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Amalric de Droevig on Christianity

‘The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity’. —Hitler.

I barely had finished my previous post and found out that Kevin MacDonald had just published, today, a critical article on Christianity, Amalric de Droevig’s ‘The Way Forward: A New Christianity, Partition, and a General Operational Plan’ of which I’ll quote most of it and offer my comments:

Other things are not so easy for Whites to let go. They are deeply embedded in our lives, our culture, and our psyche, yet they are destroying us. The two most prominent examples are Christianity and Americanism in their present corrupt state. These two things are poisons corroding the soul of our people.

So, firstly, we must separate the White Western tradition from Christianity.

As we will see, Amalric de Droevig doesn’t seem to be familiar with the violent history of the first centuries of Christianity.

Northern and Eastern Europe weren’t fully Christianized until the twelfth century, and some parts of Europe were arguably never truly Christianized. The White West has arguably been non-Christian longer than it has been Christian. Indeed, the most glorious and prolific periods of White Western history were distinctly non-Christian. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans were non-Christian. Greek civilization was particularly intellectually prolific, and Roman civilization was incredibly successful militarily and administratively. Moreover, the Renaissance and the explosion in human knowledge that has taken place from the Renaissance to the present day has occurred as Christianity has gradually withered. I doubt that is an accident.

Modern Christianity is a significant net negative to White interests. If some form of Christianity might be worth preserving, it must be a religion far different from modern Christianity.

If Droevig was familiar with the violent history of the early centuries of Christianity, he would make no distinction between modern and ancient Christianity in terms of toxicity to our cause.

For Christianity to be an acceptable religion, a useful religion for Whites, it must abandon many of its universalistic aspects. It must emphasize the local, the hierarchical, and the traditional. It must deemphasize the global, the novel, and the egalitarian. Christianity can take and has taken many forms throughout history, but rightist dissidents must make clear that certain forms of it are neither moral nor conservative, but are instead a kind of civilizational poison, eating away at the soul of our people and the societies we built.

Droevig doesn’t seem to have read what Robert Morgan has insisted so many times: that it is impossible to Aryanize a universalist religion like Christianity, to make it tribal. Even the Nazis couldn’t do it convincingly despite the efforts of the so-called positive Christianity.

When die-hard Christian corporate leaders like Dan Cathy of chicken joint Chik-Fil-A are invoking Christianity’s call to repent while literally shining the shoes of Black rappers on TV, you know something has gone horribly awry with the Christian creed. Furthermore, even if you wish to lay the ultimate blame for Christianity’s obvious numerical and moral decline at the feet of leftism, the fact is the Christian religion has a disturbing tendency to degrade and deform itself to the prevailing forces around it. It is very accommodating to power, accommodating in a way that Whites simply cannot afford any longer. We have no more ground to give as a people.

Christianity must immediately abandon its pacifistic, highly conciliatory orientation for it to be a religion Whites would do well to preserve. Frankly, I don’t see that happening, but time will tell. It is difficult to see how a religion that views us all as “god’s children” and fundamentally “equal in the eyes of God,” makes its way back to a more practical, natural, and traditional place on race. Although there are passages in Biblical scripture that are sympathetic to our views and our political objectives, those passages are consistently ignored by modern theologians, or cleverly explained away.

Which passages? Is Droevig referring to Old Testament passages that advance Jewry’s tribal spirit? That doesn’t apply to the Aryan man and he knows it.

The Christian folks and forces which possessed and cultivated more nuanced and less perfectly egalitarian positions on race, have long since been driven from the pews and the lecterns. It is difficult to see a way back to sanity.

Every day I witness Christian Whites turning the other cheek and loving their enemies and welcoming invaders and spreading softness upon softness. That level of domesticity is really hurtful to our interests as a people. A little bit of violence and rage often works. See Islam. Incessant meekness only emboldens bullies like those in BLM and Antifa. Wherever Whites are making concessions to Blacks, for example, there is either some leftist nut or some Christian nut with a microphone explaining why it is so important for Whites to give Black people ground or goodies, no matter how unreasonable their demands or rooted in delusion their complaints. That is not helpful to anything, least of all the interests of Whites.

Christianity has become one hundred percent Christ and zero percent Charlemagne, and that is a serious problem.

This is what happens when a white nationalist who wants to start criticising Christianity does not subscribe to new posts on this site. Two months ago I wrote: The only living historian for whom I have respect told me that he would rate Charlemagne well up in the top five most evil characters of European history. I recently acquired Thomas Hodgkin’s The Life of Charlemagne, which I recommend to those who have swallowed the Christian version of this evil man.

If we keep in mind the message of the historical sections in The Fair Race, we will see that even after the Aryan apocalypse of the 4th and 5th centuries, there were still many Germanic tribes in the 6th and 7th centuries who refused to worship the god of the Jews. Charlemagne forced these uncontaminated Aryans to worship the enemy god: a historical milestone related to the philo-Semitic state that the entire West is currently suffering. We could imagine a parallel world in which at least part of the Aryan populations had not been worshiping, for more than a millennium, the volcanic demon that appeared to Moses in a desert…

White Christian leaders frequently tell their flock that living on your knees is the way into heaven. I fear, however, that if Whites do not stand up for themselves and refuse to kowtow to those that hate them—and soon, the White race itself is next to be crucified. All the systemic forces in the modern West are thoroughly anti-White, and those forces reward anti-White malice handsomely. Imagine thinking you live in a “White supremacist” society where a White person can’t even politely disagree with a Black person without being labeled “racist”. It is madness, frankly. I can not help but think Americans would be walked all over a whole lot less if there were more Vikings amongst us to stand up to leftist would-be tyrants and anti-White bullies. Christian leaders tell us that our meekness is Christlike and noble and a symbol of our goodness, but the reality is that our meekness, our dovishness, our conscientiousness, these supposedly good traits are all facilitating the ruination of our people. Those traits are further entrenching us in a state of vassalage.

Pro-White rightist dissidents must actively take a hard line against modern Christianity and expose it for being what it has become, namely an appendage of the Cultural Marxist American state, and a religion that serves the multicultural, multiracial non-White masses, rather than the people and the civilization that founded and spread it.

Precisely because Droevig ignores the history of Christianity, he is seeing things backwards. The so-called cultural Marxism didn’t breed the ethno-suicidal version of Christianity today. It was the axiology of Christianity, as Oswald Spengler already saw, that spawned Marxism.

Once upon a time, when Whiteness was coextensive with Christendom, Christianity’s interests were more or less identical to the interests of Whites. Over the last four or five hundred years, however, Christianity has spread wildly, becoming a global religion, a religion for all peoples.

Since Droevig hasn’t read the ten volumes of Karlheinz Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity he ignores that there has been no Christianity friendly to our cause. It is a universalist and egalitarian religion that sides the untermensch and vilifies the Ubermensch, or at least treat both as equal. Remember what I said this Tuesday about the conquest of most of the American continent by the very Christian Spaniards and Portuguese.

The problem therein is that the interests of the Third World and the interests of Whites are simply not aligned. Thus, the religion’s interests are no longer linked to our people’s interests. The Third World is feeding on the White race right now. It is feasting on the fruits of White genius and our penchant for charity. Third Worlders are taking over our lands and our governments and our cultures and are turning them into theirs. The lives of White people are thoroughly worse for it. As it stands, Christianity can not serve both its increasingly diverse flock and also the race that founded it and made it relevant. The religious must be made to choose.

If White Christians, on balance, continue to choose religion over the race, the religion may have to be discarded altogether for Whites to survive. How can Whites thrive, or even survive, if one third of our people are anti-White leftist lunatics, and two thirds of the remaining two thirds are Christian nutjobs who place fellow Christians above their own coethnics?! If Whites cannot shape Christianity to serve our people, what good is it for our people? Christianity must accommodate Whiteness and White interests, not vice versa.

This won’t happen because Christianity, the religion of eternal damnation, is an inherently evil ideology: a Semitic religion that cannot be reformed for the Aryan cause, only abolished.

Yet today things are exactly the other way around. Whites are constantly bending over backwards and making excuses for the flaws in Christian theology and the folly of Christian leaders. But what does Christianity do for Whites? When does the Christian religion ever stand up for White people? All I see from church leaders are empty egalitarian bromides, claims that White racial advocacy is a sin, and ever more obnoxious capitulation to aggressive, covetous non-Whites. At best religious leaders ignore us, and at worst they intentionally marginalize us. Whites, in truth, must learn to be more like the Jews. Jews put the tribe first and belief second, and they’re impervious to criticism. That is arguably the key to Jewish success. For Whites, ideology and belief come first. We are an impractical, idealistic race—prone to moral crusades (all our wars have been justified on moral grounds, and the current anti-White zeitgeist is framed as a moral imperative). That is a problem if we wish to survive. At the absolute least, Whites must strengthen their attachment to Whiteness, and dilute their attachment to Christianity.

It is quite possible moreover to remain morally consistent whilst putting the tribe first. As Jared Taylor is fond of saying, “I believe in the same principles for all peoples,” All peoples deserve self-determination. All peoples deserve ethnostates, as the Chinese and the Jews and the Nigerians have. All peoples have the right to prefer their own and to advance their own interests, certainly in moderation. Yet Whites are today denied these fundamental privileges in the modern West.

Neither the Jews nor the Chinese nor the Muslims nor the Indians of India nor the mestizos of Latin America love the white man. But as a pious neochristian, Droevig continues to love the Other to the extent of wishing them a prosperous life in their ethnostates!

Ultimately, we must accept that Christianity is not good. Certain forms of it are perhaps good…

Which ones?

…but certain forms of it are clearly bad, much like streptococcus pneumoniae and certain other strains of bacteria. Once we have cemented that position in the psyche of the political right, religious conservatives can begin recreating Christianity in a sensible form.

Again, this is a fool’s errand. It’s like trying to reform Judaism so that in this reformed Judaism the best of the gentiles won’t be exterminated!

Doing so will also lay the groundwork for defectors (atheists and agnostics) to defect on the grounds that the religion is not advancing their long-term cultural and genetic interests, which it isn’t. This kind of defection may force the religion to evolve and concede ground to the pro-White Alt-Right, or it may continue doing what is has been doing, namely reacting by doubling down on its destructive, modern form. Christian leaders today do not seem to care if White defectors are replaced with 70-IQ African believers. Like Western oligarchs, they seem more interested in quantity than quality. The pro-White dissident right is way too soft on Christianity.

Very true!

We must be much harder on it. By continually accommodating Christian power structures, we do not force Christian leaders to make hard choices. We continue to accommodate those who accommodate our enemies, those who give our enemies more and more ground, and more and more power at our expense. That is folly.

The same is true of the dissident right’s approach to the GOP. We demand nothing of them and so we get nothing from them. We must press the bastards to gain anything from them. GOP oligarch puppets, like retrograde Christian leaders, are not charitable, benevolent people, by and large. You must squeeze and threaten them, and be willing to harm yourself to some degree if you want anything from them. You cannot simply ask nicely or play nice and expect anything in return.

If we can induce a schism between modern Christians (Christians) and traditional Christians (alt-Christians), a reformation of sorts may follow. That schism will serve our movement, if only by catapulting our movement to the foreground in the public eye. We must ask, “why is Christianity not serving our people?” and “who is serving our people?”

Droevig fails to understand what’s happening with Christianity. In my previous post I talked about Conservative Swede and ‘The Red Giant’, which is worth quoting here: ‘We are witnessing the historical demise of Christianity. When a star dies, in its last phase it expands into a red giant, before it shrinks into a white dwarf. Liberalism is the red giant of Christianity. And just as a red giant is devoid of its core, it expands thousandfold [e.g., the recent negrolatric great awakeing] while losing its substance and is about to die’.

That must be the Alt-Right’s approach to everything. The White race’s interests must be on the ballot as well.

Today’s West will not allow the existence of an openly racist party. What’s Droevig’s plan? Pacific methods apparently:

We could set up a Black ethnostate in the American South, a White ethnostate somewhere in the American middle, and perhaps a number of other states with different governmental or demographic structures. However, in order to get there we need to normalize the idea of partition and related ideas. We can actually do that, but we have to be talking about them constantly. Partition has to be the locus of our memes, and our articles, and our political advocacy. Pro-White leaders must be advocating for the peaceful [my italics] partition of America as a serious solution to our intractable problems.

After knocking down the statues representing the white man who founded modern nations, what some BLM members are starting to say is that the next step will be to do that with flesh-and-blood whites. But Droevig still loves the enemy…

The most important thing we must weaken, however, if partition is to be possible, and if our movement’s broader goals are to be realized, is the White American commitment to America itself. Whites are, by and large, patriotic Americans. They are loyal to a government that is hell-bent on destroying them. That is, in a word, insane. What patriotic White Americans must become, before it is too late, is patriotic Alt-Americans, committed to the ideals of the Founding Fathers and to traditions of America prior to the cultural revolution of the 1960’s, but attached to an Alt-American / Post-American identity. We can not remain attached to a political arrangement that is hostile to our very existence, but we may be able to preserve an American identity and Americana in some limited respects.

Droevig started his essay saying that we have to criticise Americanism and now he defends it!

Robert S. Griffin is right that it is wise to root our arguments in America’s historic political and cultural ideals, but we must be careful to do so without legitimizing the modern American state or modern American ideals. Traditional American ideals and values are fine to exploit and employ, but not the ideals that have been foisted upon us since the 1960s, no matter their persuasiveness to normietards…

That’s exactly what I believed before July 24, 2009 when I was arguing with Conservative Swede. Since that month I realised I was naïve by believing that in the 1950s everything was great (cf. again ‘The Red Giant’). The wrong turn for the white race didn’t occur in the 60s. It started more than a millennium before, in the 4th century of the common era.

In this way we can reconcile the competing approaches to “America” and American identity. We can thread the needle as it were. We can retain an American identity, while still setting ourselves off and apart from modern America and the modern American state.

Here Ferdinand Bardamu is correct in his sentence from my other post today: ‘America must die because the Whites who once formed her civilizational backbone are deracinated, alienated and milquetoast cosmopolitans’.

They won’t stop failing us because we enlist in the military in greater numbers or become more religiously radical. Our institutions must change or they must go. Whites must adapt or perish. The sooner Whites recognize this harsh reality, the sooner will we get on with rescuing ourselves from our current debauched state as a race. Whites rightly pride themselves on being tenacious folk, and I understand that well-being a tenacious bastard myself, but sometimes to survive, you must let go.

Amalric Droevig’s piece, so radical to the palates of white nationalists that MacDonald disabled the comment section on that article, shows just how blue-pilled (or shall I say purple-pilled?) the commentariat of that webzine is.

14 replies on “Amalric de Droevig on Christianity”

Christ-insanity has always been a form of schizophrenic and bipolar psychosis. You can’t hold two completely contradictory worldviews in your psyche and mind. What Amalric Droevig fails to recognize is the fact that Marxism and liberalism are the natural outgrowth and outcome of the poisonous Judeo-Christian universalist and egalitarian ethics that have poisoned and compromised the Aryan soul and spirit. A reasonable and intelligent person could easily point out and deduce that the Aryan Weltanschauung is fundamentally incompatible with Judeo-Christian ethics in less than an hour.

Judeo-Christian ethics teaches that races and people are equal in worth and ability. This statement is an explicit and blatant denial of nature and reality. Aryan ethics, on the contrary accept this harsh truth and shape society according to this truth. If you were to accept that races and people are all equal in attributes, this inevitably opens the path for miscegenation and multiculturalism.

Most white Christians in the west are either mentally ill or psychotic, Judeo-Christian ethics is a desperate flight and escape from nature and truth, indulging and immersing your mind in an unrealistic hallucinogenic dreamscape.

Agreed, and also…

“Most white Christians in the west are either mentally ill or psychotic”

It’s not just white Christians who suffer from the denial of reality. Read “The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis”
by Robert R. Reilly

The Abrahamic religions have faith, not reason or reality, as their highest priority. The Aryan worldview is based on science and reality. The Abrahamic religions are anti-life. Which Christian or Muslim would lift a finger to save his race in this life, if it meant eternal damnation in the next life? The Greek Aryan world view recognizes that this life is all there is, so saving one’s race in this life is the highest priority. But the fantasy of eternal life promised by Christianity and Islam is a powerful motive, so most people are unable to give up that hope for the harsh reality of the Aryan worldview.

Continued from above, the future Aryan ethnostate, imperium or reich, must ensure that the very last copy of a christian bible, prayer book, Torah,Koran and Talmud on earth are either burned to the ashes or destroyed. The very last column, brick, piece of concrete and beam of the very last church, synagogue and mosque on our planet also has to be smashed and pulverized.

That is a statistical risk and probability that someone will encounter those abrahamic text and be corrupted, swayed or be influenced by them, I am not taking any chances. If the abrahamic texts are to be preserved, their access must be heavily restricted and be read by the most incorruptible, racially loyal and uncompromising members of Aryankind.

The surname of the article writer ” De Droevig(e) ” means in the Dutch language literally ” the sad one “.

I’ve almost lost patience with these white bastards. I have very little faith left in my race’s ability to survive at this point. Even at the eleventh hour the so-called ‘awake’ WN cling to that fucking rabbi Jesus. Most of them can’t be reasoned with. The moronic white masses are even worse. They absolutely 100% REFUSE to think about reality like responsible adults. When their collective survival is threatened by outside threats they simply refuse to deal with the real world like an adult should. Obviously our ancestors weren’t entirely like this otherwise we wouldn’t be here today, our race would have vanished from this planet long ago. Most of them display no interest in securing the existence of their people and a future for white children, their own children! In fact nothing drives a lot of these white devils away from you quicker than mentioning race.

What is the point of these people? They seem biologically obsolete. They literally have no legitimate reason to exist anymore, other than to be herded to their genocide by God’s chosen people like a herd of purpose-built goys. They don’t defend themselves (witness the countless videos being released on a daily basis of white boys taking a beating from non-whites, most don’t fight back), they won’t defend their children, they won’t defend their land from foreigners. They barely even breed.

You could probably have mass homosexual rape of white males by niggers and STILL these white cunts would come up with an excuse “not to give in to hate and racism”. There’s even been a rape clinic for Swedish men who’ve been raped by immigrants opened in Sweden! I can imagine these Swedish cucks being treated by a Muslim doctor and talking about how the kindness of their immigrant doctor showed them not to harbor hate in their heart after being raped. Don’t believe me? There was a white man in Norway who was raped by a Somalian immigrant and after he found out his rapist was being deported he pleaded for him to stay in Norway saying he forgave him! Look it up.

Cesar says that trying to reform Christianity to accomodate it to white racial interests is a fool’s errand but I seriously wonder if the real fool’s errand is trying to save a species that is no longer biologically viable from its extinction. Of course if we are going to go extinct and have thus become unfit to survive then NOTHING, absolutely no action undertaken by any white person to save their race from extinction will yield any tangible result. If our race has become unfit to survive then ALL attempts to save our race will prove to be nugatory and fruitless.

James Mason recently said that Hitler came to set the stage for the grand finale, not to close the book for the white race. As should be clear from what I’ve written, I have my doubts. But, it’s not over until it’s over. It’s clear to me Hitler has set the stage for a climax of some sort, crudely put humanity (Jews, white traitors, coloureds) vs. the White Man. It’s just a matter of waiting to see who wins at the climax. Due to global demographic trends literally every second that passes is bringing humanity closer to the End. The number of Aryan babies being born on the planet Earth is declining each year. The point of no return for the white race looms.

“They seem biologically obsolete.”

Most are obsolete or seriously weak – mentally. Too easily enslaved, though by expert manipulators whose methods should be studied.

I agree with Bob. The problem lies in the software (deranged neofranciscan altruism), not in the hardware (genes). But who among you will start to study the etiology of psychoses?

Note I didn’t write “They are biologically obsolete”. I am not certain if our species has become a genetic dead-end that can no longer adapt to its changing environment, though it appears that our race is no longer fit to live. Rather I mean judging by the low birth rates, the avoidance of conflict, the fleeing (white flight), the refusal to think racially, the increase of miscegenation, the decrease in testosterone as well decline in sperm count etc. etc. it seems as if Europeans are biologically obsolete.

If our race does go extinct then it was clearly the case that our species had become unfit to survive. If we are going to become extinct then we are in the process of a global extinction event right now. We are living through it and watching it unfold before our eyes.

As you seem to be asking me to study the cause of psychosis I gather you are referencing your own relationship with your parents. I am well aware of the negative effects of the Christian mind virus. I became racially aware through being deeply anti-Christian. But I sense you seem to think that because you had a troubled relationship with your parents which caused you much mental anguish, that all illnesses of the mind are due to the behaviour of one’s parents? I could be mistaken but if that is the case that seems like a massive case of projection. Not only do you seem to think all mental illness is due to parental abuse but you’ve extrapolated that the near-extinction the white race is facing is due to erroneous white parents-white child relationships. This seems like you are synthesising your own personal troubles, or rather conflating them, with the subject of the causes of the white race’s extinction.

I’d like to have a long discussion with you on the subject of mental illness but I have too much to write here. I would write to you via email but I get sick of all the typing. If you would like to seriously discuss with me the subject of mental illness and parental abuse I would be happy to speak with you on Skype?

I no longer have Skype on my computer (after it crashed in 2018 I didn’t bother to go to my Mac service and add the software). As to the rest of your comment, I’ll add my reply tonight as a separate blog entry.

Okay but if I don’t reply to your reply to me it does not mean I have nothing to say on the matter. It means I just can’t be bothered to keep writing at length on your blog. I’ve had plenty of things to say to you before that I have not written, partly because it would be too long for the comment section but also because I have other things I’d rather do with my time. I would write you emails but I just get fed up with all the typing. Yeah, I’m lazy and unmotivated but I’d prefer spending my time doing what I want to do with my time. That’s why I prefer talking to people over the internet than writing back and forth to them.

I will read what you write though and formulate a response in my mind as I do to all your blog entries.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to reinstall Skype (or even better, open an account on BitChute and see if this time our audio channel won’t be nuked). But I am too busy to properly learn the tricks of an editing audio program. If someone else can do all the recording and publishing in Bitchute most of the problem would be solved.

I never understand those Neochristians who say “If we just SHAPE Christianity differently, it might work”. Why do we need to SHAPE anything for them? Just.. start from ground to up, make something else, new myths, and legends.. or old ones.

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