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William Pierce

TOO misrepresents Pierce

This is a postscript to what I wrote yesterday in ‘Holmes quote’.

In his article yesterday on The Occidental Observer, Robert S. Griffin, author of a book about William Pierce, not only fails to mention the JQ, which Pierce talked about so much on his podcasts. Griffin also fails to mention the CQ about which Pierce said wise things in the book that I mention at the end of my previous post.

A subject who only reads Kevin MacDonald’s webzine and doesn’t delve into the most important non-fiction work that came out of Pierce’s pen, will be left with a sanitised view of Pierce: more akin to American race realism than Pierce’s exterminationist racism.

But of course: Christian ethics reign at TOO.

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Hi Herr César it´s me again , I have a question related to European origins, I am not sure about if you know this blog:


I think is aweosome and although the autor grounds most of his data from real scientific investigation, the data can be biased because of ((David Reich)) the top investigator in the field of European genetics. And such claims that the number of blond people of Europe during paleolitc was almost inexistent , I´ve been investigating and a really doubt such claims, I have a strong suspicion that Cro-magnons were evolved Neandhertals ( this process might started 80000 years ago) in the most west parts of Europe till the azores islands (the level of sea was much lower) . I support that the Modern Europeans were Neandhertals with neoteny as Pierce said in his book and this new subspecies exterminated the primitive ones 30000 years ago. The process of neotenization no only appear in the Cromagnon other hominins had a kind on convergence evolution , like the pekin Man and the Neotenizated population of East Asia. So I a would like to know your opinion or help in this topic in the Origin of Europeans and your thoughts with that blog. Personaly I have started to doubt about Nordicism , yes I know we must be try to be as white as possible and nothing is better than a Pure white nord but we which are as capable as them, they are our brothers not their inferiors,
The premise of a pure white nord population that started to micegenated , is changed with one with multiple branches of the European species, some populations had darker hair or eye color but were essentially European, yes some popluations interbreed and assimilated each other but were inside our own specie, the problem come with those of semitc, negroid and mongoloid blood that conquest us in these last millenia, but mostly in this last 2000 years thankis to Christianity.
When you evaluated that blog you´ll see that I am not referring to arabs or brown skinned people as mediterraneans.

PD. You may try to change your ((gmail)) to one with better security in protonmail.com it´s free !

It is generally said that Cro-Magnons are the forefathers of Nordics/Aryans, and Neandertaler are for the Jews, which in their lifespan, mostly got exterminated by Cro-Magnon.

Though I do not know if Cro-Magnon is also the ancestor of other European races and in what evolutionary way.

Human evolution was an evolutionary battle between other Hominids aka Erectus, Neanderthals, Ergastur, Denisovan etc.

Southeners and Northerners are completely different races, even if catagorized into European stock, and Pan-European mixing would be catastrophical.

“It is generally said that Cro-Magnons are the forefathers of Nordics/Aryans, and Neandertaler are for the Jews”.

Jews look absolutely nothing like Neanderthals; they have small faces, recessed maxilla [jaws], sunken bone structure etc… Neanderthals were the opposite of this; they had some of the largest faces of any hominid coupled with a large cranium [which Jews and those close to them curiously lack], prognathism of the midface, and “puffy” or inflated skull formation. A lot of people get this idea into their heads that Jews look like Neanderthals because Jews and Neanderthals are “ugly” in their mind therefore they must be “similar”, or “the same”.
In reality, the two are about as far removed as possible. The group that most closely resemble Neanderthals are actually Amerindians [in terms of facial area and general shape]. East Asians are also not far removed from them.

In the case of Cro-Magnon man, this specimen is actually closer to the Neanderthals than modern Europeans in the cranial capacity. In terms of facial area, this type was intermediate between modern Europeans and Neanderthals.

Reason to why Cro-Magnons are closer to Neanderthals is probably because ‘modern Europeans’, unlike Cro-Magnon and Neandertal people which their diet consisted mostly meat, eat more grains and grain products thanks to the miscegenation of northerners with the southern peoples; thus their skull and skeleton size eventually decreased. Had that not happen, the descendants of the Cro-Magnons would still be like Greek statues.

hmm, that is a posssibility. I am not that good at biologically related stuff but it is good it brings up a discussion.
Sadly, I do not think Thuletide looks at races the same way as Evropa Soberana or Pierce did, or perhaps some other notable authors. At most, should be taken with a grain of salt. @Hyboria

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