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Destruction of Greco-Roman world England

Britain is gone!

Probably you have already watched Jared Taylor’s latest video…


Most horrifying is that not even after the recent murder of his own son by the Muslim terrorist the English father questioned his neo-Franciscan ideology about those who are raping English girls and killing English boys.

Postscript of 11:00 am. I am cutting and pasting my response to one of the comments below:

This situation is horrifying indeed, something is biologically wrong with the brains of White leftists.

I would blame the ‘software’ rather than the ‘hardware’, although if I remember correctly Richard Dawkins once said that memes could be as biological as genes.

Since I lived with my two grandmas in the 1970s and 80s, I have told myself many times that when they were young the meme ‘racist’ didn’t exist, as it was coined in the 1920s. That’s why my grandmas never used the word—never—, as their minds were wired up before the 20s.

Later generations are doomed. We live in a meme society where, for most folks, it’s impossible to see that they’re trapped in a matrix of memes, of which ‘racist’ is the central one that, like a virus of the mind, is destroying the white race.

It would be possible to try to transvalue the value, claiming that ‘racism’ is a badge of honour and invoke NS Germany. But that would mean rejecting Christian ethics and the ethics of Christianity’s bastard son, the secular liberalism imposed throughout the West after the French Revolution, something that most whites are unprepared to do.

In my opinion, only the facts presented in sites like The West’s Darkest Hour could potentially disabuse whites from their ethno-suicidal memes: the real history of Christianity and the real history of WW2 (which is why I’ve chosen Bran under the Heart Tree as the symbol of this site). But reading real history is something that the overwhelming majority of white nationalists are uninterested. Not even Kevin MacDonald or Greg Johnson are interested, in spite of the fact that both have published book reviews of Hellstorm some years ago. Jews would be hammering on such lachrymose story day and night, but most white advocates don’t even want to ponder about a brief summary of the book Demolish Them by Vlassis Rassias.

Even in today’s article, Hunter Wallace claims that his religion is compatible with racialism. Like other white advocates, he continues to fail to address what we can read in Rassias’ book: that, while destroying the statues, temples and burning the libraries, these Semitic or philo-Semitic terminators used the word ‘gentiles’ to refer to the advocates of Greco-Roman civilisation.

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Well, I am not entirely sure if it is true or not given the nature of die lugenpresse, but from what I understand of it this killing was great!! It should happen every day. Because apparantly the ‘victim’ was involved in ‘the rehabilitation of Muslim (ex) terrorists into (white) society’ or something like that. Not a surprise being born into a Bolshevik nest judging the father’s criticism of Boris Johnson’s alleged use of his son’s killing for political purposes.

This killing is just as wonderful as the goodification of the whore Jo Cox was. The only good Bolshevik is a dead one!

Heil Hitler.

To paraphrase an old saying: “You’ve made your grave now you must lie in it”.
I have nothing but contempt for these disgustingly pious bastards!
Save the rope and bullets. Let the muds beat, rape and kill as many traitors as possible and let their friends and families suffer dearly for their cowardice in refusing to exact revenge.
When to rise up is the sole decision of the various European countries.
Meanwhile, enjoy the culling of the herd!!

I’ve been reading The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey, and I think it really is a fascinating parallel to what is going on today. To quote:

”The struggle to convert the empire was nothing less than a battle between good and evil, between the forces of darkness and those of light. It was a battle between God and Satan himself.”

”For the majority of mankind, however, demons conducted their work through the more pedestrian yet insidious means of incitement and enticement, putting ideas into men’s heads that they were seemingly unable to resist. To counter these diabolic whispers one monk created a phrasebook of words with which one might respond to almost any such apparation.”

”Worship a different god, they explained, and you were not merely being different. You were demonic. – The ’battleground’ of these fearsome troops was nothing other than ’your minds’.”

”They were choosing between good and evil; between God and Satan. To allow someone to follow a path other than the true Christian one was not liberty; it was cruelty. – To allow another person to remain outside the Christian faith was not to show praiseworthy tolerance. It was to damn them.”

”This was a group who did not form their beliefs by basing them on experiments or on observations, but on faith alone – and who, worse still, were actually proud of this fact.”

Is it any wonder if people are reluctant to wake up when, according to their Christian malware, they are essentially giving their souls to the Devil? And all they need is faith, not intelligence or empiricism.

I really wish the Romans had just done away with the Hebrews instead of taking them in as slaves. Then I wouldn’t have to live through this Christian psychotic outbreak.

What is really tragic is that, at least in this continent, Christianity lingers. Just see the comments section of top WN webzines such as The Occidental Observer, of which I spoke recently. These die-hard Christians are more responsible than Jews for white decline for the simple reason that there are more Christians than Jews in the US.

This situation is horrifying indeed, something is biologically wrong with the brains of White leftists. That father is being very irresponsible. There was a similar case in South Africa where a White young woman from USA volunteered to help them and she was murdered. Her father shook hands with the killers after they were released from prison and publicly forgave them. And her mother is active in something called the forgiveness project which is based on forgiving people.

“Linda Biehl was named to the Order of Companions of O R Tambo by President Thabo Mbeki at a ceremony in Pretoria, the office of the presidency said in a statement on its website.

Biehl and her husband Peter captured the hearts of South Africans in 1993 when they publicly forgave the killers of their daughter, Amy Biehl, a Fulbright scholar who was working with poor communities in the country.

The 26-year-old woman was killed on August 25, 1993 when she drove into the Guguletu township outside Cape Town to drop off three black friends and was attacked by a crowd returning from a rally of the militant Pan African Congress.

Members of the mob chased Biehl and stoned and stabbed her to death as she begged for mercy in the dust.”

Beyond doomed!

> being white
> that feeling when a mexican is one of the most brutal white thinkers…

I would have loved to see the London Stock Exchange blown to smithereens! Including the beyond useless House of Parliament, I cannot imagine better targets. If only they had included the Vale of Aylesbury and the inner City of London, then perhaps these Jihadi inbreds could be put to good use.
Not to sound like a Siege-tard, but I long for this kind of justice. Actual, hard justice exploding shrapnel straight into the heads of every single bureaucratic swine. At this point I barely care who does it, so long as every anti-racist pig gets their reckoning.

I had never seen the term ‘Siege-tard’. The problem I have with Mason’s epigones is that, unlike the novels of Pierce and Covington, they don’t seem to have a plan for the takeover of the State: just the chaos that, according to Littlefinger, opens a window of opportunity but not a concrete takeover.

And yes: the Jihadist chose his target perfectly. The Brits need thousands of them. It’s payback for what they did in the 1940s. Massive destruction is unavoidable because the Allies must pay a massive Karmic Debt.

“Siege-tard” is a term I myself created to describe those who you would call crazed dogs howling at the moon. In the past I read Siege around the same time I read Ironmarch and was not very impressed. I investigated James Mason and became thoroughly unimpressed after I noticed his sudden change of personal faith: he went from being an atheist to being a sucker for the Jebus myth after the Larsson interview! Why?

Sometimes I still try to read what former Ironmarchers write these days and the current “successor” website is a shell. Ironmarch had problems but it was a decent communication center for real fascists. The present “continuation” [I cannot in any sincerity call it an equal to Ironmarch] is an abomination. “Fascist Forge” is about as fascist as Deviantart; garish web design that even the Italian futurists would reject, hideous psychedelic imagery masquerading as art on one thread, degenerate stories with themes of homosex and vore on another, caricatures of real NS—men photoshopped to have glowing red eyes and inverted xtian symbols for user avatars—it stands as a proud bastion of what Siege readers become as a group. They even call historical fascists like Jose Antonio Primo de Riveria ans Mosley “archaeo-fascists” and think everything on the line of “those guys like Hitler are dead. We live therefore we decide everything”! Even on /pol/ Siege is seen as a joke. To read or write anything on Siege—even regarding the merits of what it has to offer revolutionaries—is to be seen as the dumbest of subhumans.

What it comes down to is politics. From the father’s point of view, which takes precedence; advancing the cause of the lefts’ war on Christendom or following his personal feelings? The choice is obvious. The party line(Muslim invasion good) must be defended at all costs.

As a good commie would say, “it’s for the good of the cause”.

Although, I can’t say I feel any sadness at the death of a libtard.

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