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My thoughts on Moly

Of the three vaporized channels on YouTube yesterday, the channels of Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and Stefan Molyneux, Moly’s had the most subscribers around the world. I have written very critical posts about this ethnic Jew (as his mother was Jewish) and I don’t want to reiterate them here.

His greatest contribution to the Aryan cause was, in my opinion, his invitations to experts on both sides of the IQ debate. Those videos were a very good school for a normie to learn about the fundamental principles of biodiversity. Some of this can still be seen in YouTube, in his talk with David Rubin:

Rubin is also an ethnic Jew and the fag is married to another man. Perhaps that is why his channel hasn’t been vaporized by thoughtpolice?

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“…the fag is married to another man.”

Do be careful of the language. We live in an age where the slightest of word redefining has slyly crept into our everyday language.
Just the fact that one might call that a “marriage” is an example of this thought manipulation.
An innocent mistake upon our part but an example of what they are getting us to accept as a normative concept – even subliminally.
It is a battle which shall be ongoing as we resist such subtly applied, yet brutally degenerate language manipulation.
I have certainly caught myself in such a misapplication.
One sitting comparing a current dictionary and one from a century ago can be a shocking revelation at the more “liberal” way words are defined now.
“Gender” being a prime example.
Language is key to thought. That is why they are trying(trying? no, they are doing it) to change our language to suit their purposes.

I do thank you for this blog. I have been a lurker for some time, but have decided to share some thoughts as the thoughts I have experienced here have awakened me to those with similar thoughts and confirmed some concepts that have swirled about in my brain all these years.
Your statements on Christianity’s malignancy upon us struck a chord deep within me. I have been consciously aware of its ill influence since I was about twelve – remembering the feverish way my mother alternated between anger and desperation when I refused to accept Jesus. I did accept soon after, verbally, to escape the pain.
I see Christianity having done that to society as a whole.
But, I shall go into more detail of my thoughts later, on the appropriate articles!

Although Moly won the debate with JFG on YouTube when the latter foolishly clung to a relativistic moralism, JF previously exposed in a video (now deleted) why Moly was Jewish, apparently not just from his mother.

That explains Moly’s tremendous IQ as far as verbal intelligence is concerned. But he was also tremendously dishonest about the Jewish question.

What matters about him is his popularization of racial IQ and the psychological toll caused by child abuse (including one of his videos about the childhood of Charles Manson).

I already wasn’t a fan of his videos when Moly was banned from YouTube. His dishonesty about the JQ sucks.

I didn’t listen to the video in ‘Greek vs Christian’ as it was removed before I had a chance. So I don’t know if it is the same one. However, I am listening to the ^new video^ now. They compare the current madness to Christianity at around the 15 minute mark. It is quite good.

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