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Elemental psychology

This is a postscript to my entry yesterday, ‘The Aetiology of Psychosis’.

This recent thread of discussion, on this same site, shows an elemental ignorance about how Christianity seized the soul of whites.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that, as Schopenhauer says, ‘people learn religions as they learn languages’: what some psychologists call parental introjects.

The wrongdoing comes from our parents, as ‘introject’ here means a kind of malware in our mentalities without realising that we were programmed to believe in the false god of equality and out-group love since our childhood.

If it were possible to abduct from all Christian and atheist (i.e., neo-Christian) families their children and educate them under a Fourth Reich, in two or three generations (grandparents are also capable of programming their grandchildren) the spell of Christianity and ethnosuicidal neofrancisanism among whites would be broken.

It’s as simple as that. And there would be no need to destroy the few remaining Bibles that would still be in some libraries because there would never again be infatuation for the Abrahamic religions—unless the cycle of allowing Jewry to take over education in this new Aryan Empire was repeated to the degree of destroying the Neopagan temples, and that the stupid Aryan parents start reprograming the minds of their children with Abrahamic poison.

The racialists’ ignorance of this most basic psychology results in some of them blaming the Aryan genes (hardware) for something that is solely and exclusively a pandemic of mental viruses (software): the Judeo-Christian/liberal memeplex. Remember the parable of the mustard seed: the humblest of the seeds in the 1st century of the common era ended up becoming a huge plant in the 21st century.

So what’s a poisonous introject? As Catherine Nixey said after mentioning a famous Gibbon phrase about the ruins of the Capitol in Rome, it was not enough to destroy all statues, libraries and temples:

But, according to some of the most famous preachers of the time, even this was not enough to satisfy the Christian God… He wanted—He demanded—the hearts and minds of every single person within the empire.

And, these clerics threatened, He would know if He didn’t get them. As preachers in the fourth century started to warn their congregations, God’s all-seeing gaze followed you everywhere. He didn’t only see you in church; you were also watched by Him as you went out through the church doors; as you went out into the streets and as you walked around the marketplace or sat in the hippodrome or the theatre. His gaze also followed you into your home and even into your bedroom—and you should be in no doubt that He watched what you did there, too.

That was not the least of it. This new god saw into your very soul. ‘Man looketh on the face, but God on the heart,’ thundered Cyprian, the Bishop of Carthage. ‘Nothing that is done is hidden from God.’ There was, congregations across the empire were warned, no escape: ‘Nothing, whether actually done or only intended, can escape the knowledge of God’—or His ‘everlasting punishment of fire’.

As I have already said on this site, ‘God’ is nothing other than the shadow of our introjected parents. We must begin to see our parents, or rather a facet of our parents, as the villains of our history: even non-Christian white parents for subscribing Christian ethics. In this way we will free ourselves from the common slander in some quarters of white nationalism of blaming white genes for what are actually the parental memes that have infected us.

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