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If everyone is blonde who needs hair dyes?

Another Spartan law with racist connotations was to prohibit hair dyes. In the rest of Greece dyes were common, as were blonde wigs, the methods of hair bleaching and the elaborate and extravagant hairstyles like those of Babylon or Etruria (and later in decadent Rome). At one stage of the devolution, when the original native breed in Greece was being diluted by miscegenation, the dyes and the concoctions for hair bleaching were highly prized, especially among women. The same would happen in decadent Rome: Roman wigs were made with the golden hair taken from female German prisoners.

In Sparta the influx of foreigners was jealously limited. It was only possible to visit Sparta for pressing reasons. Similarly, the very Spartans were rarely allowed to travel abroad, and even the slave trade was banned. This was motivated by the interest of the elite that its core would not be corrupted by the softness of foreign customs. The Spartans undoubtedly were great xenophobes.

(Passages from one of Evropa Soberana’s essays in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.)

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What is more indicative of genetic contamination: darker hair or darker eyes?

I know that genetics is complex and that much of it lies hidden under the skin, but from a simplistic physiognomic point of view, which physical traits show more Aryan ancestry and less non-european genes? Blonde hair and brown eyes, or brunette hair and blue eyes?

Dark skin of course is the worst trait. This is one of the reasons I am not visiting anymore the alt-right/WN forums. They don’t even want to define who’s white. Always remember Greg Johnson’s POV:

“White” to me just means “European,” which includes a whole range of skin tones, from the whitest white to brown. [!!!!]

William Pierce was not affected by this sort of treasonous nonsense. After I finish reviewing The Fair Race I’ll continue the translation of essays by Evropa Soberana: the only consistent racial thinker today. It’s him and his friend Valg who showed me who’s white.

There are no aryans, white man is a Jew. Very soon european children will look like african mullato’s or arabs.

I have a peculiar aversion to unapologetically brown eyes (mine are hazel). Especially when seeing them IRL. I can’t help connecting them to stupidity and simple-mindedness. And frankly, they disappoint me.

The evolution of the eye/hair colour is uncertain, but the iris is probably the least practical and thus the most dependent on sexual selection.

Personally, skin > eyes > hair. I can never understand hair colours, all the shades of grey, brown, yellow. I consider my hair pretty dark, but it’s most likely some tint of grey with brown.

Cranial and nose shapes, however, are important just as much if not more. Often they are easy to tell apart, sometimes not. French noses are quite long, but utterly different from Jewish.

By the way, what would Spartans think of old people’s dyeing their hair? As afraid of death?


I let pass your above comment only to make a public statement.

Yesterday in your email you mention your ‘list of antivirus worldviews’ that includes the worldviews of a Jew like Marx, a semi-Jew like Lenin and a non-Aryan like Stalin, who genocided the Rus by the millions (you should know as you are from Ukraine).

This year this site lost three smart commenters because of their loonie admiration of Charles Manson. Your response to Robert Morgan’s silly defence of Manson is so good that it merits an expansion into a blog article.

Alas, from the POV of this site, admiring Lenin and Stalin is infinitely worse than admiring Manson. In fact, in the same forum where you debunked Morgan’s views on Manson you iterated your admiration for Stalin to the point of calling Alexandr Solzhenitsyn ‘a homosexual’.

It seems that our most elemental moral grammar is not only incompatible but diametrically antipodal in some vital aspects.

I am afraid I must ask you not try adding any more comments or send me more emails. This time my goodbye is for good.

*Am I still banned for my Hellstorm remarks?*

So Adunai just listed Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism as ‘antivirus worldviews’ meaning pro-Aryan? Is he some sort of insane person?

Too bad, because he seemed one of the finest commenters on this site.

You said that you don’t give a shit for the Germans who literally became martyrs in the Second World War, right? That you only cared for NS independently of the suffering of the German people.

Like you, Adunai consistently, along the years, has said things to test me: that I should not be concerned with animal torture, or feel compassion for German martyrs (more or less what you have said), or the children burnt alive by their parents in ritual sacrifices (e.g., offerings to old god Moloch), etcetera.

My patience has a limit.

PS. Did not Dr. Robert Morgan used to comment here as Spahn Ranch/RevileChrist? And why is ‘rhnegatives’ commenting here again as ‘inconspicuousconspirer’ after all those insults and his promise never to comment here again?

rhnegatives here:

“This and your recent comments are absolutely the last straw, and I’m throwing in the towel as of the end of today with this website and any commentary….

I’m out of this stupid swamp.”

He couldn’t keep his promise. Why?

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