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A cute postscript

I would like to add a postscript to Mauricio’s words in ‘Responding to Jamie’. There is a litmus test I have devised to see who has, or has not, transvalued his values.

Imagine a scenario analogous to The Turner Diaries where revolutionaries come to have control over nuclear missiles in a silo, and use them to create global chaos and, thus, eventually come to power. But before the thought experiment of this entry I would like to answer the question, Why is chaos necessary to come to power? As I want to be brief on this question, the best way to answer it is using the metaphor of a show very popular among normies.

As those of you who followed my Game of Thrones posts will recall, ‘The Climb’, the title of episode #26, is a metaphor for achieving power, and the ladder—chaos—is how Littlefinger climbs. When things are in disarray chaos allows him to manipulate powerful people so that he is ahead. Chaos means that, in extreme situations, the great medieval houses overlook his birth because they need him. Chaos means they are weakened so they are brought more to his level. Chaos provides opportunities for him to advance, because there are problems to be solved.

Having understood Littlefinger’s words, which you can watch on YouTube, we can talk about my cute postscript:

If in a moment of social chaos a submarine with nuclear weapons were to fall under our power, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to use all its missiles to nuke the capitals of the West and its major cities, starting with those of the United States and its lackey in the Middle East (naturally, Chinese cities and Mecca would be nuked too, lest Gooks and Muslims become emboldened and take advantage of the situation).

To show you the level of my morals—that is to say how the priest understands the four and fourteen words—, even if one of my brothers happened to be in one of those cities I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to push the buttons.

And this is my litmus test: Who among those commenting on racialist forums would do the same if a submarine with nukes fell under his power for a couple of days? I guess that none of them would. And if there is anyone who would, please tell me in the comments section, because this is a great Gedankenexperiment to find out who has left Christian morality behind.

9 Replies on “A cute postscript

  1. I would push the button immediately.

    Since we like to work within the realm of the possible, let’s imagine our team of agents from The Order successfully infiltrate an Ohio-class US Navy submarine, causes a mutiny, subdues the crew and obtains the launch codes for 20 nuclear missiles.
    I could then set coordinates for 20 capital cities in the West. Thing is, the further away the sub is from the target, the more time the ICBM counter-measures have to react against the nukes.
    So in order to increase the chances of success for our missiles, I would navigate the sub right next to Manhattan island, and launch all 20 missiles across every major city in the US East coast, from Boston to Washington DC.
    Even if only 10 missiles reach their targets, the destruction would be so catastrophic that the US would be ripe for a Chinese invasion, as one of Pierce’s podcasts predicted.
    Our team would have a front seat view from the top deck of the submarine to behold the glorious sight of New York city vaporising in a mushroom cloud. We would howl euphorically from the spectacle, salute one another, then sink the sub.

    The problem most WN have with ‘pushing the button’ is that they’re thinking of the white families that will die from the nukes.
    The same families that teach their sons to be degenerate faggots, and their daughters to miscigenate.
    Pushing the button is the only way to save white race. Even if a million blonde nymphs have to die.

    1. I removed the rest of your comment because you don’t seem to know that, on this site, I dedicated a post to each of the 73 GoT episodes, exposing every bad message I noticed. This is one of the problems with relatively new commenters: they are unfamiliar with what I have written.

      1. No, I am familiar. But for the cogent reasons stated, but not published, I could not make it past the first review. The subject matter holds no gravitas.

  2. It is the hard decision that must be made. As someone who lives in the U.S. (colorado) I see the degenerate filth every day and also the dumbed down WN and their little circuses of patriotic rallys, ironically. These useless inbreds who sit and watch niggs playing football all weekend screaming at a T.V. if their team doesn’t win. And then as their daughters see dad praising some nigg football player on the T.V., will then act surprised and angered when their young white daughter brings her new nigg boyfriend into the house. There is no saving this. It cannot be saved. But I want to be the first one to push the button on the kike infested New York. The only thing I wouldn’t want to lose would be Germany and Norway from a geographical standpoint. I would hate to see the beautiful Bavarian villages etc lost. But the immigrant and christian filth must be liquidated. Mauricio is right, mostly 7 billion must go.