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Richard Spencer gets it!

Further to what I said in my previous post about Yahweh. In his exchange with a Jew, Spencer gets the gist of what we have been saying about Christianity. For example, on 1:11 he speaks about the destruction of Greco-Roman art by Judeo-Christians and on 1: 18 we hear from him that ‘the origins of Christianity are entirely Jewish’ and a minute later: ‘The difference between Judaism and Christianity is like this Menshevik vs. Bolshevik stuff’.

1: 35. Spencer said: ‘We function better’ in paganism after mentioning the Dark Ages. Although I doubt he has read us, Spencer is conscious about the subject of the masthead of this site, the essay about Rome against Judea and Judea against Rome:

You have to understand that the triumph of Christianity was a class revolt; it was a revolt against a people who had achieved a higher, a superior level of civilisation. And it always has been that way. It always has had that germ in it—even if it was adopted by aristocracy. Christianity… if you read the words, if you take that text seriously it is full, it is dripping with class resentment of the rabble, fighting against a people who are rightly superior, who are more beautiful, more physically imposing and domineering, who have achieved higher levels of military prowess and scientific acumen and civilisational glory.

Then after 2: 19 he said that the early Christians ‘fundamentally shifted the collective psychology of the white race, to a point that I think it’s very difficult for us to think outside of Christianity’, something that includes ‘cultural Christians’, i.e., secular westerners.

What Spencer says next hits the nail about why racialism has been a failure. It has to do with the resistance among whites, even white nationalists, to transvalue values back to Aryan normalcy: ‘What we’re doing now is going to be small, but in many ways it is going to resemble the early Christians who adopted this creed’. Indeed, since Christian ethics has invaded every atom of the Aryan soul, now we need the same process in reverse. In the Q&A after a listener asked Spencer: ‘What is the destiny of whites and how to achieve it?’ he answered:

Huge things: I would say this, I think disobeying Yahweh has to begin there… The Aryan spirit is best articulated through domination and Empire… basically kicking asses across the world… That is who we are, fundamentally. And Judaism, the Old Testament… is revered for the wrong reasons. I think that it is good to use it as a kind of moral compass in reverse: that the things that displease Yahweh… are exactly the things that we should do… We [whites] are the villains on some level. We are that person who other peoples fear [the blond beast]. We have to embrace that aspect of ourselves if we are going to free ourselves.

Then Spencer mocks ‘the poor victim of the little Christian lamb. That’s not going to work. Lambs get to be slaughtered. We should be the ones slaughtering lambs’ (this he said after 2:32). Ten minutes later he sees today’s nationalists as folk preaching to the choir, and uses the metaphor that they are trapped in a hamster’s wheel, telling to themselves the same old story over and over.

If white nationalists started to speak like that I would be a little more optimistic and would stop trolling them on this site!

4 Replies on “Richard Spencer gets it!

  1. Christianity is primary product of the slaves, plebeian and two legged refuse of the Roman Empire, most Roman patricians despise christ-insanity. If an Aryan state or ethnostate is to be built from scratch, the younger ones must be taught to despise, ridicule and mock christ-insanity, both in its religious and secular forms with utter extreme contempt. Maybe as Aryan ethics become deeply ingrained and normalized in the coming generations, the old and new testament can be used as a parody or comedic book.

  2. CT,

    Apparently Francis is restricting access to Latin Rite Mass, and Spencer had this to say:

    “Traditionalist Catholics” are horrified by the notion that they might have to receive the religion they’ve devoted their lives to in a language they actually understand. “Trads” want “True Catholicism” to remain a vague, obscure, never-to-be-actualized, never to-be-questioned *thing* that they wave around as a counter-revolutionary force, a grand perversion, which stands for their (understandable) hatred of everything as it is. I wouldn’t say that “True Catholicism” is an “idea” or “ideal” because it *is* the Roman Church, a real, existing institution, one that, in fact, operates quite swimmingly in the modern world these “trads” love to hate. The Catholic Church either poses no threat at all—despite its trillions in assets—to modern life or else it has played a role in bringing this state of affairs about. It’s either/or. So when I see these “trads”—to a man: short, overweight, and unmanly—rage against the end of the Latin Mass, I can only engage in psychology—of them, not Francis, who’s merely contemptuously flexing on the Right, like the top dog that he is. Putting aside the aesthetic, high-brow quality of the Latin Mass—which I rather like—what’s so wrong about thinking clearly, in your mother tongue, about scripture, the message of the head of your church and his alter-ego, what you’re actually doing at the Eucharist, etc? No scripture is written in Latin, instead Hebrew, Aramaic, and an Ebonics version of Greek. The “Latin” nature of the Catholic Church, and weekend LARP of the Mass, is only vampirically leaching off the Ancient world, whose religious system Jews and Christians overturned. If @MattWalshBlog really believes the Latin Mass is bringin’ in the young people, then he should demand that, instead of a language none of these young people understand, the Mass be incanted in Spanish, or perhaps Yoruba. Francis might go for that one! Or perhaps the trads would prefer that the Mass become a sonic tone poem. Wouldn’t it become even more “profound” and “mysterious” if Catholicism were articulated in no language at all? Again, the real threat to Christianity is not lukewarm, progressive, or “cafeteria” Christians—but piercing light shined onto the Holy texts and doctrines. A real down-to-earth (in more ways than one) understanding of what this religion actually is and says. It is true that most Christians don’t actually understand their faith, the “trads” are remarkable in being aware of this reality—and damn proud of it!