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It all starts at Level 6

Hitler said that National Socialism could not be exported. If technically we cannot call ourselves ‘National Socialists’, this explains that a few years ago I started using another expression, ‘priests of the fourteen words’.

The priest of the 14 words does not even have to be pure Aryan as were the members of the SS. By the expression I mean a man devoted to fulfilling the words of Hitler and Lane, which on the internet are represented with the numbers 14/88 (eighty-eight being some 88 words of the Führer in Mein Kampf). About the time when I coined the expression ‘priest of the 14 words’ I began to talk of a first guideline for such priest: ‘Speak only with Aryan males’. You can avoid ninety-seven percent of pointless discussions if you follow this simple guideline. Furthermore, only Aryan men are potentially capable of initiating an armed revolution in pursuit of the sacred words.

But a guideline is not compulsory and sometimes I still try, unsuccessfully, to communicate with non-whites. On the other hand, on page 563 of The Fair Race, writing about the new tablets of stone, I do speak of imperatives: ‘First commandment: “You will keep your blood pure”. Second commandment: “Never use non-whites in any type of work”’ (listen to the interview of Arthur Kemp by Lana Lokteff to learn why using non-white labour is ultimately ethnosuicidal).

Since together with modern civilisation Christian ethics are the mortal enemy of the sacred words, I would like to expand our understanding of the priesthood of the 14 words with four signs of genuine apostasy from Judeo-Christianity. Despite the last line of this article, the priests of the fourteen words (1) do not believe that the god of the Jews exists and therefore (2) do not believe that a Jew was resurrected from the dead in the first century of the Common Era. Nor do they believe in (3) the Christian vision of the human soul or the existence of disembodied entities in the hereafter. Finally, (4) they have transvalued Christian values to Aryan normality (this is central to what I’ll say in this article about the so-called day of the rope).

One might think that with this criterion the people of the ‘Alt-Right’, exemplified in the secular case of he who coined the term, Richard Spencer, could be candidates for this new ecclesia. Actually, Spencer is not a candidate to the extent that he fails at the fourth sign, and it is not entirely clear what his pals think about the third one (see my recent entries on the hereafter). I would like to exemplify why they cannot be priests with the most recent talk of Spencer and his friends who, using the metric of Mauricio, I’d say they are psychogenically trapped between levels four and five while our priesthood starts at Level 6.

While we want to transvalue some American values to NS values; other values to the England of Jane Austen (the laws of the Victorian world virtually forced women to get properly married), and others to Greco-Roman values, the Alt-Right continues to promote Murkan values (even though Spencer said that ‘there is something profoundly wicked in the origins’ of his nation). For example, in their recent YouTube talk, ‘The Self-Defeating Drive for De-Radicalization’, Spencer okayed getting laid during his criticism of the more puritanical incels. When I heard Spencer and his friends I wondered what happened to the sacred institution of marriage in their minds, which even precedes Christianity? Are they so dense that cannot understand that some men simply don’t want to get laid occasionally but marry a decent woman and form a family? Have they not heard what Anglin or Linder say about MGTOW (see for example my own text on the subject: here)?

I also wondered if Spencer & Co. had considered the more conservative texts by Roger Devlin, and now I think the answer is negative. The liberal position of the Alt-Right on sexual maters reminds me of the last novel by the late Harold Covington, which is also his longest novel about the creation of an only-whites republic. Covington’s novel describes an ethnostate in which the most spoiled women, even feminist warriors, coexist with ladies who behave like Austen’s lovely girls—as if that were possible under the laws and mores of a healthy nation!

But it was not Spencer who surprised me the most, but the guy whose face does not appear in the NPI/Radix videos, only his voice (the moment of his speech begins: here). Spencer’s colleague strongly criticised a fan of William Pierce’s The Turner’s Diaries and the day of the rope. The dude did not explain why it was so primitive to like the most popular novel authored by an American racist, even more popular than Covington’s revolutionary novels. He even used strong words: ‘That’s an immature fucking movement. Those idiots…’ Spencer intervened and, commenting about ‘punching right’, he used the word ‘toxic’ without explaining why the day of the rope should be considered toxic for alt-righters.

This is my proposal to the genuine priests of the 14 words: Not only the friend of Spencer who does not show his face, but on every racially conscious white who is frightened by Pierce the label ‘PSEUDOAPOSTATE’ must be stamped.

As we have seen countless times on this site, there is a chasm between apostasy and pseudo-apostasy of Christianity, between Level 5 and Level 6 in the Mauricio metric. Complete apostasy implies the rejection of those Christian standards of morality that prevent Alt-Right folk from thinking in revolutionary terms. And exactly the same happens in White Nationalism, exemplified in how ‘secular’ Greg Johnson experiences hair raising with both Pierce’s fiction and his non-fiction alike. I could be told that what I say is nonsense in the sense that Christians have been slaughtering for centuries without remorse. But remember what we have been saying on this site: it was not until 1945 when, confused by racial warfare, the white man’s moral compass changed orientation toward gospel-inspired values, even among secularists.

In their video, Spencer and his pals talked about the stage they classify as ‘1.0’ of the movement. In reality, compared to National Socialism their movement is a grotesque regression to the most progressive mentality of the 19th century (remember H.G. Wells’ famous essay on ‘free love’, that is, promiscuous sex). It will give me great pleasure when the economic crash that lies ahead hits the bourgeois lifestyle of these four Radix characters…

After the crash of the dollar Americans will psychogenically transit from ‘happy mode’ to ‘angry mode’. If things get worse over the months, and you must watch John Mark’s videos, whites could even go on a defensive state against invaders at home that I’ve been calling ‘combat mode’. And if the government sides the coloured ‘zombie’ invaders looking for food a revolutionary ‘killing mode’, which includes the day of the rope for traitors, could arise.

History might begin to vindicate us priests of the 14 words while lukewarm voices like Spencer’s and his group will barely be taken seriously. To those who are still sceptical that a collapse is coming I would like to change the subject and say the following:

J. M. W. Turner: The Fall of an Avalanche.

I’ve been watching some of the latest videos by economist Jim Rickards, author of Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos (2019). In one of his last interviews, they told Rickards that for years he had been predicting a financial collapse and that it still doesn’t happen.

Rickards replied with the perfect metaphor: the exact hour of an avalanche cannot be predicted. Although the accumulated snow layers are a sign that sooner or later it will collapse, it is impossible to know when the temperature will rise among factors such as wind, the additional weight of other layers, snowstorms and rainstorms. But the sure thing is that the avalanche will occur sooner or later. This is from a recent article where Rickards says that the world is unprepared for the currency crash:

Previous crises. According to Mr Rickards, the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis could’ve brought the world to its knees if Wall Street banks hadn’t pulled together to bail out US hedge fund Long-Term Capital, which was about to collapse. The crisis spread throughout the world and hit the US causing Dow Jones industrial average to record its biggest point fall in history by October 1997—triggering a trading suspension. However, disaster was averted after Long-Term Capital received a US$3.75 billion bail-out. Had it not been bailed-out, a cascade of secondary bank bankruptcies would’ve ensued with numerous majors around the world including Deutsche Bank, UBS, and HSBC reporting they had either contributed to the bail-out or written off hundreds of millions in losses.

The following 2007-2008 global financial crisis was triggered by the US subprime mortgage market and excessive risk taking by banks with their lending practices. Falling prey to the crisis was Lehman Brothers which went bankrupt and caused the Dow Jones to topple to its lowest in seven years. In this bail-out, it was left to central banks to prevent financial Armageddon, with the US Federal Reserve taking its balance sheet from US$800 billion to over US$4.2 trillion. The US Government took over flailing banks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while others including Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America received hundreds of billions in US Government bail-outs.

Who’s going to bail out the central banks? With another financial crisis imminent, Mr Rickards posed the question: who is going to bail out the central banks? […] “They’ll close exchanges, close banks, close ATMs, freeze accounts.” When people say that will “never happen”, Mr Rickards explained it has happened many times before including Cypress, Greece and Argentina. He added it also happened in the US in 1933, when US President Franklin D Roosevelt ordered every bank to close. The bank shutdown lasted eight days, but Mr Rickards said no-one knew how long the closure would be and it could easily have been a month-to-two months. He pointed out another financial shutdown occurred in the US in 1914 when World War One broke out. “The New York Stock Exchange was closed for five months—from July 1914 to December 1914.”

What does the future look like in the next crisis? Mr Rickards was quick to point out he doesn’t foresee a dystopian future or an end of the world scenario. However, he said he did expect the crisis will begin with “enormous social unrest”. Elaborating on this statement, Mr Rickards noted the veneer of civilisation is “paper thin”.

“We saw this in August 2005 with Hurricane Katrina in the US where the city of New Orleans was cut off and order broke down within days. By the second day, people were becoming desperate for food and water. By the third day, violence had broken out. You have vigilantes, looters, and the national guard moving in. Civilised behaviour only lasts about three days in the absence of reliable water, food, electricity and all the things we take for granted.”

In a situation where banks are closed and people can’t access their money, Mr Rickards said social disorder will break out “quite quickly”. This will be followed by a breakdown of internal systems. “This is how complex civilisations collapse. It isn’t a barbarian invasion, but an internal collapse, because of too much bureaucracy, too much taxation, and complexity.”

He said the social disorder will be most acute in major metropolitan areas. To survive this new system, Mr Rickards anticipates communities will shift to a semi-barter system where skills are traded and silver, or gold if you have it, can be used to buy food and other essentials. As the crisis unfolds, the US dollar is expected to become worthless—with gold the primary valuable commodity.

Using the metaphor, in 1998 and in 2008 the economic avalanche had started but was stopped twice with a man-made wall. But sheer size matters. Since the cure was altogether artificial, from 2008 until now many more snowpacks have been accumulated, which means that in the next crisis the central banks won’t be able to stop the increasingly accumulated energy of the fall of the avalanche. That the central banks won’t be able to stop the avalanche is recognised also by other economists who don’t buy the economic nonsense promoted by the System (watch for example the crash courses by Martenson and Maloney so many times cited on this site).

Rickards usually has wealthy people as an audience whom he recommends investing their savings in real estate and tangible commodities (including art) and 10 percent of their capital in gold. But those who visit The West’s Darkest Hour are not so rich, some are even relatively poor. To you I would recommend using 90 percent of your capital to obtain ounces of silver. If you don’t even have capital in the bank, I would suggest working to be able to obtain such coins. Living in the third world this is complicated for me but in the first world it is possible.

Among the sceptics some ask us to give them the exact date of the financial collapse, as if that was possible (cf. how the exact timing of the physical, non-metaphorical avalanche is impossible). They behave like children with such irrational demand while they continue skiing in high-risk places. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, not the angels of heaven, but the Father only.

14 replies on “Pseudoapostates”

Not even Hitler was this obsessed with virginity.

Hitler’s Table Talk:

Sauckel told me a very curious fact. All the girls whom we bring back from the Eastern territories are medically examined ; and 25 per cent of them are found to be virgins. That couldn’t happen in Upper Bavaria! Contrary to popular belief, it is wrong to suppose that virginity is a particularly desirable quality; one cannot help suspecting that those who have been spared have nothing particular to offer ! And what is popularly said on the subject of Christian virgins I hesitate to repeat. When in the marriage ceremony the priest mentions virginity and the holy bond of matrimony, one always sees some of the lads grin and nudge each other; quite a number of them probably know this “Christian virgin” inside out!

Andrew Anglin has written about the necessity of male virginity until marriage but I’ve never said something like that. We are talking about the institution of marriage that was solid throughout my childhood and adolescence (I’m a boomer) and then was nuked in more recent decades. Have you read the article on this site, ‘Nietzsche on marriage’? Certainly Nietzsche cannot be accused of Christian Puritanism!

And by the way, I’ve added a phrase on the sidebar: ‘Women understood: here’ that links to the important article explaining my POV on feminism and male sexuality (also linked in the above article).

There is little doubt that we are faced with an imminent world wide financial catastrophe unlike anything we have seen before. Individual countries have experienced the chaos of hyper inflation and social breakdown but it has not occurred everywhere at once so far. It’s possible that the jews have engineered this situation so that they can institute their world wide communist utopia. There is a strong sense that everything is coming to a head. Having no debt, owning your own property where you can grow some food and having a good supply off gold and silver and the weapons to protect them is the ideal situation. Unfortunately, most of us are not in that enviable position.

It’s possible that the jews have engineered this situation…

This monocausalism, considering kikes the Alpha and the Omega of all our woes, passing through all intermediate letters, is exactly the paranoia that prevents the healing process for whites. To the extent that white nationalists see the straw in the foreign eye and not the beam in their own, they cannot heal.

They are, in fact, a major source of our problems. They are the most highly evolved parasitic life form on the planet and need to be dealt with. However, I agree that they aren’t our primary problem. That is our own lack of character and the jews’ ability to skilfully exploit that failing. The jews would never have succeeded to the extent they have without the cooperation of white traitors, starting with those who saw the advantages of adopting Christianity to the detriment of their fellow whites. There are countless instances of whites, often in powerful positions, who adopted policies which were disastrous for our race but advantageous to themselves. The loss of millions of our best men in the 20th century in contrived wars has also severely weakened the race. We had the world at our feet over a hundred years ago and now face a grim future unless there is some radical change in the behaviour of the white man or some ‘deus ex machina’ act that saves our bacon. What this site and so many others do is discuss what the problem is. But, what specifically are our people to do in the present environment we find ourselves in? In this time it is increasingly easy to end up financially destroyed or even in prison for relatively mild resistance. Fellow whites will rarely rally to one’s defence either and are often the jury that sends you to a living hell for what in an earlier era would not have been a crime at all. Is following Harold Covington’s Northwest Imperative the answer? It’s the sense of futility and the Judeo-Christian mindset that are the greatest hurdles to overcome. But, if they are, and enough white men begin to believe then anything is possible.

I didn’t dare to state in the article, but the idea of saving gold is that, as the purchasing power of a coin will increase 1000% after the crash, it makes a big difference to purchase not only food but guns.

If racist right wing extremist violence was sweeping the globe then the white race wouldn’t be facing extinction. But until enough white males become violent and hateful toward non-whites, the cowardly white race will continue getting a well deserved beating. – Joseph Walsh

Yes, but what Walsh and other skeptics of the crash do not see is that right after it whites will automatically switch to ‘angry mode’, which means that it will be easier for them to listen to us.

The Jews are overrated – White man has been praying to a dead kike for two millennia. Face that. That is a far greater problem than “muh’ Cultural Marxism”. Were it Cultural Marxists who waged a 4-year war in the 1860s to give Negroes rights? It’s all Judeo-Christianity, silly.

The Jews are overrated – White man has been praying to a dead kike for two millennia. Face that. That is a far greater problem than “muh’ Cultural Marxism”.

What you say above is exactly what the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage said last century…

Were it Cultural Marxists who waged a 4-year war in the 1860s to give Negroes rights? It’s all Judeo-Christianity, silly.

…and what Robert Morgan continues to say today.

And we are all right.

As long as Aryans keep praying to a kike’s corpse on a cross and allowing their women to have property rights, our race is doomed.

If it is illegal in your country to kill a Negro on sight, your country is doomed.

I am the proponent of White guilt – guilt for not exterminating the niggers when we could. Guilt for not exterminating the kikes, and for praying to their Nature-denying corpse of a god. Guilt for spreading degeneracy, feminism, homosexuality, anti-art and anti-music to all four corners of the Earth.

We have to hate our ancestors. Anglos and Americans more than anybody in Hungary, for example. At least, Hungarians fought for Hitler.

The insanity of believing in good and evil in absolute terms creates apocalyptic wars with millions of white dead. From the 30 Years War war to the present. Rational Men, as Revilo P Oliver points out in ‘The Jews Love Christianity’ only fight wars for an increase in territory, treasure, etc.

This insane desire to fight ‘good’ wars comes from the middle east, from Zoroastrianism via Christianity.

The insane desire to become ‘good’ in absolute terms – rather than selfishly thinking ‘what is good for me?’ – is another harmful relic of supernatural Christianity.

Oliver hits the nail on the head in this essay.

For an Aryan to hate the Jew is the same as what would have taken your abusive father to hate your abusive mother. It requires Humility, Introspection, Doubt, and Hate.

First, you have to be Humble enough to conceive of a world where you are wrong, and your opponent is right – listen to the other side (the first rule of a human conversation). Then, you need to Introspect your inner thoughts, name them. Then, you should be brave enough to Doubt your position.

Then, you should be able to muster the Hatred required if you are indeed wrong, the Hatred to burn away the wrongs. Even against yourself. Mind you, not self-pity, not low self-esteem, not regret. Pure Hatred.

I’ve started reading How to Become a Schizophrenic by John Modrow. If you can hate your parents (keyword: can), you have a great defence mechanism.

Until 1945 seeing Jewish depredations was normal in the West. Even in Mexico its best intellectual, José Vasconcelos, wrote a history of his country in 1938 pulling no punches on Jewry: my favorite book about Mexican history by the way.

On the other hand, blaming parents for what they did has always been taboo throughout all history in all cultures. Have you read my Day of Wrath? It mentions a few precursors of the 20th century who started to break the taboo. It was not totally broken until Alice Miller and Lloyd deMause. In my writings, I go a step beyond Miller and deMause and start to talk about what should be done to prevent parental abuse in a Utopia.

When I finish translating my first book, Letter to mom Medusa, I’ll let you know.

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