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Kevin MacDonald

KMD’s apologetics, 4

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Reading that single paragraph from McDonald is quite jarring. To think that anyone would justify the Spanish Reconquista as “battling to prevent Muslims from establishing a caliphate throughout the West” while ignoring the xtian roots of Islam is simple malpractice of history.

Personally I think the Reconquista should have either failed or never happened at all. Some may think I am wrong or crazy for thinking that but I simply believe that in the better interests of the White Race that a continued Moorish occupation of Spain and Portugal would prevent the coming of the mass miscegenation that those future empires would instate to increase their capital. No Reconquista, no New Spain or Brazil. The Mexican anchor babies and their lecherous parents would have never have been born if all of Iberia had been longer occupied by Moors. Whatever further damage those African pirates could have inflicted on the Iberians would be inconsequential compared to today’s situation. Instead the English or another nation could have seized Central and South America and brought whole families with them as they did in the British colonies. Similar events could then transpire that could cleanse the whole New World.

It would not be an ideal solution. However, in the context of those who hail Xtianity as the only way to survive by examples like the Reconquista, it must be shown that such “heroism” is actually pure evil for the White Race.

This is a great thought experiment, Krist Krusher. Contra Reconquista! But we may go further. If we judge by what the Thirteen Colonies became in 1776, would it be a stretch to predict such an abominable fate for the entirety of Aryan America? A whole continent dedicated to Jesus, male circumcision and LGBT! That would be even worse than our reality.

Praise be upon the miscegenation of New Mexico! For we might now ignore the wretched lands south of Rio Grande – instead of facing an additional hundred million of Aryan Jew-obeyers…

The only saving grace of such an alternate history would be if a country in Aryan America developed anti-Christianity. That would be unlikely. It has mostly happened in Italy (Borgia) and Germany (Nietzsche, Hitler). Whereas Brazil led the world in miscegenation (“we’ll resolve the negro problem”), and Russia in Communism. All these peripheral regions are always copycats, pure or not.

Cesar, your analysis of KMD s apologetics I completely agree with.
It is obvious: he is not one of ours.

However in my path of thought I have come through a different track than yours. As a visual thinker and a sensorial type I am not easily convinced by pure logical and verbal analysis.
A few years ago I had written an extensive article about the circumcision ritual that Jews practice and had it published on Renegadetribune.com. .I offered it to KMD but he did not want to publish it for unspecified reasons.
Shorly after that I watched two interviews that Kyle Hunt of the Renegadetribune had with KMD. Then it became clear to me what kind of person he is. The lack of preciseness in his statements, the roundabout quality of his statements was not very convincing to me, but above all the sound of his voice. disappointed me. The sudden emotional overtones , almost stuttering at some points, made me feel that this is not the voice of somebody who is rooted on a deep instictive level and has emotional insecurities , in short : no guts.

This comment allows me also to express the difficulty I have to communicate through blogsites in general, however much appreciation I have especially for this site.
If everything is reduced to verbal and intellectual expressions, at its best at a litterary level, we still miss out on a lot of important dimensions . The quality of a voice can tell you more than reading a book of hundreds of pages.

Many of the Dorians had blond hair, as do a significant amount of Greeks today, yet what is meant by the term Nordid to describe them? I would think that blond hair evolved into existence all over Europe, and so people like Achilles being blond hair does not indicate to me a Nordic origin, I believe blond hair is a Mediterranean trait, just as brown hair is a Nordic trait. Both areas have both.

Present-day Greeks are mudbloods.

On September 2013, in Harold Covington’s Northwest Front blogsite, several commenters subscribed politically correctness by bashing Covington in order not to offend the feelings of contemporary Greeks. A saner Northwest Front commenter said, “Those among us who don’t have the ability to look at a picture of half-Turks and tell they’re not White weren’t ever going to amount to anything on behalf of the White race.” The other side, the “revolutionary” neonazis, ignored that DNA tests have even revealed nigger genes among quite a few of the Portuguese; and we have already seen on this site El Greco’s painting of crossbreed Spaniards as well as Pierce’s statement that “a 5 percent decline in average IQ would cause our civilization to collapse,” which applies to Sicily and Greece even before the Turkish invasion.

If I see what you are saying. The ancient Greeks are Nordid in the sense of being unmixed Europeans, like Nordic people, yet this does not necessarily mean a ancient Greeks had a Nordic or Scandinavian origin. I will re-iterate I am convinced blond hair is not exclusively Scandinavian. I believe this trait evolved throughout Europe. And I would further state that Nordid people of The Mediterranean and Latin lands would have a different culture than Nordid people of Scandinavian lands.

Blonde hair didn’t “evolve all over Europe”: the Indo-Europeans brought blonde hair with them, among other things; the Scythians and Sarmatians were described as red haired, light-eyed and ruddy; the Alans were yellow-haired and light eyed. All these peoples were described as tall. The obfuscators at Wikipedia refer to these as of “Iranian origin”, which of course conjures up images of themiscegenated Persians of today/ The Scythians, Sarmatians and Alans were ‘Iranic speakers’ not “of Iranian origin”.


interesting commentary on the status of greeks in Australia :

bare url removed by admin

ps – as an aside, this has of course been said before, but to repeat – western civilisation was created in spite of christianity, not because of it

Reading the comments here it shows how quickly attention steers away from the core topic and gets into the distraction of details.
As I have understood the issue here is that a reputed academic scholar has made significant statements as a result of a serious psychological research into the causes of the downfall of the culture and influence of the white Europeans.
All this clearly under the banner of a conservative and right wing oriented view, which led him to the conclusion that Jewdom is the ultimate culprit of the ( our ) downfall.
Then the question arises, as Cesar has put forward on many occasions, that a man of such academic reputation as KMD has not dared to make the next logical step in his research and expose the phenomenal similarity between Judaism and Christianity?
Lack of courage, unwillingness or just lack of depth?
Respectable as he may be he did not have the guts to be like a Nietzsche and dig till rock bottom, and criticize his own paradigms.

If you ask me the whole thing of academic debate especially in the field of the “alpha sciences” like psychology, is very often sheer sophistry .
To see what the words really stand for you have to meet the author in person.
Then why is this Christianity again and again creeping around the corner ?
Because it is so deeply ingrained in our value system that it has become sub conscious.
Then the question arises how much suffering will be needed to bring this festering wound to the surface?

Yes Vig, you’re right. Who’s talking about the real issue on these threads? To me KMD, Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson are the more representative figures of the movement (is there another one?). If they fail to see Christianity, the movement is flawed. Can there be another reading of white nationalism?

If the more representative figures of the white nationalist movement fail to open up to the issue of the corrupting influence of Christianity that means they did not have the existential experience that allowed you and me to understand the human psyche on a deeper level than the level that they are mentally operating on.
On that basis indeed white nationalism is a flawed initiative.

What I mean here is that traumatic experiences can initiate an emotional maturity that is beyond the retarded state that western humanity is in at the moment.
I think it is not negation but simple incapacity from their side.

The fact that there will come no answer from that side is because their whole social life has been narrowed down to the verbal, intellectual Hegelian discourse and exchange of ideas while the answer to our crisis can not be addressed on this level at all.

It is an ego problem. The ego blocks the expression of certain inner states that , if expressed would indicate that one is emotionally and instinctively degenerated if at all recognized as such.

To have an authentic knowledge of ones emotional and instinctive nature that makes the use of intellectual projections absolutely unnecessary, has become very rare for western man. Eine Kulturkrankheit.

I disagree, Vig. I have had no traumas to speak of. I consider myself a purely rational creature. Yet precisely due to it, I can freely think of the extermination of non-Whites.

These folks are Christian to the core. They have no rational discourse in their puny minds wholly penetrated by the rotten dick of the crucified Jew.

A reasonable person must have modesty first, the humility to admit his child-like wonder. When you know the 14 words, you know what comes next… Unless you have no honesty, no reason, you’re not yourself, but a Jew in Aryan’s skin – a Christian.

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