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Evropa Soberana (webzine)

Evropa Soberana, backup 43

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From this article, which is an index to all the articles published by Eduardo Velasco in his cancelled webzine ‘Evropa Soberana’, I would just like to translate a few words from the final section:

Do you believe that Spain and the Hispanic world have great potential, but that it is not being properly harnessed, and that Spain could play a brilliant role as the Atlantic sword of a continental empire?

It strikes me that Velasco, who understood so well the ravages of miscegenation in Western history, was won over by old-fashioned Hispanic nationalism: a nationalism that doesn’t take the race factor into due consideration. My harsh views on mestizaje in Latin America can be found in El Grial. Those who wish to read only a short post, of 17 July 2015, click here.

One reply on “Evropa Soberana, backup 43”

Somewhat tangential, but to the point of being loyal to the ideal of racial beauty vis-à-vis shallow nationalism.

[…] But they don’t think of the ganze Welt at all. They think only of their blessed Germany.” I said, “That’s natural.” “But you,” she said, “you think of the world. You are not a Nazi because Hitler saved Germany. On the contrary, you like Germany, because it’s Hitler’s country.” I said, “Yes, exactly, exactly.”

Savitri Devi – And Time Rolls On, page 23.

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