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Real men War!

Russian ad

Here’s the translation:

This is the first day of your new life. What was yesterday has no meaning. What you were like before no longer bothers anyone. What matters now is who you’ll be today. What you know about yourself. What you are capable of. The questions may remain unanswered, but will you be able to peacefully sleep after? Learn about yourself? Learn your limits? To hell with limitations! Are you ready to break yourself to failure? Every day. Here, the pain tempers you, scars are a routine. It is YOU who decided to prove something to yourself.

Commander is only here so that you can see an enemy in him, because without enemy there is no battle. And without battle there is no victory. But in reality, the main enemy is you. You of yesterday. Your mission is to track the enemy down, catch up to him, surpass him, become better than him, and come back a victor.

Because tomorrow is the first day of your new life.

But alas, the French, the Germans, the English and the woke Americans have lost their manhood…

8 replies on “Russian ad”

The dark side is creating advertisements appealing to adolescent emotions. My enemy is not me. My enemy is the bully who violates my sovereignty by trying to impose his choices on me. And extend that to the collective.

The ad speaks the truth.

By doing nothing and succumbing to comfort and other vices, you allow lesser men than you to rule over your life. You are your own worst enemy.

That’s what happening with white americans, Germans and other men alike today, who let jews and other plutocrats to rule them while niggers and turks sleep with their women after having peacefully invaded their countries.

The ad speaks illusion, like most advertising. Shows the Russian marketeers think in the same domain as their western capitalist counterparts.

Your note that too many of us are passive — hey, most of us just desire a kind, competent and benign government (dream on) — is accurate. However, some of us do push back, in a variety of ways, outside the usual military mass destruction methods.

And that’s the point of the russian ad. You are your own worst enemy to overcome.

It is pointless pretending to fight back by not fighting.

Curios that oriental Russia makes a masculine ad appealing to the aryan man.

Titanic contrast to the woke aberration that the USA army portrayed.

You have to keep in mind that Russia (=Ukraine) is currently self-destroying, just in the old-fashioned way (killing its men). Both Zelensky and Prigozhin are Jews, and both are sending Russian (=Ukrainian) men to die for nothing.

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