the ego as a shining on the surface), he’ll start talking like a modern-day Jeremiah even if he doesn’t believe in the existence of a personal God.

I very rarely talk about “God”, as I did last year in the introduction to one of Pierce’s best articles (here). As to Christianity, I agree with Greg Johnson that its universalism has been a calamity for the race. For me, who have lived most of my life in a country that started miscegenation half a millennium ago as a consequence of such Catholic universalism, this is all too obvious.

The moment Billy Pierce started selling “hate-core” CD’s via the National Alliance’s putrid distributor Resistance is the moment he shoved a figurative gun barrel clean down his clucking, chicken-skinned, babbling throat and yanked the trigger.

“Brainz wuz eberwheres, folks!”

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