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Basically, the American system simply assumes that people will be self-interested pigs, but through the magical device of checks and balances, no single self-interested pig will gain too much power.

While I’m in favor of checks and balances, I think we’ve seen what a culture of self-interested pigs leads to, and it shows the folly of putting one’s faith in devices while allowing the culture and race to rot. Devices and nifty mechanisms don’t protect you when you have a population of Orcs.


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that is why pierce was right when he said that america is dead, the enemy beat us fair and square within the system. we need something new, a system that promotes these outward drives for success, but at the sametime maintains in the individual a sense of loyalty and duty to a whole.

Agreed, so those of us who live in America should give up and focus on helping Europeans. That’s my plan anyway.

There’s no way anything good can come out of America, its way too far gone and I don’t see how a rootless white America could ever revert back to a tradition/history which it never had in the first place.

hmm that’s pretty nihilistic, while i tend to agree overall in the sake of living “heroically” i maintain an element of positivity no matter how naieve. i think we can create some nationalist superstate with militarist overtones quite easily here, the mechanisms of control are already being created now, hopfully 10 years of no constitution bullshit will bury the old america and we can create some kind of new thing.

but yes you are correct white america has no traditions, it seems to me that these things are earned through suffering, which we have not had since 1865, before “white america” was created as a different entity from america due to latinization and the much more deadly post 65 shitskin migrations


Our society is spiritually and slowly psychologically deconstructing before our eyes [this is what alarms me most acutely], yet what keeps people from panicking is the relative level of dispersed affluence, distraction, and entertainment.

I fear the future of what America will become (especially if our enemies continue to push the cattle down the slope), and being a young person myself, see very few positive signs by way of the character of the next generation.

If I were a white American, I would concentrate on saving yourself and loved ones … not out of cowardice, but out of a sense of realism that modern Americans are decadent beyond repair and only a collapse, massive death, and radical rebirth will bring about renewal.

the slow rot is the worst part, but it must come. i agree too and i feel somewhat bad for people who have been in this game for 10 to 20 years, long wait. maybe its cause im young too, but i feel like we won’t be waiting much longer, who knows though

Recently Dan Hadaway, a commenter at VNN put it this way:

The reason people aren’t moving in our direction is because people don’t need us. White people are living too high off the hog. White people aren’t going to want change until they are hungry. I know I get very irritable when I’m hungry and that irritability ceases once I eat. Today, white people are stuffed pigs. So, it’s going to take a while.

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