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Kevin MacDonald

KMD’s apologetics, 5

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medieval Christianity had zero tolerance for pagans but allowed Jews in their society. Charlemagne brought Jews to Germany and annihilated anyone who followed the gods of their ancestors.

If you believe that they are Christ-killers and committed child sacrifice then the “adaptive” Christianity of middle ages certainly didn’t help. The church condemned the Rhineland massacre of Jews by crusaders and the catholic church provided sanctuary and refuge to them.

While the church was committing genocide in the Languedoc for their protection of the heretical Cathars (fellow christians). papal bulls were being written in the 12th & 13th century (the Sicut Judaeis) which forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication (ie eternal damnation), from forcing Jews [those who believe Jesus is boiling in excrement] to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries.

If the medieval church was so adaptive and so against Semitism then there would be no JQ in Europe just like how there was no pagans.

“Pagan” is Xtian newspeak. There were no “pagans” in Europe as that word truly only had the meaning of rustic villager. For something like Cultus Deorum to be described as “pagan” to the Romans of antiquity would sound like complete nonsense. There was nothing inherently rural about the True Religion of all Whites.

Charlemagne’s harsh treatment of Saxons may have been a retaliation for the expulsion of The Franks from their former territory by The Saxons circa 300 AD, Roman historian Zozimus speaks of this.

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Having a fairly good access to some of the research going on regarding the start of the Viking age and its cause, more and more of the community seems to agree upon the fact that one of the main precursor for the start of Viking raides was revenge. Revenge against the deceivers kneeling for the cross who killed their (the Viking’s) kin.

It is therefore no coincidence that it was the monastery of Benedict at Lindisfarne which was attacked in 793. The island has the offiicial name ‘The Holy Island of Lindisfarne’. What a disgrace!

Even if I despise the ‘koshernes’ of wikipedia, it is amusing to pull some unintended treasures from what they write:
“There had been some other Viking raids, but according to English Heritage this one was particularly significant, because “it attacked the sacred heart of the Northumbrian kingdom, desecrating ‘the very place where the Christian religion began in our nation’”.

They knew how to strike them: Fast, furious, and at their core.

There’s this one Muslim channel, Memri, that usually is connected to them hating Jews yet on their website they promote them. It’s a website that tackles anti-semites.. Also, Jews being Anti-Jewish doesn’t really mean anything to me, it’s like another christian saying to another christian that his christianity is the right one.

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