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There’s something that I forgot to add in my answer to ‘T’ yesterday where I said that whites are exactly like the Eloi.

The financial crash will certainly occur (see my October article after Turner’s painting). Later in this century, peak oil crises are probable but not certain. (Can a concerted effort of western nations invent, in time, nuclear fusion for the energy needs of the third world?) Finally, an international war during the likely but not certain energy devolution is only a possibility.

Also, there is something I forgot to say in my Monday post. The fact is that, unlike Europe, the United States never had a pagan past. Conversely, Europe has lived more millennia with Aryan religions than the 1,700 years of Christendom, if we start to count more or less about the Constantine century.*

But the United States has always been Christian. This moves me to quote three North Americans:

‘The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body… [It] will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry’. —Francis Parker Yockey

‘An awakened, recommencing Europe promises, thus, to repudiate America’s betrayal of herself—America, this foolish European idea steeped in Enlightenment hubris, which is to be forgotten as a family skeleton once Europe reasserts herself’. —Michael O’Meara

‘Amerika is a racial and cultural abortion. The scalpel of pop culture has performed a lobotomy on racial memory, with the full and eager endorsement of the patient’. —Sebastian Ronin


(*) Despite claims to the contrary, Europe is not secular now. They are in the ‘red giant’ phase of Christianity.

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Und all das, was Amerika nicht aus Europa bezogen hat, mag wohl einer verjudeten Mischrasse als bewunderungswürdig erscheinen, Europa aber sieht darin nur ein Zeichen des Verfalls in Kunst und kultureller Lebenshaltung, das Erbe jüdischen oder vernegerten Bluteinschlags. (Adolf Hitler)

We see the vast over-representation of jews in our media, government, courts and financial systems, by design. This has been their pattern in nation states all over the world for many centuries and is how they conquer. When their takeover of Germany back fired on them in the 20th century and they were forced to flee to the US en masse, they adopted a ruthless Never Again military philosophy against all mankind, which wee see in play today. Endless wars, endless debts, and endless exploitation and destruction, both physically and metaphysically, the whole world over. Never Again, will any peoples or nation states rise to challenge their power, which they believe is divined by their god.

People of the world need to understand we are fighting an ancient philosophy, a cult, a religion, that has nothing to do with the characteristics of the nations they destroy. They are a supremacist, imperial tribe who see the earth forever trapped in endless war among the many nation states, which justifies their actions. It does not matter whether jews have been accepted or maligned, as they know that evolutionary changes are an uncontrollable feature of life, which invariably will result in conflicts against them. The dichotomy of endless war, in which humanity is trapped, leaves only the conclusion that to survive, all outside threats must be destroyed. All of human history supports this conclusion.

Since WWII, neoliberal globalization has created what Alvin Toffler called a global domino-collapse that will render all nation states, and all their international organizations, utterly useless. The outsourcing of our factories and decimation of our food supply, both by the loss of farms and dependence of imported foodstuff, has left the American people (and the rest of the world), extremely vulnerable to mass famine, as seen last century in China, Ukraine, Germany, Russia and elsewhere. We know who was behind those atrocities, and we see the same (((devious culprits))) at work here.

Prioritizing threats, it’s obvious an economic collapse will be the jews main line of attack, and will effect all people of the US regardless of race or religion and must be the first concern of all, above all else. Those wishing for a collapse for racial, religious, or geopolitical reasons, as an opportunity to reset the US in their image, have simply not done the math. They want no survivors, and there will be none. We are witnessing the beginnings of a worldwide human colony collapse, and we are living inside the ultimate trap, while jew tv attempts to distract us with sex, materialism and a corrupt political system.

What does this mean in terms of tactics and strategy both for us and (((them)))? Common sense would dictate the jews use their control to compartmentalize the population (and the world) and then polarize the compartments against each other, to prevent a unified response. Here in the US, the deliberate importation of tens of millions of foreign hispanics, proliferation of antagonistic groups like glbt, greens, antifa, and many others, are examples of this dangerous compartmentalization. The glorification of sadistic violence from jewish hollywood belies their intentions for us. The jews need us fighting each other internally, as a distraction to prevent nationwide cooperation, which is what it would take to stabilize the country after they flip the wall street switch and pull the rug out from beneath us. The bottom line here is anyone failing to understand the main threat and the solution is working intentionally, or unintentionally, with the enemy.

The dilemma we are currently in has been engineered over many decades and there is no immediate solution. Everything that the jews could undermine, has been undermined, therefore the way out is a step by step process. Awareness is not enough and a group response is needed to reverse course. The first strategic thing we need to do, is collectively put aside our differences, even if only temporarily, to combat the jews. The focus needs to be on the jews. They need to know we know, and are going to collectively fight back! They need to know that this time, they have gone too far, and messed with the wrong people. They need to know that this time, it is going to be their ass!

I read until your phrase ‘it’s obvious an economic collapse will be the jews main line of attack’, because it implies the same that WNsts believe: that they are all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect grandmasters of chess that know that the collapse is coming, etc.—a WN myth.


Unfortunately they actually are in control. They are in control of the entire Western world’s military, the entire Western world’s policeforces, the entire Western world’s politics, the politicians who don’t walk the Jewish line are deemed hatemongers and therefore declared illegal by the so-called courts of justice which are also in its entirety controlled by Jews, the entire Western world’s academia and media ( and therefore in control of the minds of the masses, including vast numbers of non-whites ), the entire Western world’s medical sector, the entire Western world’s financial institutions and with that the complete control of every aspect of our lives, they are in control of our entire foodchain and industries via public companies and Capitalism.

If that isn’t total control, then what is?

We have our own current so-called Aristocracy to thank for that. Many centuries ago our real and natural Aristocracy was exterminated by the terrorist force of Christianity, and ever since the Jew has slowly – notwithstanding temporary setbacks every now and then – worked its way up to its current position of total control which they basically gained in 1913.

So, yes, any economic meltdown won’t hurt them one bit. In fact, the economic meltdown is already in progress, and it has been for many decades already. We, the Goyim, will end up with nothing, because the system is designed for that. The current debt-money system basically IS a deliberate economic meltdown, albeit a slow one. That’s not to raise suspicion and keep the Goyim comfortable, it is easier to cook frogs when you start with cold water, rather then throw them into boiling water.

It’s called the so-called ‘economy, ‘GDP’ and all countries’ National Debt, which has to be paid ‘back’ to them with interest. Their final victory over the Aryan – and with that the world – was the moment they acquired the Federal Reserve in 1913 via some imbecile US ‘President’. All of the above mentioned institutions and resources of the Aryan, have been brought under their control via the Federal Reserve. This is why Kennedy was bumped off. He wanted to chop the root of their power.

Fortunately however, nothing lasts forever, so their control is not for eternity. That is also a certainty. And I am convinced that the white man will not go extinct.

I read until you phrase ‘Unfortunately they [the Jews] actually are in control’ (of everything, you seem to say). It seems that you lack an elemental understanding of the POV of this site.

I then skipped to your phrase ‘So, yes, any economic meltdown won’t hurt them one bit’. If you imply that the Jews won’t be affected by the financial crash, I’m afraid to say that the statement reflects the ubiquitous paranoia in white nationalism: that Jews are some kind of gods.

I recommend your reading of the whole The Fair Race before commenting again.

Cesar, you are absolutely correct about the core problem; US…Aryan men. The Jews are but a symptom of the cancer.

Whether you believe it or not, there are others at least *aware & willing to verbally acknowledge this* within the very disappointing American “WN” sphere ( http://bbs.dstormer6em3i4km.onion/u/psychelonb/activity ..note that that is a link to all of my comments at Anglin’s little playground of cuckoldry).

In my opinion, basic human nature makes it impossible to awaken & unite us Aryan men under one banner to openly defend ourselves by telling the whole truth, Truth To Power. It’s what I have done to the best of my ability, but the truth is it is ineffective. “….hey white guys, wanna know why your countries are collapsing & almost unbearable in which to try to live your own lives????! YOU are the problem!! You are indoctrinated cowards who are the first chumps in all of human history to be tricked into believing you are ‘superior/enlightened’ into giving your own women away to filthy inferior dirty apes who failed to invent a friggin’ wheel & being proud to do so…I am the core problem, it is US European men, due to the unforgivable sins of our ancestors we are effectively the most laughably pathetic sorry excuse of ‘men’ & we are basically L-O-S-E-R-‘s as it stands!!!!!! We need to man the hell up & do it quickly, chumps…”

I think of the saying how it’s easy to see when other people are being conned/foolish, but not yourself. Either way, I think it will always be easier to point the finger at the Jews & attract men ready to act (IF there were effective leader/s) along that line than advocating mature self-accountability/responsibility. At least at first.

Hitler wrote in the “War Propaganda” chapter of Mein Kampf that the masses are hysterically feminine, and he was correct. With the advent of Soyboys it’s only worse. Like my own, many of our “mothers” emasculate us & teach us from birth that we exist solely to make her feel happy, & we must never make her “sad.” I stood up during my adolescent years & paid for it, but most white men never find the will to even try.

Point being, we are generally immature boys with frail ego’s & for those of us who are Red-Pilled we are acutely consciously suffering basically all the time, especially here in America. It’s an abomination, absolutely; yet it is the reality. It’s our job as men to deal with it & adapt/improvise/+overcome or perish; yet, it seems few of us aware of what’s happening can tolerate the full truth. It triggers deep shame, even though all the seeds of this destruction/insanity sprouted long before we were born.

One thing the Jews/Bolsheviks are extremely effective doing is using indirect methods to get their message across rather than saying it point blank.

Their mass media frequently brilliantly manipulates the goyim audience by appealing to their vanity. They all but spell out & give away the conclusion they desire the audience to believe, but they do not. They drop hints & subliminals with reverse psychology & an assortment of other “Dark Psychology” tricks so obvious a dog could “figure it out,” BUT, they still refrain from succinctly spelling out their talking point, leaving the audience with the impression that they themselves had achieved some sort of insight. In the movie the “Devil’s Advocate” Satan says his favorite sin is vanity, and the Jews exploit it brilliantly.

As demoralized as I have been lately (because my supposed comrades are being unforgivably insanely & cowardly embracing Christianity “…to unite white men to fight the Jews…”), I have no doubt that Europeans will survive over the long term. The present day situation is unsustainable for a plethora of reasons. The economy/$ will meltdown sooner or later.

The Jews themselves have one fatal shortcoming that will lead to some type of downfall for them. It could be yet one more short term deportation or perhaps we will do what the Greeks & Romans should have done & exterminate every last one of them (& all non-Aryans, sterilize all of them)…

The Jews themselves seem to genuinely believe that they will be kicked out of our countries, sooner or later. We are whatever we believe we are.

Jewry seems to genuinely believe we will round them up & fire up the gas sooner or later; and that will cause them to ensure at least part of that comes to pass. Peak Oil may be a reason, same as the economic meltdown. I do know that as hopeless as it seems in terms of my fellow American Aryan men being cowardly & indoctrinated, simultaneously I can feel a rising energy of rage among us.

The juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore. Even normies all acknowledge that America has become an extremely unpleasant place in which to live. Many young men are unable to attract a girlfriend & if they have a place to live they work 2 to 3 toxic soul crushing jobs to pay rent for an apartment at which they only spend time at to sleep. The system doesn’t produce any rewards anymore. It just sucks for many of us, and its becoming unbearable.

My big fear is that Xtianity will be “revived” & at best the Jews will be rounded up, but we will never collectively look within.

As long as you are using a tor internet browser (Anglin moved his commenting platform off of the normie web months ago) then maybe its to protect the privacy of my BBS account.

Below is a link to a specific post in which I openly condemned Christianity & pointed out how the Abolitionist movement started in the churches before America had a severe infestation of Jews a few months ago that was well received (by the standards of Anglin’s turf.. BBS/DS comment forum mods have suspended my account, multiple times, & several of my posts “hidden,” especially my blatantly anti-Christian posts)


Below are a few memes I made targeted for white nationalists mocking Christianity, “Europeans wuz lost tribes of Israel…..& Sheyeeeeeeeit” is definitely my favorite lol (Anglin & company mock niggers for believing that “we wuz kangz/Ancient Egyptians…” yet they insist they are “pro-Christian anti-Jews”..or something).

*Alternate link to view memes:*


Feel free to use any of them yourself anyone. These swarmy cuckolds deserve mockery.

I was warned I would be banned when I posted all those memes a few months ago on the Daily Stormer forum & the mods “hid” the post (but it remained accessible, if you accepted the warning you would be viewing a very “naughty” post); it received approximately 8 likes & also several butthurt rebukes.

One C.I. cuck lectured me how “…his (unspecified) country had been founded 1000 years ago upon Christ-cuckoldry & that i was trying & failing to subvert his awesome heritage…” unhinged histrionic emotional drivel. BUT, there was one guy who defended me & called the moderators assholes.

If you’re interested, the link below should be the comment thread i just described above, my post with the memes was “hidden due to being flagged as inappropriate” but still accessible if a warning was accepted months ago but i am unable to access it on this Tor browser


The point is that there are a few of us aware of the Christian problem. Anglin has created an extremely unwelcome atmosphere, and it’s all for the better.

I remember approximately two years ago he openly asked something like “….how can you deny it’s a terrible thing that ‘tru’ Christ-cuckoldry is subverted?” (in his mind)…) in an article titled “UK: Secularists Outnumber Christians”… & there was a huge open war on the DS commenting forum wherein anti-Christian’s like myself & the Christian Identitarians went back & forth.

The forum’s moderators actually suspended the pro-Christianity tyranny (which they channel their own Orwellian spirit & call “religious flame wars,” according to Anglin, ANY anti-Christ-cuckoldry comment is a “religious flame war post,” an unacceptable “provocation”) and they allowed us anti-Christians to speak without being censored & banned. The war went on for months.

By my estimate, approximately 40% of the commenters were virulently anti-Christian and fully aware that Christ-cuckoldry is Jewish. In my opinion, the Christian Identitarians got btfo’d. We eventually made memes similar to the ones i shared above brazenly mocking the absurdity of hating the Jews & claiming the only way to unite white men to oppose them is by us worshipping their friggin’ god/dead hippie Jew on a stick (who they try to insist wasn’t actually a Jew cuz “synagogue of Satan”.. or something)!!!

The Christ-cucks simply stopped posting. I would share a link to that comment thread but it was back before Anglin lost his “.com” domain. I might have slightly mixed up the title of the article but it was about secularists outnumbering Christians in the United Kingdom, if you’re interested.

The issue is that the most: well organized/vocal/passionate/active people who will at least openly speak about the JQ are the Christ-cuckolds.

> ‘As long as you are using a tor internet browser…’

No: I don’t use it and therefore I can’t access to those links. The threads should be in the open internet anyway.

Have some of those threads mentioned this site in a substantial way (i.e., not only in passing)?

“Have some of those threads mentioned this site in a substantial way (i.e., not only in passing)?”

Not to my awareness; but I stopped visiting the DS over the last months due to being disgusted with how they are rallying would-be dissidents/Nationalists (several of whom- a small minority – seem to be sincerely *highly* motivated to defend our ppl) yet derailing/destroying the potential by being pro-christ-cuckoldry, pro-republicanism (American puritan gibberish “…muh ‘glorious’ founding fathers/muh based egalitarian US constitution…”).

Trust your intuitions, Cesar. Personally, I’ve been working to temporarily disengage & get my own affairs in order & do a sleeper style rise myself, because I realized I’ve wasted my time going to what you succinctly described as “Anglin’s playground” (where he *openly* mocks the idea of actually taking action to defend ourselves in this literal war being waged upon us) to influence on his turf, wherein he always has the advantage.

Though i have had severe shortcomings throughout my life & I would feel deep shame describing my past to a titan like Caesar Hadrian The Great or Hitler & be embarrassed describing my present day shortcomings too…I have adopted the mindset there is no one else to positively *effectively* rally American Aryan men (even though I am nonetheless certain in objective truth there are at least *some* other Aryan men keeping quiet who are rising within the system & waiting till effective actions can be taken playing the long game) so i am giving my best shot.

It’s horrifying for me, seeing this rise of Neo-Christianity among “American white nationalists,” & it is gaining momentum.

As I said, I like the sarcastic mockery approach the most in terms of opposing these misguided cuckolds. Intellectualism isn’t going to sway them because it’s solely emotionally driven for them.

There does need to be something to replace christ-cuckoldry for the masses..some sort of slick “cool” Neo-Indo-European polytheistic spiritual tradition/storytelling. Anglin has done many things well, that is what has been so frustrating to me. As one fellow disillusioned (by/about Anglin) commenter said approx a year ago, he called most of us out as cowards “…who entirely lack will to power…” & he said we could have carved out & taken an entire region of the present day United States as an open ethnostate had we but aimed for it instead of awaited rescuing by Donald Trump over the last 3 years.

The commenters who seem to sincerely desire to take necessary actions to defend ourselves/manifest the 14 words (who feel that lone wolf games will most likely be counterproductive & thus a “waste”, * in the short term at least*, at least typical lone wolf games, as other brave men have played) mostly seem to have written Anglin off & see it for what the DS is.

Mock them, use humor & make it “fun.” Heavy sarcasm & simultaneously “light” hearted. *With good leadership/goals from the top*, even us Americans could create a genuine National Socialist state. Infant-ry…the youth can still yet cast off puritanism. There is a void, & thus an opportunity.

Don’t lose faith in Europeans/Aryans. We survived the Huns. We survived the Mongols.

We may yet even survive ourselves! Thank you for your contributions.

Anglin’s playground is his own image:

Anglin has done many things well…

One of them is that he consistently has blamed gender ideology for our woes. Today’ll post an article vs. feminism.

“As demoralized as I have been lately (because my supposed comrades are being unforgivably insanely & cowardly embracing Christianity “…to unite white men to fight the Jews…”)”

I think it’s just another fad. The “white nationalist community” loves it’s fads and fashion changes. A while back, it was the “neo-reactionary” and “dark web” fad. Then the team up with the “Manospshere” fad. I guess the “manosphere” was represented by the likes of “Roosh”, and then later, Cernovich. If you said something nice about women at all , you were a “white knight beta male.”

Then it was the “alt-right” fad. Now, its the “Christian.” fad, looks like.
This too, shall pass. But it’s all so fucking tedious that I am not able to tolerate it any longer, so I stay away from it..

“I think it’s just another fad. The “white nationalist community” loves it’s fads and fashion change.”

Idk my friend.

Christ-cuckoldry turns Aryan men into unhinged histrionic schizophrenic faggots full of a Toxic Shame that threatens to annihilate their already frail egos every moment (i remember from when i took my indoctrinated from birth “faith” somewhat seriously…back when i was 9 years old…yet these boys turned ostensibly grown men are still running from this…) that they desperately try to suppress by acting like crabs in a bucket spreading misery.

Never forget what the Christ-cucks did to the world of Antiquity. Never forget how Christ-cucks dealt with people (including their own) before the Enlightenment.

Recently read about some emasculated Christ-cuck fanatic from (as i recall) Ireland who buried himself alive for Jesus (or something…) & apparently when he was dug out after spending considerable time in the deep, he was said to have spoken of visions of the afterlife or whatever that Christ-cuckoldry didn’t like ….

His fellow Christ-cucks re-buried him alive & left him to die. He had originally done the whole thing for Christ-cuckoldry. These nuts extinguished the sacred fire of Vesta, and denounced the (Roman) altar/cult of Victory.

People like Roosh are becoming religious as “things” deteriorate. Anglin & R. Batty are increasingly speaking like religious fanatics of the Christ-cuck variety. Wait till things really *start* to get really bad (awful as they already are…we all have intoxicants) when all the material comforts are gone and no way to escape diversity hell even temporarily.

I am sure you have heard of the Flagellants during the Black Death. I think these guys are much closer to going full flagellant than you can imagine. Christ-cucks are full of hatred, primarily for themselves; and in truth the masses are becoming increasingly desperate for a formal religion. Normie Americans overwhelmingly view Christ-cuck ethics as “good” even if they think they dislike the cult from Judea. P

oint being, imo, the foundation (for a fanatical revival of religious Christ-cuckoldry) is laid & i think it can easily become all too powerful. The blind faith & toxic brew of hatred/guilt/shame can act as an energizer of sort.

Regardless, you can’t love be anyone if you hate yourself (& i mean “love” not in a New Age/Narcissistic way…not an egotistical thing). Yeah, i am staying away from those guys.

I can’t look at “Pro-Christian Daily Stormer” type things these days. To do so gives me headaches and physical nausea to the point of regurgitation. It literally starts making me sick.

.But let me take a wild guess as what’s coming out of there and spreading around. Something like;”Christians R the REAL White Nationalists. Anybody who is not Christian is causing “disunity” and “punching right..”

Is that about right?

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