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Mauricio (commenter)

Loneliness explained

Imagine that you have to argue with people that some kike didn’t actually come back from the dead.

—Alex Linder

After rereading Mauricio’s List, this morning I got the eureka! moment regarding the reason for the reduction of visitors and donations of which I spoke on Wednesday.

It’s as simple as that, thanks to William Pierce, I’m already at Level 10 of the List while the majority of racialist folk are at Level 4 (‘White Nationalism is good. Jews are evil. Christianity is a White religion’). A few are permanently stuck at Level 5 (‘National Socialism is good. America is evil. Christianity has been corrupted by Jews’).

Once one abandons Christian ethics (‘The leap from 5 to 6 is astronomical’ in the words of Mauricio) the next steps to finish crossing the psychological Rubicon can be taken, such as the exterminationist position of Charles Darwin (see what I said about Darwin yesterday).

Mauricio’s full sentence in that entry last year is: ‘Personally I’m a Level 9, verging on Level 10. I’ve met some Level 4, and only a few Level 5. The leap from 5 to 6 is astronomical due to the Xtian malware rejection. Feels lonely sometimes…’

Bingo. And sometimes I wonder if I should reduce my entries on this site to a minimum, in the sense of saying only the essential. What is the point of speaking from Level 10 when most visitors are stuck at Levels 4 and 5?

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Yes, but soon I will need leg surgery.

Unless another sponsor appears (it seems my former sponsor passed away), to pay the hospital I must find a new job.

At the end of the day, it is your blog and your life. You should do what you think is best with it. But if I recall correctly, wasn’t your own awakening relatively recent or at least took you a long time? Perhaps you can have a little patience with others who, at the very least, are on the right path even if they haven’t yet reached the same destination as you.

As far as mental or spiritual things go, I think it would be good to keep this in mind:

But in Japan, as elsewhere, it has been impossible for men really to turn back a thousand years in religious thought and act.

— B. H. Chamberlain

Some things unfortunately take time, and the more you try to push others then the more they usually burrow in their entrenched opinions.

I hope your surgery goes well, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

The trouble is that daily blogging is time-consuming. If I have to pay my health bills I better start looking for a job now, and therefore blogging cannot be a daily activity anymore. Incidentally, after a week the WordPress software will automatically close this thread. But visitors still can contact me at:

[email protected]

I think it’s fine to take a break, especially for health reasons. Even if there weren’t health reasons, I still think it would be fine to take a break. You are manning your blog alone, after all.

It is odious to use metaphors from Jewish movies, like the one I use in ‘How Awake Are you?’ when Neo wakes up from the Matrix. But the word redpill became so popular in white nationalism that sometimes I have to betray my phobias when trying to communicate with them.

In ‘How Awake Are you?’ I reproduced that image precisely in the transit from level 5 to 6, meaning that most WNsts still sleep in their monocausalism (see for example the long thread of that entry from a comment by Arch Stanton). I do not ask visitors to take so many quantum leaps to reach 10 with me. But if at least a dozen commenters could already be solidly at level 6, I wouldn’t have posted the above image (‘Solitude’).

Now I will be translating my eleven books. Here I will be announcing the news once I finish them, one by one (unless the collapse of the dollar reaches me first).

Family abuse, the subject of those books, is an important issue. Remember those three commenters who left when I confronted them with their admiration of Charles Manson? I suspect that admiring subjects like Manson is nothing more than displacing the non-processed anger we feel about our parents toward unhealthy channels. For example, James Mason, a staunch admirer of Charles Manson, confesses he planned to commit illegal acts in his school, acts that would have taken him to jail. It looks like Pierce advised him against it. But since Mason omits to talk about the problems with his parents that led him to such ideation, this makes me assume that the whole affair was originated in the family dynamics at home.

Processing our old traumas is essential so that the guerrilla fighter of the future does not get lost in foolish crimes. The very life of Mason, who abandoned his newsletter to devote himself to those lacrimae lunae, favours my hypothesis (cf. ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ in The Fair Race).

Education of the masses will always be impossible. You can only educated the intellectuals, whom are on the pathway to finding truths. Casting your pearls amongst swines will cause the loss of such nuggests of wisdom.

The truth is never free. Freedom has a cost. Truth is usually the first casualty in war as we know. Do not abandon your readers. We all have mega expenses.

I do not quite understand why people encounter so few fellow WNs above the 5th level. Maybe because so many of you are from the States? The so called ‘bible belt’ expression we hear about during every presidential election explains a lot. The country has no white history except the one dominated by christianity, and people seem not to be able to comprehend a society without it.

I regularly, here in Scandinavia (yes I know, we do have some serious problems here as well) encounter people with a much more red-pilled attitude to christianity, which would leave them partially in level 6 & 7.

C.T. – as to your period of rest and necessary surgery – all the best.

After Level 6 in Mauricio’s list I just added an ‘Editor’s note’: These steps can only be taken after transvaluing Christian values…

I am not an American nor do I live in the US. But yes: the few years I lived there I was surprised to see so many churches and places of worship.

American white nationalists who have not lived overseas have no idea how different it is outside their country. They would enrich themselves if they could live somewhere in Europe. It happened that the worst type of Christianity—a Xtianity that took seriously the Old Testament—conquered the most important nation of this continent. As the last words of Hamlet say, ‘The rest is silence’.

P.S. The period of surgery will come next year. Meanwhile, I have to save some money…

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