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Jared’s latest video

Yesterday I quoted writers from Counter-Currents and The Occidental Observer but not American Renaissance, which I also mentioned.

Today Jared Taylor uploaded a video on a subject that has me very worried: the number of statues that the rabid and anti-white rabble has recently thrown down. But Taylor said the phenomenon of whites pulling statues of white men is without historical precedent.

If I add this postscript to ‘Apollo and the cross’ it is to clarify that, although a large number of Semites were involved in the destruction of the classical world, the Roman emperor who initiated the betrayal was not Semitic: Constantine. This emperor forbade the erection of new statues to the gods, and even the worship of existing ones. His son Constantius, also involved in the destruction of the classical world, had no Semitic blood either. And they were not alone. After them, all the Christian emperors were involved in the great destructive psychosis that became the Dark Ages.

Those who promote race realism would do well to familiarise themselves with our translation of some passages of Karlheinz Deschner’s work (see sidebar for free PDF, or printed book). I am in favour of the thesis that whites are not genetically ill, nor prone to insanity. It was Christianity that drove them mad, as there is no historical record of such an ethno-suicidal passion before Constantine and the following Christian emperors.

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Did not early Christian leaders hold immense religious power over the people?Were not these early church leaders predominantly Jews? Was not Constantine fearing the loss of a critical battle due to his lack of troops? Was not the answer to become a Christian to garner the support of Christians in that battle? Did he therefore not have a transfiguring vision typical of religious Jews? Did he not win that battle? What happened to Europe after that?

Would this not be analogous to presidents or other political leaders aligning themselves with the Jewish power structure working behind the scenes, in an effort to advance their own power? Is not what happened to Constantine’s Europe exactly what is happening to western civilization today after the leadership aligned itself with the global Jewish power structure?

It seems there can be no revolution without Jews.

Taylor is not being truthful, even when it comes to the history of the USA. In July of 1776, following the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, a mob pulled down a statue of George III which stood in Bowling Green, Manhattan. The lead was turned into musket balls for the revolutionaries’ war.

The destruction of a George III statue in July 1776

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