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Virtually no racialist knows the trauma model of mental disorders. One of the problems I see in the white nationalist movement is that there are serious blind spots from their POV. Not only do they ignore that psychiatry (which promotes the medical model of mental disorders) is false science. Nor do they know that Keynesian economics taught in universities is another ‘science’ similar to astrology.

The only one who got to talk about these two topics, pseudo-scientific psychiatry and pseudoscientific economics, before YouTube deleted his channel was Stefan Molyneux. And it is a pity that no racialist whose mother tongue is English says what Molyneux knew about the real state of the economy and the true cause of mental disorders (child abuse).

Today’s article on Counter-Currents by Robert Hampton, ‘Are We Really Heading To A Civil War?’ exemplifies blindness as to the state of the American economy.

Like the vast majority of racialists, Hampton doesn’t seem to have the remotest notion that the truly scientific school of economy is the Austrian school, which has been predicting, since Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold, that this would lend itself to abusively print fiat currency ad infinitum to the degree of currency collapse.

Now, Hampton is right that his bourgeois compatriots are not going to rebel. As I have said on this site, the One Ring has corrupted the Aryan psyche, as Richard Wagner saw in his most ambitious work. Hampton is correct in saying that his compatriots are comfortable in what I call ‘happy mode’ and that, in that mode, revolution is unthinkable. But Hampton is unaware that the precious currency of the Americans is going to tank.

Above I mentioned Molyneux whose mother was Jewish and I was sorry that a racialist Gentile did not say the same. The same could be said of Peter Schiff, whose father was Jewish, but among those who explain Austrian economics Schiff is the one who does it best on YouTube, as we see in his most recent podcast.

Those reluctant to listen to him can watch the crash curses of the non-Jews Chris Martenson or Mike Maloney, who say more or less the same as Schiff. In this matter it’s irrelevant who is Gentile or Jew. What matters is that the dollar is short on time, and that once it collapses Americans will transition from happy mode to angry mode.

True, an angry mode among whites is still insufficient for the armed revolution, but the fall of the American empire (no more pro-Israel wars after the dollar loses its purchasing power) will mark the end of the interregnum that began in 1945, when Europe lost the power they held for centuries.

The end of the interregnum doesn’t mean automatic salvation, as Americanised Europeans are as bananas as those who live on this continent. However, the end of American hegemony will start to open a window of opportunity for our cause.

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And that’s nothing compared to what will happen to silver after the dollar falls.

I have said many times to would-be revolutionaries: violence is still premature. Save on precious metals and you will survive the crash. I have no guns because I am waiting for the financial accident to occur to buy at least a revolver with a couple of silver coins.

It was all going fine and dandy until he belittled William Joyce and Dr. Goebbels at 12:00.

Brits are like the Americans: they refuse to assume responsibility for betraying the White race in WW2. And for that, like the Americans, they will suffer tremendously.

He says “more and more people are waking up”.
But waking up isn’t enough.
You have to get up and out of your Christian bed, wash that Happy-mode gunk off your face, take off your Pro-Allied pajamas, wear your Nacional Socialist uniform and eat your Racist breakfast in your self-sustainable countryhouse.

Only then will you Brits begin to have the hope of “winning this fight”.
So you better do it quickly. There isn’t much time left.

I’m not the bloke in the chair mate 😁 But I’m sorry if the cliched nahtzee comparisons offended you, I would have thought we were all used to it 😏

And what if, hypothetically, Misesian economics is just another Jewish pseudo-science and the economic apocalypse is not coming? That from here on out, the decline of the middle-class will relatively gradual? The claim that possibilities will open up and organised violence by the white masses will suddenly become a viable strategy sounds like naive optimism based on the idea that the system is incompetent. If we get through the aftermath of coronavirus without much trouble, why will there be reason to think that things will change based on economic decline? As long as there is plenty of fast food, ball games and porn, the masses will never revolt.

Forget Austrian economics.

It’s common sense why the German Mark hyper-inflated in Weimar Germany after they created tons of bills without any gold to backup them.

It is happening again… in the US.

For what its worth let me give you a semitic eschatologic POV. (I know that this forum does not agree with the notion that semitic religions are for the Aryan people, but hear me out as there may be truth in it from the Aryan perspective).

Those who created Pax Britannica and then Pax Americana have extracted what they need from them. They are pulling the plug. They now wish to create Pax Judaica i.e. imposter Israel. For this they need WW III between the West vs Russia/China as the main blocs. To beat the drums for war they need a massive monetary collapse which is happening as we type. Once the war is over, what is left of humanity (not much), will organize themselves as Gog and Magog will still be seeking to make Israel the ruling state. Russia will survive and Constantinople will be liberated and Hagia Sophia will return to the Roman Orthodox people.

Now this means the Western Europe/ North America will no longer be the power base of the world. Now this may be beneficial for your cause as no one will want to immigrate hear anymore. You will be allowed to live your Aryan way of life undisturbed albeit without the power that you once had.

“…the precious currency of the Americans is going to tank.”

None of us know the future. Even the best ‘black box’ prognosticators limit themselves to two weeks – and are sometimes wrong.

The game is now in the hands of our Enemy. The task is to take it back.

Of course it was possible in Weimar Germany right after WWI ended to predict that, if the German government started to print like crazy to pay the Versailles treatise debts, the Deutsche Mark would tank.

Spot Gold just passed $1900. Markets are stretched. (This is reality, just as the 1923 German hyperinflation was.) Distribution may be nearing completion. If so, cash will be king.

I disagree.

The Jews are not gods.

They are almost as imbeciles as whites. Otherwise the scorpion wouldn’t sting the frog in the middle of the lagoon as in the fable: just what the kikes are doing.

If they were that smart, they would never ever destroy the only nation that defends Israel.

Once the US tanks Israel, surrounded by its enemies, will fall too due to kike imbecility.

Where did I infer that they are gods, or are ‘that’ smart?

Their greatest attribute is persistence, through the ages. No matter how they have won or lost, their leaders have gained control of incredible wealth.

They are traders who use what others produce to gain money and power. The markets are trading vehicles where accumulation and distribution is primary.

Distribution may be nearing its maximum. If so, the FED rates meeting next week could be used to spur a downturn into fall, when astute traders would be flush with cash and credit to buy at the bottom.

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