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Hitler verbatim

Yesterday I was struck by the wise words that, in his table talk of July 21, 1941, Hitler pronounced:

Und dann unsere eigene Geschichte auf italischem Boden: Wer kein Organ für Geschichte hat, ist wie ein Mensch, der kein Gehör oder kein Gesicht hat: Leben kann er auch so, aber was ist das?! (There’s also our own past on Italian soil. A man who is indifferent to History is a man without hearing, without sight. Such a man can live, of course—but what a life?)

In the West, the religion of our day seems to be to exterminate the white race through historical slander and lies. That is why the most important subject of all we can imagine is what Hitler says: the history of the white race, the reading of which sets the record straight.

Lately there have been some videos that have become fashionable on YouTube about reconstructions, with computer special effects, of ancient Greece and Rome and how they would look with their citizens. I was shocked to discover that, along with the beauty of classical architecture, the scoundrels who make these videos have been putting the inhabitants of Greek and Roman cities as dark-skinned! They were actually very white, and Hitler implied that when he said ‘There’s also our own past on Italian soil’, referring to the migrations of Nordids (such as the Dorians or the original Latins) when they conquered the southern mudbloods.

The great failure of white nationalism is not starting with the Classical World as understood by the Greeks and Romans: a culture based not only on architecture but on sculpture that showed the beauty of the Aryan body and face uncontaminated by mud blood. (American white nationalists do not begin their narrative with the pre-Christian art because, as Sebas Ronin said, most of them are patriotards.)

In his TV series Civilisation Kenneth Clark says that in the transition from the Ancient World to Christendom the human figure disappears, although Clark failed to add that it was the figure of the pure Aryan that disappeared (pre-Renaissance Christs represent the Semitic man, not the Aryan). Lord Clark was a Christian. Yes, he had an immense sensitivity towards art, but he was a Yahweh worshiper after all. Clark’s widow said that her husband always had a profound Christian sensitivity, and that whenever he went into a church in search of works of art he would first kneel and pray.

Like Lord Clark, the history books read by whites who are under the illusion they are racially conscious were written by Christians, Jews, and neochristians. The latter are the secular whites who never abandoned the Semitic ethics that the New Testament bequeathed to us.

Only William Pierce wrote a story of the white race from the point of view that we could call the POV of the priest of the fourteen words. But Pierce’s story is not read in the circles of white nationalism because even anti-Semites continue to allow themselves to be sodomized by Yahweh. They reason in this way: ‘Indeed, the Old Testament orders the Hebrews to exterminate the non-Hebrew peoples that they are conquering. But we are good. How do we know that we are the good guys? Because unlike the Old Testament written for them, in the New Testament Yahweh commands us to love all our neighbours and we obey Him. Thus, we abhor the exterminationist fantasies of our enemies’.

It goes without saying that the only way to prevent Yahweh from continuing to sodomize us is to stop subscribing to the moral code imposed on us by his gospel. And that means even going beyond Arthur Kemp, the other historian who wrote a story of the white race from the POV of the 14 words. Unlike Pierce, Kemp is not an exterminationist. Some could even say that he is a secular neochristian. Many years ago a commenter said in this forum that Kemp had come to write about the rights of a group of blacks in an African country. I didn’t visit the Kemp article that this commenter linked to, so I can’t substantiate his claim. But we can say that the so-called human rights that became fashionable after the French Revolution are a by-product of Yahweh’s command to love one’s neighbour.

Here we see my hand holding a hard-cover copy of Uncle Adolf’s after-dinner talks in the original language. A priest of the 14 words takes Uncle Adolf’s talks as his Aryan gospel. This cannot be more contrasting with the Semitic gospel of the ‘anti-Semites’ of American white nationalism.

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Interestingly, Richard Spencer has made anti-christ-treason a centerpiece of his recent contributions. His “keep it legal/kosher bro’s” pacifism is disgusting, but it is what it is. He recently said Aryan racialists ought start off by rejecting yahweh/saturn’s commands in a debate with a jew who’s become prominent lately.

oh, & Adam Green of Know More News has recently explicitly come out against christianity as a total jewish hoax. If interested, you can find Spencer’s & Greens anti-christian speeches on Odysee.com (Spencer’s debate against Judas Maccabeus was on Killstream, & Adam Green’s channel is still called Know More News on that platform).

More attention needs to be drawn to the fact it is secularized christ-insanity that reigns supreme (under jews, from my perspective…Biden isn’t going & kneeling before laughing christians, now, is he?); and that theological christ-cucking is but a sort of backdrop, as your site emphasizes. There seems to be a possible brewing revolt on the fringes of the Aryan collective psyche. Interestingly, Spencer referred to himself as a “cultural christian” in his debate w/Maccabeus. I see debates w/jews as a waste of time, but there were some fascinating dynamics at work.

Curious, why refer to one’s self as an “anti-semite” rather than an anti-jew? And why capitalize “christian”? Nothing but contempt should be shown to dedicated christ-faggotry.

And I thank you for your exposure of Game of Thrones’s feminism.

Did you notice how, in that show, they tried to make their sex roles inversion more convincing by having had “female warriors” like Briene & the 10 year old Mormont girls vocally scream very loudly during their fights/duels? Briene was the worst. Especially right before she begins kicking mens’ asses, she screams as “fiercely” as possible. The Mormont child did the same when killing the zombie giant.

To be honest, I noticed with myself that, on an unconscious level, the “girl screams fiercely during fights against men” tactic indeed made the absurdity seem less absurd. The suspension of disbelief most experience while consuming fictional culture is a big problem for Aryans.

HBO has been inverting sex roles for a long time, they’ve just pushed the envelope deeper into the mud with “G.O.T.” (see “The Sopranos,” which imo, seems to be both – paradoxically – a critical exposure + condemnation of the Amerikwan family, but simultaneously also “predictive programming,” meant to cause the Aryan audience to emulate the depicted behavioral patterns of the main characters).

Back to Richard Spencer & the e-drama of the “movement,” Keith Woods & Mark Brahmin have been e-feuding on twitter, for at least a few weeks. Keith Woods seems to have snapped due to the repeated attacks against christianity by Brahmin (& presumably, by Spencer as well). Unfortunately, Brahmin still seems to be promoting a sort of feminism, & Woods has attacked Brahmin for that.

To me, it’s sort of a “worst of both worlds” scenario. Brahmin still seems to endorse pacifism & universal love, even as he simultaneously frames himself in opposition to such concepts & represents himself as anti-christian. It seems Ed Dutton is still aligned with Spencer; but, Dutton still tries to walk a bizarre tight rope without a circus net wherein he tries defending christianity while also declaring himself a nonbeliever (example: in their video, “the decline of American christianity,” published on 4/28/2021 on channel “Radix” on Odysee, as I recall).

Aryans indeed are deeply confused, Aryans are bonkers.

One lesson is that non-christian + anti-christian Aryan racialists cannot ever align ourselves w/”racist christians,” especially those who openly identify themselves as such. How to deal with crypto “racist christians” is another matter, especially since many who declare themselves as anti-christian Aryan racialists seem to remain christians.

To clarify & expand upon earlier points, when Spencer declared himself as a “cultural christian” on the Killstream debate, I understood that as his meaning that we are all infected by christianity & that once infected, it may be that we never fully recover.

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that only future generations spared of christian brainwashing can possibly be truly free from it. I suspect that a partial recovery is the best most of us may realistically hope for (at least at this time). I still feel tainted by it. We need Aryan boys taught to hate non-Aryans & to hate christianized/judaized Aryans from birth. Taught to recognize christianized Aryans as enemies, & taught to kill all enemies of Aryans from birth.

Would not a reverse “crusade” (of deeds, real life actions rather than just rhetoric) to eradicate christianity be necessarily waged by Aryan men, to prove we’re truly free from it? Shouldn’t the churches be reduced to ash & ruins, & “priests” crucified? Shouldn’t it be made a capital offense for Aryans to gaze their eyes upon the smouldering ashes of the churches & idols of judea?

Unless they kill all of us & eradicate your works, the seed is planted, & it can grow into a mighty tree. Have not men who were shunned & isolated during the time of their lives written works that changed the world? I’ll keep troll-spamming your works on Spencer’s, Green’s, Woods’, etc channels when I have time.

I hadn’t followed Spencer & Co. after they were cancelled on YouTube. Yesterday I made an exception because you mentioned him in your previous comment. But I had to spend three hours listening to the whole thing and won’t do that in the near future. As you can appreciate, this site consists of very short posts to make a neat point. That’s the Spartan way Aryans should talk (long-winded prose is a Semitic trait).

I understood that [‘cultural Christian’] as his meaning that we are all infected by christianity & that once infected, it may be that we never fully recover.

Yes. Last time I was in the UK visiting racialists one of them (now the thoughtpolice has targeted him and he might be dragged to court) told me that even nationalists suffer from a racial death wish. But recover is possible. In the middle 1970s I admired St. Francis and in the 1990s I hated Hitler and the Germans and look how I’ve changed!

Shouldn’t the churches be reduced to ash & ruins, & “priests” crucified?

I used to post the above idea as a mantra on this site.

I’ll keep troll-spamming your works on Spencer’s, Green’s, Woods’, etc channels when I have time.

Wow! As I said, after they were banned in YouTube I didn’t bother to follow them. I suspected they had new channels. I’m curious if they have ever visited this site (or at least read its masthead)?

These Twitter feuds sound so queer and sissy. For comparison, in eastern Europe, a YouTuber can found a real flesh and blood political party, and vice versa. Real-life murderers and extremists stream on YouTube and talk about régime changes and bloody revolutions all the time. Gaming channels turn into anti-LGBT promotion and history discussions.

Whereas all Americans can do is discuss arcane issues like the scholastic of the Middle Ages. Ironically, America seems the least democratic country on Earth, as its population is utterly apolitical, and thinks in vague fables, not in hard fact.

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