Beethoven Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book)

Postscript to KMD 8

Oh friends, not these tones!
Rather, let us raise our voices in more pleasing
And more joyful sounds!

In my print copy of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour I have started to read Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay on Christianity. I have changed my mind: I must not remove it from the next edition of The Fair Race but even move it to the first part of the book.

It is true that sheer reason is not making a dent in Christian racialists, as Vig says in this critical comment of Kevin MacDonald (which reminds me of Beethoven’s words in his choral symphony, quoted above). Personally, I think I would be invincible in public oratory because the passion and hatred at the core of my being are unmatched in the white nationalism movement. But the written word is a modest beginning in the transvaluation of all values.

What has occurred to me is to take all of my essays from The Fair Race, with the exception of the prologue, and put them in a separate book: a book for which I have not yet come up with a title. That new book would only have essays of mine, including the recent ‘Charlottesville without stars or stripes’ and the old article ‘A postscript to my prolegomena’ after I edit it a bit (since English is my second language, my syntax years ago had a lot more inaccuracies than my English prose today).

And now I will continue to correct the syntax of my books in my native language…

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I’m surprised you didn’t remark on Bardamu’s description of Varg Vikernes as a “musician”.

It would be a sight to behold; César Tort on a podium, with a brownshirt entourage, a huge swastika banner, a condenser microphone, a dozen pages of Spanish and one hour of undisturbed attention.

While you’re not very fluent in English, I think that you could easily tear a new asshole in any Spaniard libertarian shithead podcaster, in a debate in his own channel.

I remember, 2 years ago, when you and Joseph Walsh interviewed Jez “I read tragedy” Turner.
The bloke went on and on with his trite chattery, preaching about good and evil and the struggle of the righteous against the degenerate.
After one hour of patience-testing, you cut through his sophist bollocks with your thick Hispanic accent:
“Excuse me for asking Jez, but, where is your fucking HATE?”
He was dumbstruck. Scrambling for words.

Silencing the pussies is just as important as awakening the brave.

> ‘a dozen pages of Spanish…’

But that is the point of oratory in its crudest form: not to carry any papers but to let the great devil that lives in you speak out.

That is the strongest rhetoric of all, insofar as we don’t choose educated words, but what in my soliloquies I call the language of the Self.

Here the looks to the unsuspecting listeners, the intonation, the volume of the voice and even the anger and tears magnetize them. What a difference from those essayists who publish on the castrated webzines of WN…!

The difference between me and them is similar to the difference between a Hyden or Mozart compared to Stravinski’s Le Sacre du Printemps.

All these gentrified people are unaware that only deep contact with what Jung called the Self can save their little race.

Jez Turner can’t hate. He doesn’t have it in him. I’ve had many conversations with Jez where I can reason with him to understand harsh retaliation against non-whites and, while he can see the logic behind my thoughts, he can’t bring himself to think in a harsh and masculine way himself. He just takes my remarks in silence.

An example of masculine thinking would be in the case of how to punish the nigger who murdered the 5 year old white boy Cannon Hinnant about a week ago. I read that at present his mother is pushing for the death penalty for Cannon’s murderer. In terms of old fashioned Eye for an Eye retaliatory justice such as was found in the first law code at the dawn of civilization, what should be done is to find out if Cannon’s murderer has a son, a black boy, and then kill him while letting his father live out the rest of his days in a cage. The average WN would say that was too harsh as his black son didn’t do anything wrong. However neither did Cannon. To me, that seems only fair and just to execute a child of the nigger who murdered Cannon Hinnant.

What would actually be harsh would be to, in addition to killing a child of Cannon’s murderer, to then go around the neighbourhood of the Hinnant’s, killing every black child one comes across. That would be excessive revenge, beyond the boundaries of civilized law. Nonetheless, that is the punishment I would recommend.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about whether Whites have become too civilized to survive, or as Revilo P. Oliver put it in 1968, too advanced to defend themsevles. Has the race responsible for such acts of savage brutality as Dresden and Hiroshima only 75 years ago, become so enamored with ‘being nice’ that they can no longer think and act in a masculine manner? Yes. WN certainly have. Blacks are fit to survive as demonstrated by a Facebook page that was started in support of the killer of Cannon Hinnant by one black that garnered over 20,000 supporters in a short space of time. Meanwhile the average WN wishes Brenton Tarrant was a Mossad psyop and counter-signals Dylann Roof, apparently still caring about the poor, innocent old black ladies who were murdered by wicked Dylann. Can you imagine if, immediately after the Christchurch massacre, 20,000 WN formed a group in solid support for Brenton Tarrant. No, neither can I. That cowardice, that FEAR, that weak, feminine behaviour is why our race is not fit to breathe air on this planet anymore and only has one purpose now-to be herded to its genocide like the fucking goyim we’ve become.

The ascent from Christcuckoldry: forgiveness > talion > genocide > Quetzalcoatl.

Even the Christucks of old fashioned a large cauldron, poured water in it, and boiled a nigger alive. If the old times are to return, will they be as cucked as the post-18th century Enlightened Europe, full of Geneva Convention bullshit, full of universalist forgiveness bullshit?

Is it enough to kill? Or should we aspire to become blood-thirsty beasts finding amusement in painful torture coupled with maiming and mutilation?

(I’m sorry if these are too strong words, psychiatrists would call me a naughty boy.)

I am only asking whites to make contact with their legit (i.e., non-Xtian) roots, which includes infinite hate, as I do on pages 459-484 of The Fair Race: ‘Holy wrath’, one of the essays of Evropa Soberana. I’m tired of asking commenters to read that book. Or should I close the comments and open them only to those who have read it? (Maybe I’ll do this once the next edition of the book is ready.)


I would implore you to not close the comments. I personally have gained much information from the things you and others have said here, including your responses to my own comments. These things helped me cross the Rubicon, even though I have not had the time to read your book in full (I will, please trust me on that). I think that part of crossing the Rubicon is having someone there to respond to ignorant statements and inquiries. I know it helped for me.

” “Excuse me for asking Jez, but, where is your fucking HATE?” He was dumbstruck. Scrambling for words” “.
With this you put the hammer on the nail. The question was probably in itself not an expression of anger but it was a very direct analysis of what was missing in the opponents expressions.

It is my observation that most Westerners ( with Christian values ) have difficulty to express anger at all. They feel embarrassed,and have a huge fear to be judged, they are too polite too weak and too cultured to express their authentic feelings, and therefore they will never have in their vocal expressions the authority that for example an Adolf Hitler had. The result is a speech that never goes beyond an intellectual level.

Anger is a natural part of of emotional expressiveness when in a discussion a conflict comes to the surface, but anger becomes only poisonous when it has been repressed for too long time.

Exactly this issue shows where the false meekness and hypocrisy of Christianity has actually harmed us .

Just a further thought on what I basically agree with you on.
Anger and hate are fine, but have very little place in the scriptures of virtue when we look at the old writings from times when the white man thrived.
Discipline, on the other hand, is all over the place when speaking of a man’s sense of virtue.
So if anger and hate are your wild horses (or jotner) then allow discipline be your reins. Direct the energy.
Anger and hate without discipline is just the mark of a savage.

The Finn Kai Murros does an excellent job at conveying this type of disciplined hate.
Here is a 2 minute collection on his thought on it:

You are missing the point: it’s precisely because today’s whites (WNsts included) are incapable of real hatred (because they’re under the grip of the Jesus archetype) that their race is dying. Think about what Walsh says above.

I disagree.

To quote Walsh:
“Has the race responsible for such acts of savage brutality as Dresden and Hiroshima only 75 years ago, become so enamored with ‘being nice’ that they can no longer think and act in a masculine manner?”

Dresden was madness. Brutality is too disciplined a word. You kill women, children and old people of your own race by the hundreds of thousands.
Brutality is masculine. Madness is not.

No wonder it was possible for anybody to just crush the european spirit after such atrocities. And those who wanted to crush it, knew that the Dresden madness was one of their best cards.

Forget Walsh (I shouldn’t have mentioned him).

I am referring to healthy hatred—to kill the enemies of whites.

I am NOT referring to mad and evil hatred—to kill Germans.

The white race is dying because they’re completely incapable of hating the Enemy. This includes every major WN site. Who among them is advertising Himmler’s Posen speech or simply The Turner Diaries?

No hate, no salvation.

Or to use my words: Xtian love is murdering whites (including the love that WNsts feel).

In this discussion we seem to lose the distinction between healthy and unhealthy states of mind, and there is a difference between anger and hate.
First: the type of anger that I was aiming at in my comments is the anger that an average grown up person can express, and second: there is a type of anger that CAN NOT be expressed and is smoldering inside a human mind.
In the first case when a person has a bit of sanity and emotional maturity anger will be explosive but short lived and never be followed by madness and destruction. People who overdo their anger trip will never be that controlled to commit mass murders.
The real danger comes from the people who are not able to express anger at all, the repressed ones , the Christians , the ones with an emotional pathology., like the ones who planned the bombing of Dresden, and who most likely were also very sexually repressed, ( think of the british “stiff upperlip” and the bald cigar puffing face ). In these minds the emotions are hidden by a high degree of control. The unexpressed anger seeks an outlet in a chronic and intense hate.
Hate in the mind of a healthy person has another character and can be used to gather and concentrate energy to be committed to fulfill a task that can never be solely aimed at destruction.

I think the Aryan race still has the hate. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq. There is plenty of hate shown against the inhabitants of those lands. And this is in the 21st Century. The issue is not hate or supposed lack thereof. Aryans especially Nordids are gullible/naive. They are easily brainwashed. They can be brainwashed to hate Iraqis and Afghanis if their masters want them to. They can easily be brainwashed to hate themselves if their masters want them to. This is the issue.

But pro-Israel wars fought by whites (e.g., Iraq) means unhealthy hatred. We are talking about healthy hate. Just imagine a war against Israel after the USS Liberty incident! If whites (especially the Americans) are unable of healthy hatred it’s because they worship the god of the Jews.

It’s that simple.

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