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Racial right

An entire continent worships the enemy god


The secrets of evolution are death and time

White nationalists hold a very poor diagnosis of Aryan decline. They are able to analyse the Jewish problem at incredible levels and, at the same time, be completely incapable of the most elemental insight, of the most elemental seeing themselves in the mirror: as it was whites themselves who have empowered them.

As we know, the tragedy began when a Roman emperor decreed that it was only legal to worship the god of the Jews, either in the churches or in the synagogues. The cult of the Aryan gods was declared illegal. Thus began the Dark Ages from which we have not yet left.

So badly done is the diagnosis of the whys of white decline—and this includes the supposedly secular webzines of Kevin MacDonald and Greg Johnson—, that these guys seem to see nothing wrong with the fact that an entire continent has been conquered for the god of the Jews!

Not seeing this means stubborn blindness at such level that I would dare to say, without fear of exaggeration, that the movement of white nationalism is quackery.

Here down the south of the Río Grande, where I live, this extension of the West was not founded from the Reformation, but from the Counter-Reformation. Miscegenation began even before the Conquest, as I accuse in one of my books that I hope to translate into English. For the fourteen words, the Christian version of the Counter-Reformation was even more catastrophic than that of the northern neighbours, as the pollution of the Iberian white gene began since the 16th century.

But the northern neighbours, with their stubborn and continuous worship of the god of our enemies, were destined to become New Zion.

My prediction is that white Americans won’t make a good diagnosis of their decline until several years, if not decades, after the forthcoming collapse of the dollar. It is impossible for them to dare to see the truth of their nation unless they cross the long process of historical suffering that atones for sins.

But that does not mean that those who today publish articles on the webzines of MacDonald, Johnson or Jared Taylor will see the light. Paraphrasing Thomas Kuhn, this generation of sinners is required to die —time + death = evolution!— so that new generations of American whites are brave enough to see that their nation started badly from its very origins. Or was it not George Washington himself who, having the Jews in mind, said that the United States ‘gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance’?

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I think part of the reason WN still cling to it is simply emotional reasons. As someone who has lost dearly loved family members, the idea that they’re gone forever and I’ll never see them again was (and still is) extremely hard to accept.

Another reason many racial aware whites cling to it is because it deals with the transcendent. Europeans were always captivated by things yet undiscovered–things that are beyond our grasp–and the idea of a world beyond this reality, one we can only speculate upon, is very enticing to the European spirit.

Of course, but remember this quote of The Fair Race from the pen of a Spaniard:

Christianized or Islamized peoples have been deprived of our history, deprived of the natural evolution of our traditions. Our own future has been usurped. We have had an imposed history, Christian or Muslim. These ideologies have led our literary, architectural, scientific, philosophical, and musical creations. For centuries the themes of Biblical or Koranic characters have filled our literature, our architecture (temples dedicated to foreign gods), our music… In our European Middle Ages, for example, you won’t find on the windows, walls, cathedrals, or mosques our historical or legendary characters; our thinkers or the milestones of our history. Those are not, therefore, places of worship for ancient Europeans, but for Christians or Muslims.

For hundreds of years, our cultural genius was forced to speak in alien terms for our being. Think of the literature, the music or the architecture we would have had if we had not been dominated by a foreign ideology or culture; if we had remained Persians, Greeks, Germans, Slavs…

In other words, what should inspire us is not the Bible, but the Edda, the Mabinogion, Homer and Virgil and especially the Greco-Roman plastic arts.

Even modern tales like those of A Song of Ice and Fire are far better than Semitic talltales!

Tikhar many pagans believed in the survival of the spirit after death, there are many Greek and Roman ghost stories.


Librivox is free audio books where people volunteer to read out of copyright books.

They can’t look out for the truth because they are too busy to stuff their fat bellies and indulge in always more depravity.

To be honest, the planet would have been in a much better shape had the USA as a historical entity never been born. The only hope is for Kim to nuke Washington.

Explain it to all the nationalists who held American flags on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville (the only decent guy was the one who brought a Nazi flag to the event).

I believe that the saying ‘A patriot will do anything for his country but think’ definitely applies to those fools.

I feel I’ve had to take a break from feeding my focus upon these issues, very demoralized.

I am an American, and I am extremely disappointed to see there seems to be a lot of momentum among the Christ-cucks/”White Nationalists” to try to “revive ‘tru’ Christianity.”

“Muh Logos Rising!!!! Muh Blood of the Jewish Christ!!!! ye douse ourselves in the blood of the dead not a hippie Jew on a stick & drink his blood & gourmet his flesh cuz he will save us from our nemesis, the Jews, after we cleanse our filthy Goy souls of our original sin….or something.”

Just a week ago one of the writers at the DS went full fledged Christ-cuckold Identity glamorizing Constantine’s “…in this sign you shall conquer…” claiming some boomer Christ-cuck who called out the Jews for trying to impeach TRUMP on YouTube was the great turning point in the war to save the European races.

Previously, a few months ago, he had seemed to be anti-Christ cuckoldry even though he was writing on Christ-cuckold’s blog.

A few months ago on the BBS comment section, I made several threads & comments sharing “Rome Versus Judea; Judea Versus Rome”; and it was relatively well received (considering the DS is openly virulently pro Christ cuckoldry, approximately half of the bro’s who responded at least seemed to be open minded & interested in reading it).

However, there was one response that just left me flabbergasted & stunned. * Cesar, I shared a link to your site & specifically to the “Rome Versus Judea…” essay with DS writer R. Batty and urged him to read it.* Batty said he would just like a summary of the essay, because he was very busy.

Another guy with whom I had shared the essay came along & joined the thread; he said he had read the essay & agreed with it wholeheartedly (he said “the thesis of ‘Rome vs Judea..’ was brilliant…”).

Batty responded with a lot of hostility & said he didn’t want to see any anti-Christ-cuckoldry comments/materials, & he parroted AA’s recent insightful & wise recent mantra of how us anti-Jews & pro-European racialists “…must get right with Christ…” whatever that even means.

The other guy who had said the thesis of “Rome vs Judea” was brilliant & made terrible yet perfect logical sense then put his tail in between his legs. He went on to explain how he is a very good Goy who attends Christian services even tho he isn’t quite “…. right with Christ…” himself.

The cognitive dissonance, cowardice, & brainwashed cuckoldry is too much with these guys… E. Michael Jones, Roosh V, that Nick guy who’s been trolling the Republican Party, AA, Kevin MacDonald, Devon Stack (aka BlackPilled), etc…the “White Nationalists” who are all also devout Christ-cuckolds rallying people to view Christ-cuckoldry as a positive thing, trying to “revive/restore” Christianity.

They are gaining momentum and getting stronger in America. They’re forming a more tight knit alliance, and I just don’t see a way to awaken them.

Memes mocking Christ-cuckoldry are great, but the virus/cancer is in deep among Americans. Your strategy of drawing attention to the evil crimes of Christianity is brilliant.

Again, i myself was raised immersed in Christ-cuckoldry…it took years even after I rationally accepted the fact it is gibberish of epic proportions for the fear of Yahweh to subside.

Saul of Tarsus & the other Jews who invented Christianity were diabolically clever. I still almost cannot believe they actually succeeded installing Shabbos Goyim puppets who dismantled the Indo-European traditions on behalf of the Jews.

You know the saying…”… it’s easy to point out to someone how others have been conned, but almost impossible to show someone s/he him/herself has been conned…”

Call out the lies of the Christ-cuckolds. AA claimed “…(‘tru’) Christianity was the most scientific religion ever…” (Lmfao!!!, after sobbing in disgust).

For example, he acts like Christianity was some sort of unprecedented breakthrough in terms of creating & protecting the institution of Marriage & that it is the reason celibate marriages were ever a thing when the truth is most early Roman converts were women!!! The Romans had very sophisticated traditions and deities to preach & enforce celibacy.

Anyway, trying to counter Christ-cuckoldry with cool logical good faith debate is folly & a waste of our valuable time. They will kill us if they have a chance. They don’t give a damn about the fact the Jews *will* win & exterminate our people in the long term if they succeed “reviving/restoring ‘true/real’ Christ-cuckoldry.”

Take care & enjoy the Saturnalia! I really shouldn’t even be writing comments or looking at this stuff right now. We must become the change we seek, and I am striving to do that. Gain power & influence.

I was unaware that a thread in The Daily Stormer discussed the Judea vs. Rome essay. I’d like to see the links…

As Richard Spencer recently said about Nick Fuentes’ movement (e.g., the rationale for rejecting homo lifestyles), it’s doomed for the simple reason that it is based on Bible prohibitions, and the Bible is now being debunked as never before. For example, in the 1970s Bible scholars were ostracized for claiming that Moses never existed; now it’s a widely accepted view (next stop: mainstreaming the inexistence of Jesus in NT scholarship).

After Fuentes’ last-ditch try, the last bullet racialist Xtians have in the US, they’ll run out of ammo. And then our time will come.

Reading these ideas about the growth of a soul after enduring great deal of suffering and so on makes me wonder – will there be anyone remaining to revaluate values and fight a fight? History has not frozen. The Aryan is not some shackled overman with memory or with history but a bunch of estranged rats. They behave as if nothing from NS Germany matters.

The thing I’m awaiting with glee is the 2020 US Census results. The el goblino/la creatura memes are going to be ever more relevant.

“As to the Pierce bashing in this discussion, I am completely in line with you. He is one of the best in this field, and instead of searching for details where you can make a universe of disagreement, what better can we do than take his ideas with us and run with them?”


I am not familiar with this site, CT, though I recall you and I had a dialog five and a half years ago that I somehow discovered at TOO, where I hadn’t made a comment since around the same time, until this week.

I was tapped Chairman of the National Alliance five years ago, as well as Trustee of the Cosmotheist Community Church, both founded by William Pierce, and have been rebuilding both ever since.

To answer the question in the quote up top, found here in a discussion thread that was closed in October: the way to take Pierce’s teachings — by those who agree with his ideas, anyway — and to then run with them, is to persuade as many other serious, racially responsible Whites as we can to join or support the National Alliance: https://natall.com/about/what-is-the-national-alliance/ Those anonymous Internet commentators who disagree with Pierce, criticize and find fault with him, or call his a “sissy,” can go support the alt-right, or Council of Conservative Citizens, Counter-Currents, American Renaissance, or one of the other alternative groups I see mentioned here, thanks.

Cesar, are you aware of the website which I link below?


It should be mandatory reading for all Aryans.

Here’s a taste:

“The weight of evidence suggests these original ‘Hebrews’ coalesced during the bronze age from successive migrations, some from the periphery of the Nile delta (in Egyptian, ‘Peru or apiru meant a labourer) but most from across the Jordan and Euphrates rivers. In their own semitic tongue, habiru meant ‘beyond’, suggesting an origin elsewhere. In Babylonian script khabiru referred to a class of slaves. As a people, therefore, the Hebrews combined Mesopotamian and Egyptian stock, almost certainly drawn from the lowest social order, conceivably including runaway slaves. One migration, at least, brought with it a mountain/sky god – Yahweh – destined for higher things.”

Yes but today Richard Carrier is the foremost proponent of the Jesus ahistoricity theory, and I have studied his main work on the subject. It’s a peer-reviewed book, something very unusual even among scholars.

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