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Hitler v Siege

Face it: The Aryan race is so starved of inspiring stories like LOTR that you ought not to be surprised that GOT (visually, pure Aryan esthetics), which was written as a response to Tolkien, became the most popular series of the decade. But since the grand finale it has come to my attention that, unlike Patrick, very few commenters add something substantial about what I have been saying about Game of Thrones.

I think that is due to a terrible way of understanding education. Except for Vig, few commenters have an artistic background. Unlike Hitler, who liked classical music, painting and the old architecture of Italy so much, the common white advocate lives under the mistaken impression that the West can be recovered using only the left hemisphere of his brain (say, the dry academic articles published by MacDonald in his webzine).

That could not be farther from the truth! Remember that it is the stories that galvanise the white population, like all those stories of the epics that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin for their novels. Only this explains the tremendous success of LOTR and GOT in the Aryan community. Hitler also understood this by wanting to popularise the Germanic myths that Richard Wagner rescued for his people. What we see in the revolutionary wing of the white cause is exactly the opposite of Hitler’s spirit, and Siege’s case symbolizes it.

Before I distanced myself from James Mason because of his ignorance, I tried to Europeanise Siege a bit using, for my Daybreak Press, a cover with a painting by Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

But I was wrong: the stark illustration of the original (reproduced below) is the one that actually reflects the content of the book. Two days ago Krist Krusher said in the comments section of this site:

“Siege-tard” is a term I myself created to describe those who you would call crazed dogs howling at the moon [Note of the Ed.: see The Fair Race, pages 647-51]. In the past I read Siege around the same time I read Ironmarch and was not very impressed. I investigated James Mason and became thoroughly unimpressed after I noticed his sudden change of personal faith: he went from being an atheist to being a sucker for the Jebus myth after the Larsson interview! Why?

Sometimes I still try to read what former Ironmarchers write these days and the current “successor” website is a shell. Ironmarch had problems but it was a decent communication center for real fascists. The present “continuation” [like James Mason, they admire Charles Manson too – Ed.] is an abomination.

“Fascist Forge” is about as fascist as Deviantart; garish web design that even the Italian futurists would reject, hideous psychedelic imagery masquerading as art on one thread, degenerate stories with themes of homosex and vore on another, caricatures of real NS—men photoshopped to have glowing red eyes and inverted xtian symbols for user avatars—, it stands as a proud bastion of what Siege readers become as a group. They even call historical fascists like Jose Antonio Primo de Riveria and Mosley “archaeo-fascists” and think everything on the line of “those guys like Hitler are dead. We live therefore we decide everything”!

Even on /pol/ Siege is seen as a joke. To read or write anything on Siege—even regarding the merits of what it has to offer revolutionaries—is to be seen as the dumbest of subhumans.

But it is useless to ask these people to abandon their ways and begin to make some contact with the old culture.

I would like to confess something that happened in my mind in 1996, when I got in my car and drove to the border with the United States in order to emigrate. Already on the other side (I passed legally), the first thought that came to me was that what I saw was ‘the country of absolute Neandertalism’ in the sense that, compared to the old European architecture (and remember that that was Hitler’s inspiration for his New Europe), the US was an empty shell. That happened to me while I was already driving on the roads of Texas on my route to Houston.

The souls of the Siege-tards are as desolate as the landscape I saw from my Shadow Chrysler more than twenty years ago. And that is an endemic problem even among non-revolutionaries, who also don’t make deep contact with European art.

Before the accident that forced me to become the Three-Eyed Raven (I don’t mean Bran, but the old man entangled in the tree) I had wanted to be a film director. Had I reached the peak and filmed Game of Thrones, my adaptation of Martin’s novels would not have been plagued by the feminism we saw in the HBO series. But the art that can potentially captivate the white race is all there, in those epic stories adapted to visual stories for the contemporary palate. Something like a Wagner of the 21st century: television series that the Nazis would surely be filming if Hitler had won the war.

What I want to communicate is the great going astray that represents everything related to American psycho Charles Manson. I would paraphrase Jordan Peterson in the sense that the recovery of the West must be initiated by cleaning our bedroom, yes: but emphasising that the bedroom—our soul—must be arranged based on the best art created by the fair race.

A grim vision like the one on the book-cover that appears within Krusher’s quote will never captivate the race. It’s time to leave Siege in the bookshelf and order a copy of Hitler’s Table Talk. After all, ‘The sign of the times is degeneracy. This term—degeneracy—sums up all that is happening to the West’. This includes Manson fans and SIEGE-tards.

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Even if the ending of GOT wasn’t nihilistic don’t you think it was poorly executed from a cinematic point of view?

Also, isn’t Bran’s story an inversion of positive values? Sounds like that Yezen guy is talking about a transvaluation of all values at the timestamp in the video you linked in the previous post.

Iron throne = conquest, domination, master morality

Bran the broken = Nonviolence, vulnerability, slave morality

Season 8 was a tremendous chiaroscuro: great insight and big blunders.

Episodes 1 and 2 were good. Episode 3 could have been the best of the entire series along with the final (S8 E6) and ‘Battle of the Bastards’ of Season 6. The Jewish directors spoiled episode 3 by having Arya as the heroine who killed the Night King, instead of Theon (see the explanation of why Theon should have killed the NK: here).

The second part of episode 4 is probably the worst of all seasons! The writers should have followed GRRM’s advice to do more seasons for everything that happens between episodes fourth and sixth. By packing everything in one season, episodes 4 and 5 looked extremely bad. (GRRM is partly guilty of this, as he has been ‘working’ eight years on his last book and he still doesn’t finish it!)

Regarding what you say about Bran, you surely forgot what Patrick recently said (here). The legend of Bran or a crippled king is part of the Aryan folklore: the last king who is guardian of the grail. Richard Wagner also used that legend for his King Amfortas in his last opera: IMO the best of his operas.

Let’s apply the metaphor of Bran the Broken to our time. See my article today criticising the webzines of Kevin MacDonald and Hunter Wallace. Obviously they are not ‘Three-Eyed Ravens’ insofar as they don’t know Aryan history. They don’t even know that Christianity is a Jewish by-product, and therefore, a super-toxic religion for the Aryan race. Following my metaphor, the ‘3-Eyed Raven’ (the old man entangled in the tree) knows that Christianity is toxic. He only needs a pupil (the teenager ‘Bran’) to become as wise as him, so that when the pupil reaches the crown (as Bran did), he will break the Judeo-Christian spell.

I am obviously projecting on GoT my philosophy. But GRRM’s message is nevertheless obvious: a purely strong king can also be very stupid (in the novels and TV series, Robert Baratheon was strong and stupid). See what I replied to Patrick: here. See also what Tywin Lannister tells his grandson (here) once Geoffrey was killed. You can also see the entries on this site where I put the late William Pierce as the Three-Eyed Raven, citing key passages from his history of the white race.

Long quote by Savitri Devi's The Lightning and the Sun, pp. 401, 402, removed by admin because this thread is now linked to the sticky post.

The point is not to focus on Hitler (who only did the best he could).

The point is to focus on blue-eyed zombies (the ‘army of the dead’ in GOT fiction) who fought for ZOG in World War II and still do. When your god is Jewish, potentially you may end in a runaway philo-Semitic downward spiral, precisely what happened to the US.

The point is that even people like MacDonald and Wallace are, to some extent, zombies.

Unless a white man knows the remote past about his race—e.g., the role of early Christianity in white decline (PDF: here, hard copy: here)—, he unconsciously fights for the Night King, even nationalists.

This is why most important of all is to clarify what really happened in the past (a feat that in Westeros only the 3-Eyed Raven could do).

Seeing the past as it really happened is something that no racial site that I know wants to do. These guys forgive the religion of their parents, in one way or another.

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