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Greek vs. Christian

‘If we ask ourselves what is the main difference between the Greek and the medieval outlook we might well say that the former lacked a sense of sin’ said Bertrand Russell on page 168 of my old, 1959 edition of Wisdom of the West, an introduction to philosophy.

Today, Richard Spencer’s group talked again about how the new Negrolatric cult among whites is basically a Christian awakening of the 21st century, starting: here.

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One of Spencer’s interlocutors threw out a chilling piece of information that I was unaware of: one of my patron saint’s descendants (Göring, since he vehemently defended the welfare of animals), sterilized himself out of guilt once he internalized, with extraordinary violence, anti-German propaganda.

…… former lacked a sense of sin’ said Bertrand Russell……

Pre-christian Europeans still had a sense of right and wrong though.

The difference between indigenous European religions and middle eastern ones is that sin (a big mistake) is a crime against (((god))), whereas in european spirituality if you made a big mistake it was seen to have a price you or your family/people will pay for.

ie. many European fairy tales have people making deals that their decendents or children must pay for!

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