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Regarding Friday’s Pensacola shooting, no white man should have joined the United States military until ZOG is dismantled. Taking also into account the terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, these events move me to paraphrase what a commenter said:

Sooner or later the world will recognise that Hitler was right and that until the West accepts this fact, they will continue their ongoing self-destruction—especially in the US and the UK. Either way, massive destruction is unavoidable because, after the Second World War, the Allies must pay a massive Karmic Debt.

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David Irving, “Hitler’s War”:

“For the first time Hitler now admitted to Ribbentrop that the war was lost. He dictated to Ribbentrop four secret negotiation points to put to the British if he got the chance. If the Continent was to survive in a world dominated by Bolshevism, then somehow London and Berlin must bury the hatchet. He instructed Ribbentrop to write secretly to Churchill in this sense. ‘You will see,’ Hitler predicted. ‘My spirit will arise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.’”

Writing such a letter to Churchill would have been the same as writing it to Stalin, Roosevelt or Mao Zedong.

About the entry – I wonder what’s about enforced conscription like in eastern Europe? Aren’t all-White armies a tad bit closer to Männerbünde, even when serving Jewish interests in the end?

Cesar, there seems to be a spectacle at UNZ playing out between a commentator who supports you and your work vs Carolyn Yeager who is adamant in smearing you (look at the back-and-forth on that thread between these two competing commentators). What have you to say in response?

Carolyn Yeager says—:

Tort was brought up in a Latin Catholic family wherein he feels he was badly abused by having strict religious dogma shoved into his psyche.

—without having read any of my autobiographical books (as she doesn’t know my native language). I’d only reply to s/he who has read any of them. And even after I translate my first one (of the eleven books), there are twists of the story. For the moment only one person in the world knows it: a woman more empathetic than Carolyn.

Cesar, someone in the above comments mentioned Mao Zedong. Just out of curiosity have you ever studies Mao’s little red book? Chinese communists seem communist in name only, and managed to use the communist movement to implement a nationalist government. Do you think there is anything we can learn from the Chinese mind? I know in some ways their culture is alien to us though.

I used to own a copy of Mao’s book. After China became a 1st-World power, I only crave to see in the real world what you can read in the last pages of The Turner Diaries.

Are you that ignorant? China is as national as USA. National means social, which means national socialist (China to the Chinese!); no such thing here. China is degenerate beyond belief. Mao was surrounded by jews. Same with Chiang Kike Shek. The so called ‘cultural revolution’ was a blasphemy. China’s last great Dynasty was Ming. Present-day China is a joke. First world power? No, just another Jewish colony with NO culture.

There are no first world powers anyway, only faggots with superior (((GDP))).

What even is the “Chinese mind”? If there is such thing, it is in Laozi, Zhuangzi, Cao Xueqin, Wu Cheng’en, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Cui Bai, King Hu, but not in fucking Mao Zedong.

You have Frederick the Great and you look to asiatics for exemplary statesmanship!

Señor Cesar, your exterminationist white-only stance is ultra fantasy. Even Hitler was nice to the Chinese and members of Hitler Jugend and BDM were given trips to both Japan and China.

Even if the Third Reich was victorious in WW2, the asiatics wouldn’t have been exterminated. The idea of eternal peace seems boring too. I would prefer a world that considers the racial war between ethnic-distinct volksgemeinschaften the highest goal imaginable. War must always exist anyway.

I also don’t understand why you want whites to inherit the earth for them alone when they have been proven unable to even survive? They only brought degeneracy to all corners of the earth in the last decades. Isn’t your idealism quasi-christian and not really darwinist?

I am not NS, but a priest of the 4 (four) words. And that means to exterminate not only most humans à la Diaries but even other species as well. Hopefully, the translation of my books will bring some light to the subject.

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