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On snatched Iberians

and Criollos

I get almost zero intelligent feedback in the ramification of this site, La Hora más Oscura. And even here, and as a result of my quest in the Spanish Metapedia, I gather that, apparently:

  • Throughout more than 1,300 years, no notable Spanish or Portuguese has ever criticized the interbreeding that started since the Aryan Visigoths broke their rule of not getting married with other peoples, a taboo broken during King Recceswinth’s reign in the VII century according to the histories by William Pierce and Arthur Kemp;
  • In 500 years no Latin American intellectual, not even one notable Criollo or a notable man who, phenotypically, may pass as an Iberian, has criticized miscegenation either.

If this proves to be the case, Iberian whites, whether peninsular or American, have been body-snatched ever since Christianity infected their minds, precisely in the 7th century.

RecesvintoRecceswinth, king of
Hispania in 649–672 A.D.

Again, if the bulleted points prove to be accurate—I’m still checking the facts—, most white nationalists have not delved really deep into the root etiology of the current mess.

Update of February 24, 2016

For those who read Spanish, see my yesterday’s postscript about this topic at the end of: this entry.

5 replies on “On snatched Iberians”

This touches on a point I’ve been thinking about. The seemingly total disappearance of the white Visigoths, and white Iberians. The continued genetic destruction of these Aryan peoples is so strange. And the lack of any discussion of it as you point out. Very strange indeed.

What surprises me beyond imagination is that, as to date, throughout recorded history of the Spanish language I’ve found zero voices against a policy that destroyed the genuine Iberian Aryans long, long ago.

This is also why I believe that ethno “nationalism” is irrelevant. The point of my Extermination chapter is that nationalist Spaniards (or Criollos) don’t really care about the 14 words. WNsts are completely ignoring Latin America for the same reason: when you introduce their history you see crystal-clear that the problem of white decline is deeper than the Jewish question.

The taboo of speaking out of Recceswinth’s astronomic blunder, or even thinking about its consequences, comes, in my view, from Christian axiology.

Therefore, I agree with Hitler, Pierce and presently Jack Frost, and against Heimbach et al, that universalist Christianity was the worst virus of the mind that infected the white race.

It is truly mind boggling, and I’m reminded of Nietzsche on the sickness of the Christian mind. And I can’t find the quote as of yet, but he had wrote roughly that, Christianity was the end result of Judaism.

And yes, these ideas of ethno nationalism can’t possibly exist in the framework of the Christian mind. But I’ve been even more perplexed by what I’ve seen as the continued extermination of white peoples over time. Even when Christianity was never involved. New Zealand being a prime example. The amount of evidence of white peoples predations the polonisians, who than canibalized them seems to follow this bizarre pattern of white peoples altruism that leads to their seemingly enevitable downfall.

“For each nation has different customs and divergent laws and institutions, and should consolidate those things that are proper to it, and should form and develop out of the same nation the associations for the fusion of its life. For just as each animal mates with its own tribe, so it is right that each nation should also marry and cohabit not with those of other race and tongue but of the same tribe and speech. For hence arise naturally harmony of thought and intercourse among one another and friendly converse and living together; but alien customs and divergent laws are likely on the contrary to engender enmities and quarrels and hatreds and broils, which tend to beget not friendship and association but spite and division.”

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