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Christian continent

Yesterday I listened to Radio Free Northwest after a while of not listening. When Covington lived, a new podcast could be listened every week; now only once a month. I intended to find out if Andy Donner would say anything about the recent newspaper story alleging that Norman Spear, whose ‘Base’ had ties with Covington, continues to be a government agent. But Andy said nothing of the matter.

I kept listening and another interlocutor spoke from the most orthodox POV of white nationalism, using terms like ZOG and basically blaming Jewry for the problems. He also spoke about the recent negrolatric escalation. Like other sites of white nationalism, and unlike what Robert Morgan has been saying on Unz Review—let’s blame the people themselves, not just the elites—Andy and company have never blamed Christians.

If the diagnosis of a medical problem is flawed, the treatment will be unsuccessful. It is for this reason that many consider psychiatry a pseudoscience. Unlike true medical specialties, in psychiatry there are no biomarkers: only behaviours to be stigmatised with psychiatric labels.

If white nationalists’ diagnosis of white decline is flawed, the remedy will be unsuccessful too. They practically ignore the history of the continent south of the Rio Grande. For them, it doesn’t even seem to matter much the history of New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California and Texas before the 1840s war, when they annexed those territories. If they introduced the history of the Iberian conquest of most of the American continent, the dogma of Jewry would be dismissed as the main cause of white decline. The fact is that Jew-wise Spanish and Portuguese, who reigned for three centuries on the continent, committed the greatest miscegenation experiment known in history, to the point of ruining their bloodline.

A Spaniard marrying an Indian with the approval of the Church

The history of most of the American continent, including the ancient history of states that now belong to the US, is of no interest to white nationalists simply because it falsifies their dogma. Remember that the Spaniards arrived here before the Anglo-Germanic colonists, and by 1521 they had already conquered the Aztec Empire. Also remember that, in New Spain, the Inquisition targeted mainly Jews and crypto-Jews. If the Iberian Jew-wise were able to perpetrate the greatest genetic ruin in an entire continent, it is obvious that the problem precedes, for centuries, what nationalists call ‘ZOG’. I’ve talked about it in previous years, but it was worth remembering.

Not only Radio Free Northwest but the rest of the WN internet movement refuses to blame Christianity for what happened on the continent.

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As to date, no white nationalist who sticks to the ‘Jewry = main cause’ POV has replied to this argument (which IMO is even stronger than what Morgan says on Unz Review about the American Civil War).

So, the next time some white guy gets sexually aroused and desires to race-mix he needs to blame Jeebus?

Well, I for one am sick and tired of seeing it. This shit is getting younger and younger. I was enraged today at seeing a couple holding hands, a black male and white female. They couldn’t have been older than twelve.

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