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America = a bad idea

by Inconspicuous conspirer

‘In many ways, America is simply a bad
European idea’. —Michael O’Meara

The one thing that a lot of people forget when dealing with the Americans, is that even to date they are still by and far a rootless people. America, along with even Canada and the nations of South America were colonized on the basis of opportunism and exploitation as a means of survival and the ability to continue their nation’s existence.

I’ve never found any American Nationalist of any kind to be reliable or trustworthy sources, and yet at the same time I’ve even found some of these jaboogies going “Praise Yahweh” at the end of the interviews they conduct online.

The goofiest part about them, and I’ve spent many years attending their meetings or trying to interact with them, is they have always lacked any sense of real culture or identity, and so did their ancestors who came here from the Mayflower or what else have you.

Their family lines were pirates, rebels, outlaws and criminals, and historical records from England even indicate this. Despite them being rebels, they were not rebels with a cause.

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The undesirables of Europe: the drunken, the stupid, the conniving, the promiscuous and their bastard offspring, the unreliable, etc. All the men and women whom you naturally dislike, wouldn’t trust, and genereally just want to get rid of from your village/town. They were all sent to the New World with Xtian money.

In pre-Xtian times, these subhumans would have been executed. Decapitated, hanged, drowned in a bog, left to die naked in a forest.
There was no pity towards these surplus tribesmen who didn’t contribute a damn to the volk.

But then came Xtianity, and the guilt and shame and fear of hell set in. We changed our ways. The village priest would collect small ‘donations’ from the townsmen to pay for these rotten undesirables to leave – to a very far away place.

Xtian cowards didn’t want to deal with the ever-surging problem of subhumanity (and still don’t), so they just pass it to someone else, letting it continue and proliferate. They avoided their Eugenic responsibilities to the point of wasting resources transporting these scum to the other side of the world – North America.

When we were healthy humans we dealt with these problems. There was no moral qualm about killing these undeserving wretches.

Part of the (lame) emigration to Amurka narrative consists of Europeans fleeing ‘religious persecution’ in their homeland. Truth is they just wanted to have their own chance at persecuting so they took their delusions abroad and started new Jeebus cults that made the originals look tame in comparison.
Taking steps to assure that the religionistas couldn’t muscle in on their newly conquered territories (separation of church and state), the wealthy white anti-white aristocracy, not satisfied from exploiting their own people decided, with the help from various ‘business partners’ – especially Jews, Arabs and tribal chiefs – to import hundreds of thousands of Africans without even a forethought as to the calamities that could arise.
Disposing of what little European cultures they had left, this two-pronged assault of pious ignorance and uncontrolled greed set forth to define the basis of the new Amurkun culture which by default could never evolve but only devolve.

@Saoirse, precisely… You stated it exactly as it is.

The irony actually of the “religious persecution” and the declaration in the American constitution for “freedom to practice one’s religion”, unbeknownst to many Americans and Immigrants who come to this country, this was actually created less for the actual autonomous idea of anyone having rights to their own religious worship, but because of the American rebels / yanks who were prohibited from practicing their Protestant religion.

While I also cannot stand the Catholic Church or any Christian religion for that matter, the reason the Catholics persecuted the Protestants is because they viewed them as an outsider of Europe / European values in terms of their religious ideas and work ethics.

Hence the American variety of religious institution and work ethics was founded based on the Protestant cancer. Not that the Catholic church truly represented European values, but the everyday Protestants were even more aggressively Pro-jewish. Catholics are blind followers of their Jews in the Catholic Church, but are not as well-read on their religion since the Catholic Church brainwashes them to remain in ignorance and not to study their books.

At least 50% of Protestants have ethnic Jewish heritage, whereas the Catholics are not as commonly Jewish by blood but by their mentality and flawed spirit. But the Aryan defenders of Christianity are too brainwashed to see the Jew as a race rather than a religious body.

I don’t want to offend you, but I don’t get the reasoning behind posting entries such as this. Aren’t we so deeply screwed that this uprootedness is a boon for all we care?

Purely a hypothetical thought experiment, but if you live in Venice and manage not to see a single Negro or a whore, you might produce an illusion that it’s not all that bad. But if you live in some G-dly American hellhole with no history, culture, pride or spirit, you’d be closer to understanding the real state of the race.

How can you curse Americans so much if Europeans are no better? From this PoV, Americans even get an alibi!

Europe is dead in great part thanks to the Anglo-American behavior.

Americans can’t get no alibi, Mister Vasian. They fucked it in 2 World Wars. They fucked it in 1861-1865. They fucked it non-stop since 1945. And they will continue to do so until there is nothing left.

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