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Degenerate art Hate Kali Yuga

The Aryan race is sick

Hi Cesar,

This is a piece of writing I thought I’d share with you. You can use it on your website if you’d like or if you don’t wish to do so it can just be for your own viewing pleasure.

The Aryan race is sick. Sick from rejecting the Aryan Saviour Adolf Hitler who tried to save all Aryans (one now wonders why he bothered to save such a thankless people).

Spiritually sick from the spiritual death of 1945, the almost complete triumph of Christianity over the Aryan soul. Morally sick from the Christian ethics which preach tolerance and acceptance of all that is weak and degenerate, a pacifist and submissive cowardice in the face of one’s enemies and hatred of all that is superior and noble. Mentally sick from having been defeated by the Jews psychologically. Aryans have been convinced to destroy themselves and when your enemy is internal i.e. yourself, you are your own worst enemy and can defeat yourself more effectively than any external enemy can. The Aryan race wasn’t defeated militarily. It was defeated in its own mind thus rendering its weapons and militaries useless. Our enemies didn’t need to invade our lands, they were allowed in.

Physically sick, witness the obesity, the tattoos, the drug and pornography addictions, etc.

Culturally sick as evidenced by the degenerate art, architecture and music, etc., products of the influence of alien (Jewish, Negro) culture over the High Culture of the Aryan.

Self-destructing on the collective (racial) level, the familial level and finally the individual level.

Our race’s weaknesses we’ve always had to fight in one way or another and will always have to fight. It is our own weakness and sickness that gave the Jews spiritual, mental, and economic domination over our people in the first place. Jewish power in the West is a symptom of this illness and not the cause, as so many mistakenly believe [emphasis by Ed.]. The Aryan Problem caused the Jewish Problem. It is wise to understand The Final Solution to the Aryan Problem before one can enact The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung analyzed National Socialist Germany as the awakening of the Wotan archetype in the Germanic soul. Hitler acted as an Avatar of the Germanic tribal god Wotan and awoke a collective ‘Wotan consciousness’ in the collective unconscious of the Germans that could rival the Yahweh consciousness in the collective unconscious of the Jews, manifesting itself as an ethnocentrism that was capable of matching the intense ethnocentrism of the Jews. When Germany lost WWII Jung went to work for the Allies and wrote about how the collective unconscious of the Germans felt a collective guilt for having expressed their anti-Christian pagan shadow Self, Wotan, and having thrown off the Christian veneer.

The blond beast, the Germanic barbarian had been once again wounded and conquered with guilt like when he was first forced to become a worshiper of the sickly Jesus at the hands of Charlemagne, but this time worse and more fatally than before. This guilt, this apologetic remorse for being ourselves (for nothing is more White than Nazi Germany, because Adolf Hitler, the soul and creator, the artist of National Socialist Germany, was the embodiment of the White Man), the core of the guilt and remorse being in Germany, is manifesting as a psychotic death wish that has devoured the whole collective unconscious of the Aryan race and is making the Aryan sick, indeed terminally ill.

When the majority of the Aryan race murdered their saviour Adolf Hitler on 30/04/1945 (or rather, forced Adolf Hitler to commit suicide) they may as well have murdered their own soul.

Yes, the Aryan race is sick. And sick to the death.

If Aryan males don’t learn to murder the Big Jew Jesus in their own minds and embrace the manly and heroic spirit of Adolf Hitler they should and will die a genocidal death at the hands of their enemies.

The amount of time, energy, money and sacrifice that has been expended by racists since 1945 trying to save a people, the overwhelming majority of which can’t be bothered to save themselves and indeed don’t want to be saved (because they have a collective death wish), is unreal.

The ‘movement’ has more than made its sacrifice on behalf of the Aryan race. No matter the courage of numerous ‘lone wolves’, effective action is only possible via military action. Effective action on the part of the white race is impossible if the vast majority of white males are and remain too cowardly and timid to act. If the threat of imminent extinction doesn’t cause the majority of white males to kill their enemies with weapons in hand then nothing will. Because effective action is impossible at present we are stuck just waiting and waiting… we are stuck with inaction and we wait and wait and wait while we cannot but watch in powerless horror as things continue to get worse and worse.

Despite my disagreements with you and criticisms with you Cesar, I still wish you the best.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s reply: Not long ago I asked Jez Turner—you were listening—something like: ‘Why don’t the Brits amalgamate their minds with The Turner Diaries?’ He completely misunderstood my question and replied that it was because the novel was not being sold at the UK’s bookstores.

I should have rephrased the question thus: ‘Why don’t the Brits are already fantasising with the “rivers of blood” scenario predicted by Enoch Powell?’ In other words, ‘Why am I so able to hate and you don’t?’

Problem is, that was ultimately a subjective question (comparing my essentialy normal mind with the mind of deranged ‘normies’). It’s like George Wells asking the Eloi: Why aren’t you capable to hate the Morlocks (you simply behave like lambs at the slaughterhouse when they’re hungry)?

Present-day whites are, literally, the Eloi. They won’t fight or do anything, white nationalists included, until the first of the three catastrophes occurs (currency crash, energy devolution, and finally the use of weapons of mass destruction during the international peak-oil crises: nations desperately trying to obtain the remaining oil through war, etc.).

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To think of it. A millennium of the Christian civilization. Great strides in the arts. White cities built, thick books written, bright swords broken. Immense imperial expansion, the achievement of space flight. All rendered inconsequential. The story was never about that!

This charade reminds me of how Star Wars fans clamour about how the villains could have done something different. The story is not about that! It is not about the movement of troops, not logistics and geopolitics! It is the battle of the Aryan against the Jew! The psychological foundation that is bearing fruit for all to see now, after 1933.

The Jedi Order was doomed to oblivion (even after the 25 millennia of peace), the Khala was created by Amon to subvert the Protoss (even though it ushered in the Golden Age first)… it is all so obvious in fiction. But give it to a body-snatched Aryan from America, and it’s muh’ Crusades and muh’ Constitution.

(I’m watching “A Guide to The Last Jedi” by a YouTuber Nerrel, has some decent emphases.)

To respond to your comment on Charlemagne once had a dream about a Frankish warrior with an axe with runes on it forcing people to accept christianity or else be executed. He was acting in the capacity of an executioner in a social system. The runes on the axe looked cool though.

In my case, dreams are useful for feeling sadness a few times a year. In my waking life, I can feel all sorts of emotions (love, hate joy, hope, despair), but sadness feels so cheap and inappropriate, I don’t even bother. There are no questions I’m afraid to ask, or answers I’m afraid to give, but this feeling is rendered empty to my mind expanded by all the knowledge.

Only in dreams it is not paired up with half-baked anger, fatalism or cold rationalization.

After the 20 July 1944 assassination attempt by the coward Stauffenberg, Hitler is reported to have said something like: “I am beginning to doubt that the German people is worthy of my genius”.

Makes you wonder: is there any race left in whites at all? And if Hitler and his artist-warriors couldn’t save the white race, what can you expect from today’s pathetic males?

It’s already been proven that you can’t convert Christians. And one doesn’t become a National Socialist, you are either born one or not.

Perhaps whats going on with the white race is right now is alchemical. Meaning various branches of the white race are being eliminated by the fire of jewry, christianity, and leftism so that the surviving branches of whites can reproduce amongst themselves and form the basis of a new white race. You can clone an entire tree from just one branch so the remnant of whites who “keep it white” can be the founders of a new white nation whose genetics will not reflect the genetics of the betrayers.

So what we are witnessing could be an alchemical purge of the white race to bring about a race that is of sound mind in the future, because right now the white race is mentally sick.

Source for that dubious claim? Hitler was modest, he wouldn’t have flaunted his sense of superiority like that. Instead, that sounds like a variant of this Hitler quote attributed to a Guy Liddell working in British intelligence:

“The German people has not fought heroically, it deserves to perish. It is not I who have lost the war, but the German people.”

Preceding that quote was: “Everyone has lied to me, everyone has deceived me, non[sic] one has told me the truth. The armed forces have lied to me and now the SS have left me in the lurch.”

Actually, the Waffen-SS was working quite well, as well as his party. Allied testimony is full of reports on their fanaticism. The Wehrmacht may have faltered in the last days, but the Luftwaffe, under the incompetent Goering, was the chief subject of complaint.

Also, this rant about deceivers was undoubtedly taken out of context, as I’ve discovered a similar one in Hanna Reitsch’s memoirs, except it only pertained to Goering’s betrayal. There was otherwise no belittlement of the German effort.

“Nothing is spared me, nothing! Every disillusion, every betrayal, dishonour, treason has been heaped upon me. I have had Goring put under immediate arrest, stripped him of all his offices, expelled him from all Party Organisations.”

>It’s already been proven that you can’t convert Christians. And one doesn’t become a National Socialist, you are either born one or not.

Both of these assertions are drastically wrong.

Found it in David Irving’s Hitler’s War. Is this guy really that unreliable?

Werwolf was a joke. I still maintain that the German people in their vast majority did not understand the fight of the Führer. Few understand dvents that determine the fate of the world for centuries and millennia. Every German (and every Japanese) should have fought to the death.

Hitler was correct to feel betrayed.

From Christa Schroeder’s memoirs:

“The things he talked about became gradually more flat and uninteresting. He no longer discussed the Church, racial problems, economic and political questions, about being Nordic and German, Ancient Greece or the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. He, who had always been so passionately interested in all matters of science, zoology, botany and human development spoke out in the latter months only on dog-training, nutrition and the stupidity and degeneration of the world.”

How are those 2 statements drastically wrong? Only those Germans who built their morality on Darwin and gassed the Jews were true National Socialists, the best of the SS first and foremost.

More than 60 million Germans chose after the end of the war slavery instead of a honourable death. And look at the Germans of today, it’s a disgrace to the memories of the past.


>Found it in David Irving’s Hitler’s War.

Taken out of context. It was supposedly made when he was injured in the fallout of the July 20 plot. Rosenberg cautioned against generalizing statements made in moments of stress and anger.

In his notes, Irving says he used the testimonies of Morell, Hasselbach, Brandt, and Giesing, regarding Hitler’s injuries. It’s unclear which one testified to Hitler’s outburst.

>Is this guy really that unreliable?

Christa Schroeder produced a number of criticisms for him in her untranslated German memoirs. She indicated her dislike for him. Carolyn Yeager appears to be justified in her similar contempt for Irving.


It’s also worth noting that the mainstream narrative has framed Irving as boasting of being the one to fulfill Hitler’s prophesy of a future British biographer, which he hasn’t denied on his site. Supposedly he dismissed the mainstream historian contempt for him as jealousy.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in entertaining prophecies, if there is a hereafter. Nostradamus makes an excellent weapon. Everyone quite deliberately interprets or translates Nostradamus wrongly, that indicates he’s still a dangerous man. Heinrich Hoffmann, by no means mincing words, claimed Nostradamus’ Centuries exerted an uncanny influence on Hitler.


>I still maintain that the German people in their vast majority did not understand the fight of the Führer.

Fair enough.

>Few understand events that determine the fate of the world for centuries and millennia.

Who are those few?

>Every German (and every Japanese) should have fought to the death.

Actually, Hitler held the Japanese kamikaze to be un-Germanic (according to Leni Riefenstahl’s account), although he conceded that it could be employed in the later stages of the war.

>From Christa Schroeder’s memoirs:

The passage is genuine, the translation is accurate. But she’s incorrect about the Church no longer being mentioned after July 20, 1944. The final entry (November 30, 1944) literally addresses Christianity.

Hermann Giesler, who said he was late to these Table Talk conversations (this was after the 1945 Yalta Conference took place), described Hitler’s formulations as promethean and visionary and also validated that Bormann was taking down notes. Yeager produced an English translation.

I think Schroeder simply got so sick and tired of hearing Hitler cover the same subjects that she only remembered the negative and mundane parts of the discussion.

>How are those 2 statements drastically wrong?

Hitler succeeded in winning over scores of Christian supporters. Hitler himself said that one is not born a socialist.

>Only those Germans who built their morality on Darwin

NS ethics were based on Haeckel, not Darwin.

One thing’s for certain: It’s a waste of time trying to “unite” with the harelipped imbeciles that call themselves “white nationalist christians.”

Competing against them, I think, is a much better strategy.

American white nationalists missed something because their POV is myopic (they see the JQ but not the larger CQ).

This is what they missed: the sordid affair between the two Matts (Parrott and the other zealous Christian who was banging his wife) benefited the movement.

Now it is the time of Nick Fuentes but even he will fail, with due time (see what I said yesterday).

I agree,Nick Fuentes and the “Groyper” movement is doomed. They will tear each other to pieces. I’m simply going to stay out of the way and let them. It”s a good thing, as it will weaken Christianity even further.

I am an American citizen, and America is a fish that is swimming in Christianity in one form or another. It’s hard to see the ocean when you’re swimming in it. I’ve been aware of “The Jewish Question” for some time. However, it took an American “Pagan” to point out the “Christian question.” That’s when the lights came on.

I was finding it out for myself, slowly, but it helped immensely for someone to point it out for me directly. A person has to go one layer deeper from the “The Jewish Question” to get to the “Christian Question,” though.

But I am starting to think the taproot question, one layer below the “Christian Question”, is the “European Question.” That might be the most important question. Why didn’t we dump Christianity centuries ago? What in thee hell is WRONG with us?

BTW, “The Aryan race is sick” is a good commentary, thanks for putting it up.

If you read the histories of the race by Pierce and Kemp you will see that all started with miscegenation, both in Greece and Rome.

As soon as miscegenation starts, the gods start to change (obviously). When non-whites become a majority (this includes the mudbloods) the paradigm shifts, which includes a change in religion.

The moral of the story is: never miscegenate. As Pierce wrote, only expulsion or extermination of non-whites will do the trick.

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