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This recent discussion thread reminds me of something. The white nationalist’s methodology is contrary to that of Sherlock Holmes, who told Dr. Watson: ‘It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts’.

I try to be like Holmes: first comes the data and only after the theories. The data is the facts that cannot be questioned, the historical facts in the only two books written from the POV of the 14 words, authored by Pierce and Kemp. Those are the elemental facts from which we must formulate our theories to explain the darkest hour for the fair race. Now that I have finished my books On Beth’s Cute Tits and The Human Side of Chess, I have time to continue rounding out the facts that Pierce and Kemp showed us with Deschner’s series on the criminal history of Christianity.

Unlike us, white nationalists theorise before they have data. Kevin MacDonald is not a historian, so it seems easy for him to start with the JQ and end with the JQ. In the case of Jared Taylor, the grandfather of race realism, he simply confesses that for him the cause of the dark hour is a total mystery.

Among the new generation of American racialists, who are Jew-wise but sympathetic to Christianity, ignorance of historical data causes them to twist the facts to suit their theories. That’s why they regard the JQ as the sole factor in Aryan decline. White nationalists don’t want to see gigantic events that have destroyed the European race without Jews, as what happened precisely in the American continent when the Spanish and the Portuguese conquered it. (Every time I go out into the street and see a sea of brown people in the largest city in Latin America, I cannot but curse Catholicism, as it was the Church of Rome that allowed that miscegenation was practised in the newly discovered continent.)

What Holmes warned happens to Americans and not so much to Europeans because the former insist on respecting the religion of their parents. Tom Sunic doesn’t respect it that much, which is why he was able to say more than a decade ago: ‘No Jews, no Arabs, no communists have done so much damage to the White gene pool as Whites themselves’. But the supporters of Christianity who read Sunic’s words in The Occidental Observer continue to twist the facts to fit their monocausal theories about white decline, rather than letting the facts speak for themselves.

It is precisely for this reason that Pierce and Kemp’s books, like Deschner’s on the history of Christianity that I will soon continue to translate, are still ignored by American racialists.


Update: And remember that an illustrated version of William Pierce’s Who We Are is now available online: here (and hard copy: here).

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When contemplating the worthlessness of the average Rabbiolater pretending to be for the survival of the White race, I cannot imagine any of them actually being allowed to live in a purely White nation or world without a great deal of subversion on all fronts of the new society. It begs the question: should they be imprisoned for life and “reeducated”, or face execution for being such mental-baboons that claim to hate “nobody”?
After reading a recent article calling Charles Murray a “white nationalist” [with Pinko/Neo-Xtian brats making the claim] I looked a little into this man. I found that while he had done work on The Bell Curve to show racial differences in intelligence, he had also married a Thai whore and spawned 2 kids with this thing. Such a man in my opinion does not deserve any place in a future nation built for Whites. He merely deserves to either die or be left in Thailand. To think he wasted his genes as a young man to create worthless miscegenated brats with all the mental malaise that Eurasian hybrids possess, while only around 20 years later having 2 white children when his sperm was of lesser value due to age.
Simply reading this one example is enough for me to consider the death penalty.

You’re right, and it reminds me of something I said in The Human Side of Chess but didn’t specify: the Dane who lived in Mexico, whose game with me appears in the book, also fathered children with a brown Mexican woman. And exactly the same can be said of the good looking Mexican chess champion, whose photo appears a couple of entries below this one: another pure Aryan who ruined his genes in his country, leaving offspring with women of brown colour.

Okay, they were never racialists, but in the world of white nationalism, there are cases like the one you mention above. Also, Fred Reed, about whom I have already said something, committed the sin against the holy ghost.

Cesar, are you not suspicious that some of the commenters who claim to be “new” are just old commenters already banned many times?
Your point of view is crystal clear and they insist with the same old questions and arguments in long boring comments.
I believe that many are former banned trolls with lots of spare time on their hands with the intent of trolling you and the site, to pollute the threads with useless nonsense, and to make you waste your time.

no, I’m a totally new visitor, I saw the name “Chechar” on another website weeks ago and out of curiosity searched for it. Surprisingly you have the best content I’ve seen in racialist sites by a long shot. I really wish I had more time to read all the interesting articles.

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