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Some years ago I used to talk about a witches’ brew of several causative factors of the current white malaise. Not anymore.

Christianity is the main culprit.

The Chinese have imitated whites in both capitalism and technology, but they aren’t facing extinction because their moral grammar wasn’t corrupted with a Levantine infection.

It’s just that simple. Reductionist explanations work per Occam’s razor. —C.T.

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This was my original 2012 statement about the ‘brew’ that’s killing whites. The difference is that now I focus more on Xtianity:

Individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism (‘hardwired’ characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times) + egalitarianism, liberalism, capitalism (cultural ‘software’ after the Revolution which ironically strengthened Christian axiology) + the Jewish culture of critique in the 20th century = a truly lethal brew for the White peoples.


While I agree Christianity is cancer, are there not underlying genetic factors that contribute to our catastrophic adoption and application of it? Black Christians, both in America and Africa, do not exhibit ethno-suicidal behavior, after all.

Theirs is another Christianity altogether as they have extremely primitive minds. What would be nice is to know what would have happened if some whites weren’t Christianized, e.g., if the Vikings had conquered America. But that is only an experiment of the imagination.

The Jew uses Christian Zionists, and other forms including Islamic varieties, as attack dogs against the (formerly?) White West.

Jew-wise non-Zionized Christians are crippled because their mythtardation severely weakens effective action. Trashing these NPC-types will assist kikejewed communists as they cajole their lemmings into extreme violence against them.

Targeting the Jew flushes out both the Jew and its non-Jew Zionist of every stripe.

I disagree. I recently mentioned, again, the Deschner book we translated.

Many of the early Church fathers, as you can read from Deschner’s book, were rabid anti-Semites. But the infection was Xtian axiology. For example, these ‘fathers’ criticised the ethnocentrism of the Jews. For them, everyone must be universalist.

What these early anti-Semites ignored is that the apple of Christianity contained poison for the Gentiles. As I have said many times, ethnocentrism for me (OT) but universalism for thee (NT).

It was not enough to be anti-Semitic to understand this poison. You had to be an anti-Christian like Celsus or Porphyry (but the Imperial Church burned their writings…).

Whites have such a high sense of altruism to the point of being pathological (which is supposed to be linked to “intelligence” evidently). When paired with the Judæo-Christian virus with its universalist ethics, Whites’ high sense of altruism is exploited and their perception of in-group/out-group is completely distorted. Via these universalist ethics, they extend beyond their ethnic in-group and contribute to their own ethnosuicide.

Thank you for that translation. Very much appreciated!

The issue is not “anti-Semitism” but survival tactics. Targeting the Jew will flush out enemies: Christian, Jew, and others.

Constantine used this Abrahamic mythology for political reasons, becoming a traitor to the West.

Our own ‘Leaders’ have been and are the Main Enemy.

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