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Book-burning by feminists

The ethno-suicidal ideology arose in Europe and the United States. Latin America is merely co-dependent on the fashions of the West. For this reason, the news south of the Río Grande rarely have relevance with the fourteen words, as they only imitate the North. But something happened last week at the Guadalajara International Book Fair that is worth mentioning.

Protected by the security agents of the Fair itself, on December 6, a group of vociferous feminists entered the fair, assaulted one of the exhibitors (containing copies of a book out of the pen of a conservative who writes about therapies for those who wish to heal from their homosexuality); they made a pile, and burned them in front of all.

Shocking as it is that the very security forces protected public vandalism, what caught my attention is that the Mexican journalistic notes failed to denounce it. When they finally mentioned it, they did it in such a way that the basic facts, such as the illegal assault on the exhibitors and their bookshelf, the theft of their books, and that the burning was illegal, were omitted to sugarcoat the facts before public opinion.

He who understands spoken Spanish can listen to today’s video of the Argentinian Agustín Laje (drawing) about the event last week. In Latin America and Spain, Laje, who has visited Mexico and Guadalajara many times, is probably the best-known voice in denouncing gender ideology.

I mention this because not long ago a commenter told us that he did not care about women, as an issue, mentioned in an article in an old version of The Fair Race. The comemnter is clueless of course. The target of that text were not women but how we, men, literally go crazy in our interaction with them, as we are hard-wired to protect the fair sex.


I just spoke with my sister and she told me that at least some in the MSM of the country did criticise what feminists did. She mentioned the names of Joaquín López Dóriga, Ciro Gómez Leyva, Carlos Loret de Mola and a name that I don’t remember from channel 40 of TV.

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The fact that the journalists failed to report fully on what happened was a misapplication of the protective instinct, because what those female activists did directly affected the public political situation. So failing to expose what those female activists did potentially puts the public at risk of being subverted by an ideology that is a genetic danger to the public, the ideology of tolerating public homosexuality.

In other words failing to expose what those female activists did puts women at risk of being subverted by the ideology of those female activists, and so even though these journalists were motivated by a instinct to protect women, they may have achieved the opposite by allowing this pro-homosexuality ideology to proliferate unchecked.

The minds of these women are possessed by jews, in other words they are possessed by demons, by racial enemies. The insanity of allowing our media to be controlled by jews is bearing fruit, now our society is insane because of our insane tolerance of jews running our media.

We can only have sanity restored to our lands when King Theoden(Anglos) casts out Wormtongue(jews) from his court(media influence). This is a Lord of the Rings reference for those not familiar.

The minds of these women are possessed by jews…

Nope. In Mexico the press is not so controlled by Jewry as in the US. The problem with liberalism, and this includes liberalism in this part of the continent, is deeper than the JQ as understood by WNsts. That’s why this site focuses on such deeper roots, Christian ethics (as all universalism and metaphysical egalitarianism started with Xtianity’s ‘All are equal in the eyes of God’, etc), something that Christian Agustín Laje does not understand.

This christian problem you talk about, it really just sounds like the weak engaging in passive aggressive tactics against the strong, it sounds like the politics of envy.

The idea of not retaliating and loving your enemy while pitying your enemy as being inferior for them being aggressive, it’s all just some weird mind game to try to feel superior to someone when you can’t actually compete with them in a conventional sense.

In other words it’s like guerrilla warfare. It just seems like Aryans have people among their own kind who are similar to jews, jews in mind, and that what makes the jews unique is that jews have codified their behavior into a religion and made it organized.

And so THE TRIBALISM OF THE WEAK would naturally involve protecting homosexuality, for obvious reasons.

I am not necessarily in favor of harsh measured towards the weak, I think the weak can become strong or the weak can heal, but problems arise if these weak members of society form into gangs and systematically work to bring down healthy members of society.

Our cucked ancestors truly fucked it up when they granted women rights to property, higher education and vote; they automatically opened the road to whoredom. Now all whitish nations die a slow, shameful death. If they wanted to perish, shouldn’t they have killed all women instead? What is this crazy world? Oh yes, it’s the triumph of Christianity.

Right you are because the jewdeo-christian/liberal-materialist mind virus is highly contagious and will infect any country that exposes itself to it!

Latin America and the Caribbean have been coveting the materialist culture in the U.S. for decades so it was only a matter of time before infection set in.

Also: Expect the jewish meddling and physical presence to increase a hundred fold once this virus has passed through incubation.

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