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Racial right

Toxic commenters

In the early hours of the morning a commenter called my attention to a discussion thread about Hitler in Unz Review. As soon as I leafed through it, I realised that idiots are still staining Hitler’s image—as if the eighty-year defamation campaign of a controlled press by Jewry was not enough!

If there is a triad of Western heroes throughout the history of the West they are Leonidas (times of Greece), Hermann (times of Rome) and Hitler (times of Germany). The ‘white nationalist’ who doesn’t want to see this is not really on the side of white preservation.

Until yesterday I used to visit the comments section of Unz Review to see what Robert Morgan was saying. From today on I’ll discontinue that practice. All I can add is that the morals of many English-speaking white advocates are a real disgrace.

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White people should never denounce those who worked to help the white race. Hitler was not the problem. The problem was that people let themselves be duped into fighting Hitler. If Hitler had won then we would have seen a cultural revival in Europe in places like Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. The French and Spanish loved Hitler. I feel admiration for Hitler as well. Every April 20th we should specially honor the memory of Hitler, a man who was and is a hero to the white race.

What are saying here Cesar? Because someone stood up and tried to promote you and your work, you’ve somehow given up at the UNZ comments for some reason. Robert Morgan was always a set-up trap. Did you not see this coming? I did!

I must register a small contention with your assertions, for someone who is ready to get “rid” of the non-white peoples you’ve come across not as a gladiator, but one who is accepting and confined to his fate as dealt upon him by others. Is that your stance? I hope not!

It seems rather odd that when someone–other than your cherished Robert Morgan–stands up and shares your and others’ values on another site, the only thing you can muster is a frail composition of: “rah, rah, rah, but the peoples of the past were heroes”. Where is your courage, your unwavering struggle for our cause? I only hope you will post this contrarian view on your blog, otherwise you’ll risk the very soul of the gladiators in the movement.

In turn, a convincing response would do wonders as a result.Free speech (it awaits your courage to post it). It would be enlightening to know where you stand (it is understandable that sometime we become discouraged, but that is not a response).

It is indeed a very thankless job to stand up for Hitler and to do that you need a true independent mind.

We all have been brainwashed in our youth by the so called educators.

In 2014 I decided to do my own inquiry to check what was true of what they told us because I had suspicions already at that time.

I tried to find out what Hitlers voice, his relating with women and his food and entertainment habits were, because they are the real give-aways for the psychologist. They show ones place in the hierarchy of humans.

I wrote an article about it. Link

My conclusion was a total reversion of all that I had believed.

As a human being he was miles and miles above the political scum that was governing the earth in his time.

The problem is only that people in general are not open to estimate the values that I researched on because they are themselves not open to perception of those subtler qualities.

People can not perceive quality because they dont have it in themselves.


Sorry for the late response, but it is not clear to me what you meant in your response to me: “…throw dirt a Hitler’s memory”. I went back through the history of the commentator on UNZ’s site of whom I was referring to as supporting your website. I saw no indication of throwing dirt at Hitler’s memory; quite the opposite in fact! (although you may want to scroll back a bit) Please clarify…

I’ve read your position on Hitler and NS, and happen to agree, mostly, and so does the position of the commentator on UNZ, more or less. I hope that you will respond and clarify your aforementioned claim. In either case we see eye-to-eye for the most part; so there is that.

Outcasts rising to power, as was the case with Bran and Tyrion’s council, reminds me of the story of Romulus. For readers who aren’t familiar Romulus was part of a band of warriors who were outcast from their society and came to power in Italy.


I do get the sense there is a vast darkness overshadowing the world, and that the rising of Aryan power would be like a sun casting out that darkness. The swastika is probably the most powerful symbol in communicating that to people.

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