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Two recent quotes

‘The Nazis tried to save the world and now it will be destroyed. WWII was about saving communism so the global Soviet could be installed’. —Wewelsburg SS

‘Jew Stefan Molyneux admits that he is a deradicalization agent. This Jordan Peterson tier pacifism is suicidal. The center must be destroyed for us to survive. The other side, the anti-whites, have no brakes and that is by design so they keep winning’. —Baron Strucker

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Thanks for the links.

By the way, is there a blog site in Spanish that is all about race from the Nazi or white nationalist point of view?

I asked this question recently to a friend and he sent me bullshit links, not a serious site.

(I only recommend Evropa Soberana, but he has been silent for a few years.)

Nah, I do not know any good blogs in Spanish , I read all the posts of Evropa Soberana some years ago when I was nineteen and the I found yours , now everything is clear. another good blog but more cucked is LINK.

I dare to say that your blog is the best in this kind . You may read the works of Varg Virkenes and Marie Cachet “Paganism Explained” and to review the twitter accounts LINK, LINK.

They propose and new and organic point of view of paganism as well of hiistory . But some points of views are controversial .Although As a scientist is interesting the relation of norse mythology and biology . I ve been thinking to translate the whole Evropa Soberana to English. The most important thing is to put in contact the correct people with the right information. May later reccomend you some books.

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