Whites have gone bananas

The folie en masse that the West is currently suffering, triggered by the recent events of the black man who died on the asphalt in the United States, has its historical precedents.

The first devilish psychotic breakdown suffered by the white man, as old readers of this site know, was the folie en masse of the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries when the Roman Empire empowered a cult of Levantine origin to destroy all the temples, the libraries and the sculptures that showed the magnificence of the Aryan beauty. What is tragic about this destruction of the classical world by a Semitic ideology is that many whites participated in the destruction of the white world, as can be seen in books whose PDFs are available on the sidebar of this site.

The white race is similar to the Targaryens of A Song of Ice and Fire. Of inconceivable beauty in the prose of George R.R. Martin, these great conquerors suffered psychotic outbursts from time to time. One of those happened in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, when Daenerys Targaryen burned the capital of the seven kingdoms.

In real history, whites have done similar things. Not only did they burn, or tolerate non-white people burning, almost the entire legacy of classical knowledge, but, centuries later, they suffered another massive breakdown such as being hypnotised by a pope to the extent of organising a children’s crusade, with the quixotic aim of recapturing Jerusalem. We can imagine what happened to those poor white children when they fell into the hands of the Muslims.

These recurring mass psychotic breakdowns of the white race occur, as in the Targaryen family, after a few centuries. We are currently witnessing the last of these folies en masse. There cannot be another breakdown after the present one as the stakes are that whites must become extinct.

The pro-black protests on both sides of the Atlantic wouldn’t worry me if they weren’t packed with whites. What blacks, media Jews, and white women say is of no concern to me (women always follow the alpha male who provides them). What concerns me is what the Aryan men say, as it is up to them to reclaim their civilisation during this anti-white war.

I insist that in order to understand what is happening one must become familiar with the real history of the white race: something impossible to find in the forums of the alt-right or white nationalism, as they ignore that Christianity apparently, and irreversibly, damaged the Aryan psyche. (To new visitors to this site, I suggest you read Part I of The Fair Race that appears in the sidebar.)

That we are experiencing the last mass psychotic breakdown of the white race, which we could call Genuflect to the New Church of Antiracism, is guessed in the following tweets and texts by racially conscious whites that could be multiplied by hundreds, but that below I collect only a few:

• Not even sure what to say anymore. It’s like 90 percent of the population have joined a cult without telling the rest of us and now we’re watching bewildered.

• Racial hierarchy hasn’t gone anywhere. It has been inverted. Blackness is celebrated now. Whiteness is demonized and deconstructed.

• Today, The New York Times ran an op-ed telling people to withhold affection from their relatives unless they protest or give money to anti-racism organizations: “Text to your relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions”.

• So I may have to revise my model of a Cold Civil War. Right now, we look more like an occupied nation, dominated by this bizarre cult of anti-white totalitarianism, dissenters from which have no organization, no leadership, and almost no public voice.

• In the 1940s, this county began fighting “racism.” By 2020, this obsession has completely and utterly destroyed this country. It has absolutely consumed it.

Again, see an article in Part I of The Fair Race, dealing with how the white psyche was modified during the 1940s propaganda.

The trumpet of the Apocalypse heralding the end of the Christian Era was covid-19, but the first droplets from the goblets of wrath began to spill this month. If my understanding of the world economy is adequate, I predict that the liquid residue from the cups will be poured over the mad West once the US dollar collapses.

Today’s American blacks still have bread and TV circuses. After the collapse, you can imagine a chimpout with hunger and the government, the media and the mad whites who are protesting supporting them. In addition to the text I recommended above to newbies, it’s time to listen to The Turner Diaries

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It’s all the same: the US falls, Britain falls. All Western nations use fiat currencies. When the dollar crashes they will lose confidence in any sort of paper ‘money’.

I’m thinking of making video games based on the Turner Diaries and the Fable of the Ducks and the Hens; targeted to adults and children, respectively.

As Dr. Pierce said, the media is the key. We have to create entertainment that is friendly and racially aware to our own white children, and the youth as well.

We will have our chance again.

I believe Bob Whittaker mentioned some years back that anti-racism wasn’t just like a religion, It WAS a religion. Now we’re finally seeing it all writ large so that no one can ignore it.

It’s just an abominable composite of:
A. Abrahamism and its forms
B. Anglo ideology
C. Enlightenment

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