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Racial right Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Bad habit

Because I have a bad habit of wanting to argue with people on the American racial right, things like this happen to me.

I have to discipline myself. At this point, it is naive to believe that any of them, let’s say those who believe that Jewry is the primary cause of our misfortunes, are going to answer my favourite argument: the catastrophe of miscegenation in Latin America when the Inquisition had the Jews well under control. I must resign myself to accepting that the only discussion of these topics will be possible in the discussion threads of The West’s Darkest Hour. The rest of the racialists don’t want to play what I call ‘the real chess’, the battle of ideas, with me.

So I will focus on correcting the translation of Savitri Devi’s book which I want to publish, at least, as a PDF so that it will appear third in the featured post.

Although we’ve published the full translation of it in 103 posts under the title ‘Reflections of an Aryan woman’, some problems have arisen. For example, I suspect that Greg Johnson’s The Savitri Devi Archive has used Google translator to translate chapters 1, 10 and 11 of Souvenirs et réflexions d’une aryenne (which I originally copied from there and pasted here). That means the arduous task of cross-checking that computer translation with another translator (even though I studied French for three years, that is not remotely sufficient for a text as complex as Savitri’s).

So instead of continuing to criticise the racial right for not being Nazi like us (see also what Hunter Wallace wrote today), I will concentrate my efforts on a revision of those chapters in Johnson’s archive, to make our product more readable than the defective Google translation he apparently used.

If I don’t upload more entries soon, it is because I am very busy proofreading Savitri’s book, whose preface to the forthcoming edition I wrote yesterday. So I will try to overcome my bad habit: inviting to play chess someone who simply doesn’t want to play…

9 replies on “Bad habit”

I want to thank you for you interest in Savitri Devi and her books. I believe she is one of the few people that understood what Adolf Hitler was and what he represented. Maybe her unique background someway prepared her spiritually or “wired” her brain for the task for which she was assigned by gods of our people. I was thinking, have you or any of your readers seen this excellent website for purchasing Third Reich items? https://od43.com/

I’m running the risk of offending you again, but I simply don’t think Christianity to be a sufficient explanation for the miscegenation south of the Rio Grande. They grew sugar cane there, and mined silver ore, thus bringing in Aryan women would have been useless. North America had a harsh climate and Puritan cultists willing to flee England with their families. I’m not denying the role of Sublimis Deus (1537) in viewing the Indians as human. But I don’t see the point denying economics as a factor.

After all, the real terrible miracle of Christianity is not the colonial administration in Peru, but the fate of omnipotent post-1945 America refusing to exterminate & settle Japan. Something I don’t see anyone mention, probably because it’s too unthinkable a thought.

Economics: yes. But the huge difference between the Anglo-Germans of the north and the New Spaniards is that the latter had already committed the sin of miscegenation in the Iberian peninsula, unlike the British. So culture is important to understand the differences. Unlike Constantine’s universal Catholicism that mixed the races in Constantinople right from the beginning, Protestantism didn’t start as a project of race betrayal.

So you’re making a distinction specifically for Protestantism as the [historically] best brand of Christianity? Interesting, never noticed it. Still, it did not prevent the Anglos and the Dutch from mixing in India and Indonesia quite profusely (and even in the Cape Colony to some extent).

But returning to the original blog entry, I personally wonder who is worse – the Hitler-haters or the Hitler-smearers. And by smearing Hitler, I also include Holocaust denial. Turning the Führer into a Christcuck is equally a murder of his memory.

Protestantism as the best brand of Christianity? I never said such a thing, only that cultural context is relevant to understand the suicidal miscegenation that Catholics perpetrated against themselves.

Somehow this post reminded me of another entry from a while back commemorating a great comment by Mauricio IIRC. I am fuzzy on the wording, but the effect was something like “’Truth’ is ultimately little else than a weapon of propaganda, and rightly so.” Unfortunately I didn’t save it, and I am unable to find it using the search function. Mauricio or C.T., do you know what I’m talking about?

It doesn’t seem to be in there. Then again I found that post about a year ago, back on the old version of this site, so maybe it got left behind in the transfer process, or somehow miscategorized. Ah well.

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