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Trauma model of mental disorders

The following is my response to what Joseph Walsh just told me: here.

But I sense you seem to think that because you had a troubled relationship with your parents which caused you much mental anguish, that all illnesses of the mind are due to the behaviour of one’s parents?

Have you read my Day of Wrath, or at least the Wikipedia article ‘Trauma model of mental disorders’ that I started the previous decade (or even my May post ‘On depression’)? Day of Wrath, by the way, is not autobiographical.

I could be mistaken but if that is the case that seems like a massive case of projection. Not only do you seem to think all mental illness is due to parental abuse but you’ve extrapolated that the near-extinction the white race is facing is due to erroneous white parents-white child relationships.

Please note the Schopenhauer quote in my previous post today, ‘Elemental psychology’, that people learn religions like they learn languages. That is, we have been programmed. You cannot think in Spanish or Greek however hard you try, and the same is true with religion. You can only learn Buddhism as you can learn a second language, but the whole matter is artificial and you end up thinking in your native language. Perhaps the best analogy is diseases that are transmitted through human contact, such as viruses.

The thing is, for two millennia, many white parents have been forcing their white children to worship the god of the Jews. I call that child abuse. And it is easy to see it as child abuse if we compare the religion of eternal torture even of unbaptised babies (a doctrine that Luther believed!) with the incredible beauty, majesty and nobility of classical religion.

If you know the book by Catherine Nixey that I quoted today in ‘Elemental psychology’, a woman who is your fellow citizen, you will see that what happened from the 4th to the 6th century was an astronomical trauma for converted whites: a trauma that the race has yet to heal to this day. In fact, all Christendom has been nothing other than suffering from a mental illness, analogous to how those diagnosed with schizophrenia suffer symptoms that can be traced to a very specific form of parental abuse that crashes the spirits of their children (see also Modrow’s book that I mentioned in my previous post).

But going back to Christianity and neochristianity. They are transmitted via parents. Without the malware within the operating system that abusive parents implant—that is, parents who install the Jesus archetype as a paradigm to follow (and add to it the secular programs that such operating system facilitates in schools and the media)—there is no ethno-suicidal drive.

In other words, in this secular phase of the red giant of Christianity, whites are burning in earthly purgatory for having committed, seventeen hundred years ago, the mortal sin of abandoning their Aryan gods to honour the Semitic god. And everything has to do with introjects as the infection has passed from parents to children for two thousand years…

Trying to break the chain of parental introjects is the job of the priest of the 14 words, even assuming that whites don’t want to listen to him and avoid his antivirus programs that could heal them of this age-old psychosis.

Regarding what you tell me about talking about this on Skype, I also dislike writing and prefer the spoken word (which is why my articles are so short). But that would only make sense if you read at least my book Day of Wrath. Otherwise, I would have to explain my intricate appropriation of Psychohistory through the spoken word: a miserable task considering that English is an artificial language for me.

3 replies on “Trauma model of mental disorders”

Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler have ended up being the two central figures in Western civilization and the White Man’s world, though on a deeper level they are both a reflection of the Jew versus Aryan conflict.

But what I mean to say is you are certainly right in pointing to the bullying Jew-God Yahweh and his blackmailing threats of eternal torture and damnation for not worshipping him as causing immense trauma in countless Whites that has been passed down from parent to child. For me personally my father was an atheist and didn’t attend church but my mother was a fanatically intense Catholic who ardently believed in what the Catholic Church had raised her to believe in. She was utterly possessed by Yahweh-Jesus. Nowadays she has cooled down and is anti-Communist, against the Left-wing and LGBT etc. but remains interested in Traditional Catholicism. In some ways she’s like an average Christian WN. But she’ll die never being free of Jesus because she doesn’t want to be free from Jesus. And she has somewhat of a normie brain, plus she’s a female so I’m not going to go too hard on her. She raised four white children so that’s enough.

It doesn’t matter if your father is an atheist. The typical schizogenic picture raises from the family dynamics between a possessive mother with one of her children and a passive, codependent father. If you got deep into the subject you could also be interested in Letter to mom Medusa, the only one of my eleven books that has been fully translated into English.

I became convinced that you are speaking the truth when I abandoned the liberal idea of individualism. I see the human project in terms of millennia, not one generation to the next. This is the way to understand your very broad and sweeping insights into religion.

I may matter to me, and be affected by my immediate forbears’ religion (language, as you rightly point out). But in the terms of people and civilizations writ large, the effects of the abrahamic religions can only be understood over centuries, or longer.

I think this is why it is possible for there to be “good Christians” or loving Christian parents and families. However much of that “goodness” bears more resemblance to the best of our pagan, classical inheritance: honor, duty, the primacy of beauty and elegance, the reverence for women, the dignity of men, the sober rejection of that which is truly inferior.

Certainly these pagan values do not show up in the Old Testament’s recounting of genocide, deception, savagery, etc.!

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