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Pierce’s surviving clip

I would like to add something about what I said yesterday, in one of the comment threads, about one of the few videos that survived the YouTube thoughtpolice, in which we see William Pierce speak.

I don’t agree with everything the prematurely aged Pierce said there. For example, I don’t see anything wrong with some young people exclaiming 14/88 and giving Roman salutes. But we must understand that Pierce founded his association in the shadow of Rockwell, whom he admired. That Rockwell was murdered by one of his own group must have caused young Pierce great consternation.

Rockwell admitted every young Aryan to his ranks, and I remember very much an anecdote that he himself tells that he accepted a young lad who was practically homeless; he even entered their headquarters half-naked when he wanted to join the club. In time, this young man proved to be an excellent element for the group, and we shouldn’t criticise the commander for having accepted him.

The problem with this practice is that it is impossible to detect who the real deranged is; who will later become a traitor and a murderer.

It is unrealistic to ask people to be ‘winners’ and not ‘losers’ in life as Pierce demands in his video. As Trainspotter once said, so-called winners are pigs: bourgeois who, if they join a racialist organisation, they won’t go beyond what we see in AmRen meetings or the discussion threads of the webzine with the same name.

In other words, we either have would-be revolutionaries of unsound mind who in any moment can kill us (what happened to Rockwell, Tommasi or the most recent accident in Atomwaffen Division), or decadent bourgeois who won’t ever raise a weapon.

It is a huge dilemma, and the saddest thing is that there is no way to solve it today for the simple fact that the feminised bourgeois need to suffer horrors before growing a pair, as Pierce himself splendidly portrays in his novel when talking about the liberated zones. Only after the coming catastrophe will it be possible to find more and more people of sound mind who also will be useful to the cause.

Our only options are meta-politics although never condemn a lone wolf in our forums, which is why I just changed the subtitle to ‘Metapolitics because it’s not time to kill yet’.

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Whenever one of these men publish a manifesto along with the deed, are they not doing metapolitics? In the case of BT, his actions served to publicise his message. Linder made this point: more people read BT’s manifesto than Johnson’s. It also exposed the weakness of the system as it was unable to prevent the attack from happening, unless (as some claim) all or most of these acts are false flags. Part of the goal of direct action is usually to deconstruct liberal ideological hegemony, as well as a pseudo-military action to remove one’s enemies and discourage more from opposing you.

BT’s mischief was awesome. One of my nephews commented that he had seen BT’s video by himself, and without any guidance since his mother doesn’t want me to talk to him (my sister hates my political ideas).

So we have a brat in a third world country who watched the mischief BT filmed and naturally knows nothing of the formal WN!

(But obviously BT has nothing to do with the killers of Rockwell, Tommasi or recently AD members, which was what I meant in the post above.)

When you write “Pierce’s surviving clip,” the one where he told his National Alliance members that winners should be recruited, not losers, it sounds like only one of WLP’s “clips” survives. Be it known that the Alliance has uploaded more than 90 of William Pierce’s 1/2-hour talks so far to it’s Bitchute video channel, here: This was after the Jews at YouTube had removed two of NA’s channels there.

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