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Mind control of all whites

The multiple appearances of Jesus to his people after the resurrection appear treated by the hand of Duccio di Buoninsegna in his Maestà of the Cathedral of Siena.

When Duccio, who was born in the 13th century, painted The Incredulity of Thomas credulity reigned all over medieval Europe. It was inconceivable to the European mentality that all of the gospel passages that can be seen in the Maestà paintings originated in literary fiction out of the pen of Semitic writers of the late first century. The grip that the Roman Catholic Church had over the European mind was absolute.

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Saint Thomas ought to be the patron saint of apistevism. The only Apostle who had the good sense to ask for scientific evidence for the Resurrection.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.


The quote you put in Sagan’s mouth is not from Sagan. It originated in the 1970s by the then called CSICOP, a group that I would meet personally (at a conference that Sagan attended by the way).

Xtian artwork is a dog turd gilded in gold. The fact that it possesses beauty is a good reason to destroy it. The future history books should only present the most mediocre examples of xtian art so that no youth could be led to the rabbi’s defense for the sake of “protecting culture” which Essenic religion has sought to eliminate.

The fact that it possesses beauty means that even in the Dark Ages the Aryan mind tried to pay homage to Aryan beauty (as the blond angels on the other recent post).

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