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Racial right

‘Pro’ white charlatans

Although I no longer read literature from webzines that grotesquely claim to defend the white race, I have a morning routine. I visit Goebbels Hub and see the headlines of three sites: American Renaissance, Counter-Currents, Occidental Dissent and sometimes The Occidental Observer. I generally don’t read the articles. I only do it to know if I am not missing out on important news.

In the last two sites, the most recent articles (here* and here) of very Christian authors display their Judeo-Christianity in a way that seems extremely offensive to me. Just compare what I say in the bulleted points in ‘Forgive Game of Thrones’ with what these guys write.

Obviously, none of the admins of those sites will answer the information that I have been collecting on this site about the religion of our parents. Their doublethink of being Jew-wise and at the same time promoting a religion created by Jews for white consumption will be taken into account when, in the future, a coloured historian tries to explain the extinction of whites.

Let’s not fool ourselves. These racialist Americans are not going to be cured of their sin, so well portrayed by a Jew and an Aryan on pages 163-174 of The Fair Race.


(*) The admin deleted his piece, ‘Protestants: The Faith that Made the Modern World’ while I was working on this entry. Maybe it’s because, as he himself wrote, ‘This is a work in progress’ which means that he will probably republish an updater version later.

4 replies on “‘Pro’ white charlatans”

Pro-white nationalist/patriot types have a particularly malevolent strain of the jewdeo-christian mind virus. They enjoy being fleeced by both their pastors and these charlatans, not to mention their ‘elected leaders’.

What hope is there for anyone who thinks that voting for Republicans is a revolutionary act?

By their own blind stupidity, these fools will be culled from the heard as well.

The one thing that a lot of people forget when dealing with the Americans, is that even to date, they are still by and far a rootless people. America, along with even Canada and the Nations of South America were colonized on the basis of opportunism and exploitation as a means of survival and the ability to continue their Nation’s existence.

I’ve never found any American Nationalists of any kind to be reliable or trustworthy sources, and yet at the same time I’ve even found some of these jaboogies going “Praise Yahweh” at the end of the interviews they conduct online.

The goofiest part about them, and I’ve spent many years attending their meetings or trying to interact with them is they have always lacked any sense of real culture or identity, and so did their ancestors who came here from the Mayflower or what else have you.

Their family lines were pirates, rebels, outlaws and criminals, and historical records from England even indicate this. Despite them being rebels, they were not rebels with a cause.

There is this whackjob out here up in Maine by the name of “Tom Kawczynski” who has emerged with his deadpan and fanatical Christian rhetoric and with a strong desire of reviving his Calvinist Protestant religion and already is discussing “bedroom morals” for heterosexual couples and yet at the same time has been found to be collaborating regularly and friends with people of the LGBTQXYZ community and has trannies who he is willing to accept and allow a certain number of them in the dream new “ethno-state” he wants to build. A lot of these American Nationalists like him, also envision establishing a quota where they will permit even from 10-15% of non-whites to become a part of their ethno-state so long as their quotas never go over. All to repeat the process over again of what took place from the original American Establishment.

American Yanks seem to hate Muslims more than they do the Jews, LGBTQXYZ and Communists… I don’t like Muslims either, but it seems the Americans hate them more on the basis of them being a religious revival for the rival Jewish faith of Christianity, rather than for any other reason. They are more ready to fight against Muslims than they are against the Jew or the Homosexuals…

American Yankee Nationalists are incapable to build anything, but they put on the facade as if they have capability and moralism to do it.

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