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Kevin MacDonald

KMD’s apologetics, 8

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a single article: ‘Kevin MacDonald’s apologetics’.

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The entire essay of Ferdinand Bardamu, ‘Why Europeans must reject Christianity’, is available in PDF (here).

By the way, KMD’s The Occidental Observer is back. Just compare Bardamu’s essay with what the Christians have been saying on MacDonald’s webzine about the book-review of Corey’s book (here).

That was his former wife who was half-jewish (before be became jew wise) and they have long since divorced. Check out this article (written by a jew) on family history if you want.
He is now dating a white girl (named woke Jamie) who helps him on the website hew created–> https://therightstuff.biz/
(most of the content is free like the TDS, the Absolute State of Britain, Third Rail, The Public Square, etc. except premium stuff like Strike and Mike (Eric Striker and Mike Enoch) and FTN (Jazzhands and James Allsup). There is a lot of white nationalist content there.

I forgot to state that is the article I linked about Mike’s family history he claims (and at least his birth mother corroborates–who divorced his father at a young age, mostly his claims) that he is 3/4 Norwegian and 1/4 Serbian–and he looks Serbian to me.

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