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Game of Thrones

The power to *see* the past

Recently I used the three-eyed raven symbol, a fictional character in A Song of Ice and Fire, to make a point. I would like to continue clarifying it.

Last week I mentioned three American junk culture fans who didn’t understand what Yezen wanted to convey about Game of Thrones. One of the criticisms of these guys refers to the penultimate season of GoT, the seventh, claiming that it was implausible that Sansa and Arya outwitted Littlefinger. The problem is that this season suppressed a crucial scene:

Bran Stark actor Isaac Hempstead Wright revealed in a past interview with Variety that he and his Game of Thrones co-star Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, shot a sequence in which Sansa consults him ahead of Littlefinger’s trial. You see, Sansa was first convinced that her own sister, Arya, was out to murder her in attempts to become the Lady of Winterfell. Arya felt certain of the same—and it was all thanks to the master manipulator Littlefinger. Viewers were sweating buckets watching the season 7 finale, believing that one of the Stark girls would turn on the other and commit fratricide within the halls of their House’s ancestral seat. Sansa and Arya flipping the script and sentencing Littlefinger to death was a massive twist—and seemed to leave a wide plot hole that went completely unpatched. The deleted scene Hempstead Wright discussed with Variety would have stitched up the gap and detailed exactly how the Stark sisters knew what Littlefinger was up to and how they arrived at their plan to execute the former Master of Coin.

In the scene, Sansa consults Bran about what to do regarding the whole “I think our sister is going to kill me” dilemma. Using his newfound abilities as the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran peers into Littlefinger’s past and unearths every underhanded thing he’s done to secure power.

As Hempstead Wright describes it, “We actually did a scene that clearly got cut, a short scene with Sansa where she knocks on Bran’s door and says, ‘I need your help,’ or something along those lines. So basically, as far as I know, the story was that it suddenly occurred to Sansa that she had a huge CCTV department at her discretion and it might be a good idea to check with him first before she guts her own sister. So she goes to Bran, and Bran tells her everything she needs to know, and she’s like, ‘Oh, s***.’”

Though audiences can fill in the blanks without this scene, it makes Bran’s powers all the more real, and, frankly, terrifying. Nothing can be kept from him, and as a result, nothing can be kept from his family. There is no secret Bran cannot uncover—and the biggest skeleton he drew out of the proverbial closet was the truth behind Jon Snow’s birth. Bran knew of his brother-cousin Jon’s true parentage and real identity as Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and his rightful claim to the Iron Throne over the wannabe queen Daenerys Targaryen before others did. His knowledge spread to Samwell Tarly, then to Jon himself, and (spoiler alert) quickly made its way to Sansa and Arya themselves.

When I saw the scene of Season 7 when Littlefinger was executed after a summary trial, I filled the blank assuming they had consulted Bran. But apparently others did not fill it with their imagination, such as the aforementioned fans arguing with Yezen. But the point is that this fantastic story serves to explain the power of ‘seeing’ the past, the power of The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH).

The history of the West, as I have been saying, is as if the Night King had killed the three-eyed crows. (This is a title rather than a special person. Originally, the one who held the title was the old mummified guy among a tree’s roots. When he died his young pupil, Bran, inherited the title of the three-eyed raven—or ‘crow’ in George R.R. Martin’s novels.)

Unlike GoT, the real history of the West is tragic. It is as if Sansa, without consulting her brother Bran, would have gutted Arya by believing the apocryphal story of Littlefinger. This is so as, for more than a millennium, all westerners have believed the stories of martyrs, and that the Christianisation of southern Europe was peaceful. As we have seen on this site, it was actually a story as violent as the bloodthirsty conquest of India by Islam. Conversely, the Christian martyr stories are largely fictional. (In addition to Evropa Soberana’s essay of Judea against Rome in The Fair Race, see what Deschner says about the stories of martyrs in this book.) In other words, what the Aryans have believed about Christian history is an exact inversion of the facts, and the objective of inverting history in this way is for the Aryans to invert their values from these lies, as it tragically happened.

The metaphor makes sense. In this parallel GoT story, Arya (the Aryans) was killed by Sansa (her white sister) for believing the apocryphal story of Littlefinger (curiously, Littlefinger seemed like a Jew for a commenter on this site). The business of WDH is to set the record straight with respect to what happened in the 1st to 6th centuries of our era, when Christianity was imposed in southern Europe not through Jesus-like methods but through extremely violent and even genocidal methods. (Since I also mention the 1st century, I not only refer to the texts of Evropa Soberana or Deschner but also to what Richard Carrier wrote about the inexistence of Jesus.)

The problem is that not even the so-called anti-Semites of white nationalism believe Bran. They still believe Littlefinger so to speak. Who among them is interested in knowing what happened in the 1st to 6th centuries (this is one of the reasons I call them ‘Jew obeyers’)?

By the way, although on one occasion I identified myself with the three-eyed raven, since it is only a title, the identification is not absolute. On this continent, before me the crow was William Pierce, who died at 68, for having seen the past in Who We Are. And after I die the ‘title’ must pass to a younger pupil, a Bran so to speak.

I wouldn’t like to finish this symbolic post without the scene in which, thanks to Bran’s retrocognitive vision, his Stark House executes Littlefinger, the master of palatial intrigues and lies. In the real world, the equivalent would be for Westerners to take very seriously what Evropa Soberana (the ‘crow’ on the other side of the Atlantic) has written. The power to see the past as it happened has the potential to change the ethno-suicidal paradigm, and the first thing to do is to ‘execute’ the false story about early Christianity:


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If I had the talent, I would like to animate all the relevant works for white decline and white improvement. So far, all of our stories have been told by people who either hate us, are neutral about us, or by white people who don’t see themselves as “white”.

Even some of the so-called white nationalist content creators who take interest in our indigenous past are neutral or amiable towards Christianity. This seems to be a Christian trait but they like to apply to the religion what they should be applying to the race and the individuals. What I mean is, whatever positive trait a person of certain religious denomination exhibits it is applied to said religion. But in case, say, hundreds of pedophile priests, those are just a few bad individuals.

Also, it doesn’t surprise me that fans of the show didn’t understand Bran. People have become so stupid that they need everything spelled out for them. Of course, most creators also treat their audiences like they’re all stupid so it isn’t a surprise when they conform to that.

Even the very sophisticated WN pundits failed to understand Bran.

Fróði Midjord, Greg Johnson, John Morgan, and Ramz Paul discussed the grand finale (YouTube video: here). See also the comments on Counter-Currents about the video (here). Under the penname of Trevor Lynch, Johnson expanded his critique on Unz Review.

None understood George R.R. Martin’s message about the historical power of stories!

None understood George R.R. Martin’s message about the historical power of stories!

I think this should be obvious. What does every nation do when it strives for independence or to become a nation, for example? It creates or compiles their own creation myth.

Even the Arthurian Romances were used as ecclesiastical propaganda to justify the Norman occupation of England (if I recall correctly).

I’m not sure if they didn’t understand it because they’re so used to consuming stories as junk food.

IMO that’s exactly why they didn’t get it.

If you watch Hollywood or TV, the Aryan messages of the old European sagas are alien territory. Conversely, if your world is old European languages and ancient literature (e.g., what Revilo Oliver knew), the MSM is an alien world.

That’s why usually I don’t watch TV or movies, although I made an exception with GoT and Joker.

Three years ago, I lost a brazilian Xtian friend while trying to Race-pill him. Got him up to level 5 (WN). Hitler, the Jews, Amerikwa; he took it all in.

Then came the Yeshua-pill, and we disagreed. I argued every time we had a chance to meet, but no progress whatsoever.

“Why should I stop being an Xtian?”, he asked, arms crossed.

I wanted to say “Because it makes you a TRAITOR.”, but I didn’t want to lose an Aryan friend, so I just said “Because it makes you WEAKER.”

“No, I am stronger because of Jeezus. My whole lineage is Xtian. Xtianity has kept Whites from descending into savagery and degeneracy.”

“You don’t know your own religion!!”, I protested, exasperated.

Our friendship soured after that talk. He wouldn’t have any more ‘pills’ when we talked. Later, I returned to Portugal, and we never spoke again.

Sansa betrayed Arya so many times before in our history, in many different ways. Sometimes because she trusted Littlefinger. Other times simply because she preferred the throne to having a sister.

You’re absolutely right, CT. White Nationalism is quackery.
I believe, deep down, people like my former friend never really gave a shit about Whites. They just like the memes. The Nazis are ‘aesthetic’, the Jews are ‘illuminati’, boomers are ‘woke’, and Jeezus was a really nice guy. Yeah. The Romans were ‘based’. the Crusaders were ‘defenders’, the British were ‘expanders’, and the Vikings had a good run. It’s all a fucking LARP to them.

You either CARE about Whites, or you DON’T. And that can clearly be seen by how you stand on the CQ. That’s what makes all the difference.

A thought occurred to me. There should be another metric to judge Whites, based on how much they know about their own history. Something akin to “How awake are you?” , but instead, “Who are We?” . Starting from the zeitgeist “We are Romans turned Christians, We are survivors of the Dark Ages, We are progressing since the Renaissance,” etc, evolving to a more enlightened hindsight, “We are Homo Sapiens turned Homo Economicus, We were destroyed, butchered and raped by Christians, We are being destroyed by post-Christians since we killed Adolf Hitler” etc.

P.S. You have many pupils. And I hope, CT, that by the end of your life you will have many more. But I suspect that, in the coming years, the Internet will begin to falter and decline. Terawatts of electricity are needed daily to maintain the Web servers. If censorship doesn’t shut the Three-Eyed Raven down, the energy devolution will. We will be limited to paper and radio.

Or to the printed PDF of The Fair Race, which contains much post-Xtian info under a single cover.

(By the way, if I had a single pupil, he would be planning to visit me so that my library does not end in the trash can after my passing, even if I manage to live another decade or more.)

You’re right, I forgot: Bran travelled all the way north to the Heart Tree, even with his back broken. That’s what makes a true pupil, with true dedication.

I lament that you don’t have a true pupil yet.

My sister died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2016. What would happen to my (still untranslated) books if something similar occurs to me? I have no son, no heir. Not good to see a lifetime’s work lost…

Is it just me, or does the betrayer here resemble Hitler?
At around the 57 second mark of video attached you see him for the first time, and my immediate response was: Give him a square moustache, and he could be Adolf’s ‘Doppelgänger’.
Just by coincidence, I am sure….

Littlefinger seems like a Jew-like figure trying to turn Whites against each other, but I am not sure if he embodies the Aryan problem or the Jewish problem, I don’t know if he is Aryan.

Cesar you mentioned you have untranslated works. Can you upload your Spanish language books online and then let fans of yours work on it? Maybe having multiple translators, each doing a couple chapters would make it easier. We could set up a forum or discord server or telegram for fans of you. A discord serve or telegram would be a good place for translators to congregate.

It’s important we keep dream journals and try to remember our dreams, I once had a dream where a voice in the dream said “books are time machines”. People can remember their dreams if they meditate or do relaxation exercises before bed and don’t read too much an hour or so before sleeping.

Can you upload your Spanish language books online and then let fans of yours work on it?

As far as I know, there are no Spanish-speaking fans of my autobiographical writing.

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