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On myopia and perspectivism

After Nietzsche became insane, his sister and a friend of the philosopher assembled some of his loose writings in a book she published. §481 of that book that Nietzsche never intended to publish, The Will to Power, contains this sentence: ‘In so far as the word “knowledge” has any meaning, the world is knowable; but it is interpretable [emphasis in original]. Otherwise, it has no meaning behind it, but countless meanings—“perspectivism”.’
In other words, all ideations, even white nationalist ideations, take place from particular perspectives or points of view (POVs), and there are many possible conceptual schemes, or perspectives, which judgment of value can be made by integrating different vantage points together.

The image reveals a difference of contextuality. Each perspective is subsumed into another and adds an overall objective measure: a meta-perspective.
If we illustrate perspectivism with the current paradigm in white nationalism, that Jewish subversion is the primary cause of the downfall of whites, this working hypothesis may be represented by the smallest circle. An exemplary case of this point of view is that of David Duke. (Incidentally, I liked very much his most recent podcast about the ongoing Syrian crisis: here.)
But Duke is myopic: he cannot see that the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem (see the second circle encompassing the smallest one). Those nationalists who doubt the accuracy of this contextualisation should read the texts that support the encompassing claim: (1) Evropa Soberana’s Rome vs. Judea, (2) Jack Frost’s PDF and (3) the recently published Why Europeans Must Reject Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu.
But the ‘Christian problem’ POV can also be subsumed into another circle: the Aryan problem, that we also have discussed on this site (listen e.g., to Arthur Kemp’s historical perspective) and so on: the Aryan problem can be subsumed into a larger circle, what Joseph Walsh recently called ‘the human problem’ in the comments section of this site.
But the ‘human problem’ is not the largest comprehensive vantage viewpoint or ‘circle’. In the last chapter of ¿Me Ayudarás?, which is basically an autobiographical book, I go further: the human problem can be subsumed into the larger understanding of the ‘animal problem’.
I tackle this larger problem, along with the even larger contextualisation than the animal problem—the ‘bio problem’ in other planets—with my principle of the four words: eliminar todo sufrimiento innecesario. But the point is that in order to take this most encompassing principle to the stars—the circle that encompasses all others: our meta-perspective—, presently we must concrete ourselves to solve the most immediate problem, the Jewish Problem. The stars, including the choice between us or A.I. en route for the Star Child (see the image chosen for my previous post, the last instalment of Bardamu’s essay) will come only if Aryans pass all the lesser tests.
My advice to solving the Jewish Problem is precisely to get rid of Christian ethics. It is the moral compass of contemporary whites what is driving Aryans toward the abyss, including the compass of most white nationalists.
So we are stuck in the second circle in this age of treason, which is why this site focuses on the Christian Problem. In the next few days, my humble contribution will be asking Bardamu if he would allow me to include his essay in the 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

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37 replies on “On myopia and perspectivism”

This also sums up the thoughts of those who believe in conspiracy theories and the Alex Jones fans: They call you sheeple for not believing that Timothy McVeigh was a CIA plant, or that Sandy Hook was faked. And their personal favourite is believing that 9/11 was an inside job… and they call you sheeple for not believing in it.
They are like the Identitarian Christians who think they have the whole truth and nothing less, but will never realise that they are even further away from the truth than they were before. I am no different in terms of believing I have the truth. Everybody believes their ideology is the one correct one. The difference is that I accept I have gotten something wrong when the time comes. For example, I used to believe in non-violence, and I also had a romanticised view of Hitler in my head (he did nothing wrong ETC). I have now come to embrace the news that I was wrong. I am now perfectly happy about the Hitler who tried to conquer the Slavs, and the idea of violence.
Your term “animal problem” sounds interesting, and I would love to see how this plays out.

Everyone has his own ugly truth. But only César Tort wants Aryans to survive not for the sake of themselves, but for the sake of poor animals in Africa.
Nobody comes close. They’re all relativists. And if they’re not, they are fine with praying to an Israelite’s corpse.

The smarter white nationalists don’t believe in conspiracy theories about 9/11. Even David Duke, in the above-linked audio, talks about Saudi Muslims as the sole perpetrators.

Surely you jest. I knew the September 11th attack was a false flag operation the minute I heard the first report and before seeing any video. But then I was at Waco and saw the incredible media lies in operation during that murderous debacle that cost 58 men women and children their lives.
The same lies were again obvious with McVeigh and the Murrah building, an alleged “terrorist” attack that cost the lives of more women and children. Not a single federal agent showed up for work the day McVeigh supposedly blew up the Murrah building. Then there are those girders that are visibly splayed outward.
Jews masturbate at the very thought of murdering women and children, especially Christian women and children, before gnashing their teeth and rending their garments while wailing about “saving the children.” Naturally the gullible goyim predictably respond by supporting everything from “gun control” to wars for Israel.
Christ, the Jews own the media; look at the lies they are still telling about the Hallowedhoax 75 years after the fact. September 11th was just the latest version of (((their))) mythical Hallowedhoax. The attack on the Trade Towers comes down to motive. Cui Bono? What did Saudi Arabian “terrorists” gain? A better place in heaven? Did it further any terrorists cause? Or did it serve to incite the American people’s vengeance in giving support for a war that in the end, would only serve to benefit to Israel?
Why wasn’t Saudi Arabia held responsible for the attack instead of Iraq? Why is Saudi Arabia, the most repressive state in the Near East, a “Teflon” state? Why is it Saudi Arabia has been spared the political unrest and upheaval, not to mention the attacks that have occurred in every other county in the Near East? Could it be because the house of Saud is Jewish?
I can tell you what the Jews got out of the September 11th attack, they got rid of one of their major enemies in the Near East, while allowing their American brethren a grip on Iraqi oil fields. Research Gerald Bull and his “HARP supergun”.

“The C.I.A. knew what Bull was up to and tried to dissuade him; so did Mossad, the Israeli secret service agency, afraid that what Hussein was really preparing to do with the supergun was lob missiles at Tel Aviv. Bull should have listened; on March 22, 1990, before the project was completed, he was gunned down by a still unknown assassin in his Brussels apartment.

For the media, “unknown assassin” means Mossad assassin.
I worked in aviation, I know airplanes. What’s more, I know Jews and the lies they are capable of manufacturing. The Soviet Union provides an excellent history to find just how biggly Jews lie to the indigenous people of their host country. More to the point, I used to read NTSB crash reports. Never – ever – did I find a single case where a known crash site with “souls on board” to be devoid of human remains – never – ever.
Yet, on September 11th there were four major crashes of large aircraft, ostensibly with hundreds of souls on board, that left not a single, identifiable, human remain, not one single fingerprint or dental bridge. Impossible for one aircraft alone, but we are to believe four in one day? In fact, investigators have dug up decade old remains from aircraft that went straight in – straight in – at well over four hundred miles an hour. Just how many Brooklyn bridges does one have to buy before they realize they’ve been suckered? Four and counting seems to be the answer.
Mass media videos show one of the jets ploughing through a tower to exit out the other side. This is a physical impossibility, as a passenger jet’s fragile structure would disintegrate on impact. So the question is how does a video clearly show what is physically impossible? What’s next? Jesus descending from a cloud to tell all the good little boys and girls that their war is just and god is on their side?
Just how fragile is a passenger jet? Cabin altitude of a passenger jet is 10’000 feet, approximately half the atmospheric pressure of sea level of 14.7 psi. Why? Because an aircraft built to withstand sea level pressure differential at 30,000 feet would be too heavy to get off the ground. Remember the top that blew of the Hawaiian airlines 737 while descending from altitude?
With aircraft, weight is the key element in both fuel consumption and payload capacity. The lighter an aircraft is built, the better it flies. Yet we are to believe a standard passenger jet punched though a building in a manner that a battle tank would be hard pressed to manage?
Jews are stupid, the very antithesis of their illusionary “Einstein genius” myth. Their lies are transparent, depending on the public’s ignorance to pass the smell test. I have personally witnessed a number of controlled demolitions. One has to be a gullible fool not to see what is patently obvious to anyone who has witnessed such demolitions. There is no excuse, YouTube is full of videos of controlled demolitions; go watch them and then watch the Trade Tower videos again. If the Trade Towers weren’t “pulled,” I can’t imagine why Larry Silverstein gave that standard demolition order.
The official story is shot full of holes, it stinks so bad of the Jew and their duplicity, I cannot imagine anyone not seeing though the sham, but as P.T. Barnum is reported to have said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Apparently the world is now populated with them.
As for conspiracies, anyone studying the matter will find that history is in fact filled with conspiracies like that of Julius Caesar’s murder and Guy Fawks’ “gunpowder plot.” In fact, whenever a power structure arises, inevitably others conspire to destroy it. British history is one long conspiracy.
Even the term “false flag” comes from the British and other navies duplicitously flying enemy or neutral flags to disguise their men of war. Yet we are to believe such things do not exist in this age of technology; an age that, more than ever, allows monopolistic media owners to boldly lie to the public? Once again, Jews depend of the public’s ignorance of physical and historical reality to accept their lies.
Considering all the historical false flags and conspiracies, e.g. The king David Hotel, Iraqi yellow cake, FDR’s foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, The mythical gulf of Tonkin incident that led to Vietnam and on and on, I am hard pressed to believe the official version of any activity involving Jews and government.
By the way, it has now been verified and admitted only four Jews died in September 11th attack. So how is one to reconcile that long list presented to the media of Jews that never actually died in the attack? Shades of the “six million” Hallowedhoax “victims!”
If you want people to wake up, then start with their abysmal ignorance about how the world around them actually functions.
But then I’m not a white nationalist. This way to the egress.

Your 9/11 conspiracy theory is mentioned in this video:
Your argument of “I have worked with planes” is funny. My father believed that 9/11 was an inside job and one of the many reasons for this is “son, I’ve worked with steel!” hence why he believed the passenger jets couldn’t have bent the steel that was holding the towers together.
My father was one of these people who believed that 9/11 was done by someone or a group of people who may have gotten their hands on a Death Star.
But I honestly think it is pointless to put all of the 9/11 conspiracy arguments in that comment, because we have heard it all before.
No, I don’t believe that 9/11 was a secret Jewish conspiracy to do what exactly? Osama Bin Laden being responsible for that attack makes the most sense. William Pierce made a very interesting speech about it:

But I honestly think it is pointless to put all of the 9/11 conspiracy arguments in that comment, because we have heard it all before.

Yes, a single link would’ve been sufficient once more, instead of posting entire excerpts here of things we have already heard.

Okay, fair enough. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a LIE.
By the way, I’m an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with over 3000 hours in the left seat of everything from Piper Cubs to jets. So I am more than just someone who worked around aircraft. But I’m a neophyte compared to this guy Ask yourself, if the private sector can do this this what is the US government capable of doing?

Arch Stanton says: ‘YouTube is full of videos of controlled demolitions; go watch them and then watch the Trade Tower videos again. If the Trade Towers weren’t “pulled,” I can’t imagine why Larry Silverstein gave that standard demolition order.’
Agreed. All three buildings (WTC 1 & 2, and building 7) were packed with explosives and were controlled demolitions. The visual evidence is conclusive.
I agree with those who say that the plane that was shot down over Pennsylvania was supposed to hit building 7, so that was the one substantial failure of that Mossad operation known as 911.
IIRC, WTC 1 & 2 were hit before 10am, but building 7 wasn’t demolished until around 5 pm. My guess is that there were several conferences back in Israel that lasted hours regarding what to do about building 7. In the end, the decision was made to bring building 7 down, instead of just leaving the demolition explosives in the building (risking possible eventual discovery or accidental detonation), or risking an operation to remove the demolition explosives from building 7.

i wonder why little mention is made of hollywood’s obvious role in scripting the 9/11 special effects? for no more reason than the giant emotional trauma that spectacle works. (to say nothing of the juw swamp that is hollywood.) arch s, you are correct to summarize 9/11 with the single word, “lie.” and “lie” describes juw hollyworld and its products. (the utterly over-wrought ending to peter fonda’s bike in the closing scene of easy rider: a single blast from a 12 gauge shotgun blows captain america’s bike into a hundred pieces with the front wheel arching 50′ in the air. yea. right. utter nonsense. as is the 9/11 spectacle. utterly transparent. as you remind all, how many brooklyn bridges must the world buy from these crazies before we wake up and burn down the east and west hollyworlds?)

This succinctly sums up the reason for “monocausilism” This is why your attempt to separate idiots from their beloved religion will never work.

One need not read the famous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or the more modern speech which Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovitch delivered in Budapest, on the 12th of January, 1952 before the “Emergency Council of European Rabbi,” in order to be convinced of the double, world-wide effort of the Jews, on one hand, to lower the biological level of all non-Jewish races, specially of the Aryan, and, on the other, to work themselves into all key-positions in the economical, political, cultural and spiritual life of all leading nations. It is, on the contrary, the obvious reality of that double effort — the presence of the international Jew (or of organisations entirely under his control) behind all “spiritual,” “cultural” or political movements or thought-currents that allow, encourage, or logically lead to the mixture of races; behind all or practically all “literary,” “artistic” commercial or “medical” concerns, the aim of which is to encourage sexual perversity and any manner of vice, to provide silly amusements or to forward the love of empty speculation, in one word, to lower the physical, intellectual and moral level of the individual; and, along with that, the ever-increasing number (and influence) of Jews (or of men completely under Jewish control) in world-finance, world-industry and world-politics; — it is the fact that, whoever shows that he or she is fully aware of that effort and fully prepared to fight against it, “gets nowhere”; the glaring fact that nothing indeed happens in this ugly post-1945 world without the Jews’ order or permission, which strengthens, at least in us, the conviction that both the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the recent Rabinovitch speech, and the like of them, are genuine documents. As genuine as the much older Bible and Talmud that also proclaim the Jews “God’s Chosen people.”

What you have excerpted does not prove anything. it is just a projection of what you yourself believe. The excerpt makes me ask: What kind of people are the Aryans to be so easily duped into Race Mixing because they are told to by a completely different group of people?

@jackh, in a similiar vein, what kind of person was hitler to be duped by that stinking blob of rolling fat, winston churchill? amy chua presents 3 traits common to those who rise to the top of their cultures, a superiority complex, insecurity of their personal ranking in their culture and finally exceptional impulse control. well, from the history books i’ve skimmed on hitler’s interaction w/ churchill, adolf could have likely felt some insecurity about the ranking of the german people with the other big 3, britain, france and russia. and felt germany could benefit from stronger acceptance by britain and that fat fuk two faced shit, winston. (a juw cuck if there ever was one.) are the aryans still too insecure with their positioning under luther’s god. an instinct to be the good neighbor who keeps his word to the end, to his detriment? (so as to please the lutheran god on the final day of judgment?) i dunno. i long for the day germany returns to the top of the european heap and effects the third time is the charm. (yea, i know, magical thinking. my old missouri synod lutheran malware.)

savitri devi’s building on/ relying on “kalki” to finally save our collective asses has always left me queasy and uneasy. how is her touting of yet another invisible deity delivering the final solution any different from other religions? perhaps i’d give such spiritual selling more consideration if those gods related to us earthlings on a face-to-face relationship. until then, sorry. if we can’t effect change with the resources that make us human species, well, then, too bad for us losers. i’m all for some outside help, as long as those outsiders show us respect by making themselves known to us on a name basis.

Devi is not alone. O’Meara wrote: ‘In either case, the force of Providence or Being or Destiny has a power that has often made itself felt in our history. For this reason, I have little doubt that Europeans will eventually throw off the Judeo-liberal system programming their destruction. I’m less confident about we Americans, given the greater weakness of our collective identity and destiny. But nevertheless even we might be saved from ourselves by this force—as long as we do what is still in our power to do.’

It’s not the return of Kalki that interests me, It’s Devi’s uncanny observations about the world at large, especially her insight about the proliferation of mud people, the bottom tier of humanity, overpopulating the earth. In her day this would not have been nearly as obvious as it is today. However, she did live in India.
The other fascinatingly chilling quote I found in the chapter it this,

The Mohammedan World is awaiting Him under the features of “the Mahdi,” Whom Allah shall send “at the end of times,” to crush all evil through the power of His sword — “after the Jews will once more have became the masters of Jerusalem” and “after the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe, on fire.”

Didn’t Trump just recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s new capital? Doesn’t that amount to tacit recognition of the Jew’s full control over that city? Are Jews not now the masters of Jerusalem? And is not Trump on the verge of setting even the air men breathe on fire? Is not that power fully a product of Jew devils like Oppenheimer and Teller?

But Duke is myopic: he cannot see that the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem.

You’ve got it backwards. The Jewish problem encompasses the Christian problem.
Jesus was a Jew. Saul/Paul was a Jew. Therefore, there can be no question Christianity was a creation of the Jews. However, Jesus would have never ascribed to the underlying principles of Saul/Paul’s Christianity. Jesus’ efforts were directed against the second Temple, while Saul/Paul’s efforts were an attempt to reestablish the Temple in a new format. The Christian church was a mirrored inversion of the second Temple.
The new Temple was morphed into the Greek concept of “church,” with Jesus as the new YHVH god and Saul/Paul assuming the role of “kohein gadol” or high priest. This is why later Christian churches had all the earmarks of the second Temple, complete with its set of dogmatic laws redacted to address the non-Jew.
Despite Jesus’ admonishment to his disciples to “go not unto the gentile,” Saul/Paul gathered “gentile” followers into his fold to fill out the ranks of his nascent religion, as there were not enough Jews to serve that purpose. Even after the destruction of their second Temple, most Jews still followed the Temple’s Judaic religion. Saul/Paul’s recruiting of “gentiles” into the new religion did not help the attempt to gather followers from his tribal brethren. Once again, one finds the Jew’s use of goyim as “useful idiots” to achieve their own greedy ends.
Jesus was an altruist who stood against a religious system to help those being oppressed by it. Saul Paul was the opposite; a greedy, self-serving, Jew seeking only to elevate his personal power and wealth. To this end, Saul/Paul co-opted Jesus’ ministry against the second Temple, inverting it in a manner never intended by the master. Thus Saul/Paul is a classic example of the false teacher that usurps the master’s teachings to gather his own following that will feed his ego with power and wealth.
A recent example of this is (((Richard Alpert,))) aka “Baba Ram Dass.” Alpert took his master’s teachings (incomplete) and used them to start his own large group of followers to feed his egotistic desire for power. Due to the nature of instruction of esoteric knowledge, real teachers like Jesus must be quite personal in their approach, typically addressing small groups of between one and fifteen followers. These followers, supplicants, disciples are prohibited from developing a personality cult of worshiping the master. Massive followings of worshipers, as seen with Saul/Paul and Richard Alpert, are a clear sign of the false teacher.
Saul Paul was a self-serving Jew. He used Jesus’ name and reputation to create his own religion that used Jesus as the new god for his “Church” that replaced the Temple. Same wine in a new bottle.
Consider the facts. No Jews – no Christianity, it’s that simple. No Jews, no central banks. No central banks, no inflation/deflation cycles resulting in economic panics, depressions, economic collapses. No Jews, no nuclear weapons. No Jews, no global wars that spawned nuclear weapons and other advanced weapons technology like the nuclear submarine (Hyman Rickover “Father” of the nuclear navy). No Jews, no global spraying programs. (Of course it’s merely coincidence the Rothschilds now own all the weather tracking services). No Jews, no GMO foods with the Jew’s Monsanto corp. leading the development of GMO technology. No Jews, no pharmaceutical corporations producing mind-bending, psychotropic drugs and murderous vaccines. No Jews, no unrestricted immigration now consuming and destroying every stinking, white country on the planet. No Jews, no Hallowedhoax lie providing (((them))) a free pass to pursue virtually any murderous agenda they please with impunity, like apartheid Israel’s displacement and mass murder of Palestinians. A world without these parasites would indeed be unrecognizable.
Here is a quote about the top Jew that ran the development of the atomic bomb, from the 2018 book Behind the Fog by Lisa Martino-Taylor

(Robert J) Oppenheimer was onboard with the radiological weapons experiment efforts, stating to his colleague Enrico Fermi, “I think that we should not attempt a plan unless we can poison food sufficient to kill half a million men, since there is not [sic] doubt that the actual number affected will, because of non-uniform distribution, be much smaller than this.” Oppenheimer was discussing radiological weapons via ingestion – by widespread food sabotage, extending Hamilton’s plan to develop R W (radiation weapons) through radioactive smoke.

Need I remind the reader this was the same Oppenheimer who gave the world the atomic bomb? So who was this Jew?

Shortly after Oppenheimer’s arrival at Cambridge in 1925, Ella and Julius traveled to England to check on Robert, as he had alienated his peers by strange and dangerous behavior. Using cyanide that he obtained from the university laboratory, Oppenheimer reportedly laced an apple with the poison and placed it on Blackett’s desk for his consumption. Fortunately the professor discovered the ploy and alerted university administration who met with Oppenheimer’s parents. Julius Oppenheimer frantically and successfully lobbied the university to drop the charges, although school officials stipulated that the young receive a psychological assessment before returning to the university, where he would be placed on probation status. After several evaluations Oppenheimer was diagnosed with profound schizophrenia that psychoanalysis would not benefit, (my italics) according to his third European psychiatrist. Soon thereafter Oppenheimer’s Harvard friend Francis Fergusson visited the “troubled” young man to share the news of his engagement.

Robert was stunned at the news, and he snapped. I leaned over to pick up a book . . . and he jumped on me from behind with a trunk strap and wound it around my neck. I was quite scared for a little while. We must have made some noise. And then I managed to pull aside and he fell to the ground weeping.

Even after two incidents involving battery assault and attempted murder. Oppenheimer continued on at Cambridge through Julius’s desperate negotiations.

These “top secret experiments” Oppenheimer enthusiastically supported were conducted concurrently with the more visible, and therefore less secret, nuclear bomb tests that distributed radioactive particulates over the entire planet for more than fifty years. Should it be a surprise this was the Jew that gave the world the atomic bomb, along with more than fifty years of radioactive testing that poisoned the planet?
Even before the first atomic bomb was tested, Oppenheimer, along with numerous other Jews, had surreptitiously transferred atomic bomb technology to their Judeaocommunist brethren in the Soviet Union. This in turn led to the so-called “cold war” that drove a massive, peacetime, global buildup of nuclear weapons technology at a wartime pace. Who really benefited?
Is it any wonder that, with between 400 and 800 nuclear weapons in their nuclear arsenal, along with submarines capable of delivering them, Israel is the only nuclear power in the Near East today? Yet Jews have the chutzpah to scream and kvetch about the Iranians potential to build a nuclear bomb. Of course no one knows how many nukes Israel has because they are the only country to successfully resist any and all oversight.
So you propose fixing the Jew-stupefied, gullible goy problem first before fixing the murderously psychopathic Jew problem? Well you better goddamn well get on with it because Jews have now pushed us to the brink of WWIII. By the way, did you know that Trump’s cabinet is filled with Jews and the reconstituted (((neocon))) John Bolton, now leading the war charge, is a Jew? So how you gonna’ fix the goy’s “Christian problem” when there are no goy left to fix?
Here’s a clue, Trump paid homage to the Wailing Wall all by his little ol’ self with no Jew accompaniment, the very first president to do so. Ostensibly this was due to Jews being miffed at his election. The fact is, this was a clear sign to global Jewry that Trump was “their boy” to the point of needing no Jewish oversight to assure compliance with (((their))) global agenda.
Here’s a challenge, name one other religious site every president of the United States since Bush senior has paid homage to while donning its religious trappings.
It’s a Christian problem? Indeed.

By ‘the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem’ I mean: hadn’t whites accepted Xtianity, no JP would be bothering the West right now. It was the swamps of the whites’ sins (enforcing a Semitic cult throughout the centuries) what eventually emancipated Jews in the West.
We can imagine a world where the Vikings had conquered, and ethnically cleansed, the whole American continent for themselves. In this hypothetical ‘New Scandinavia’, no contemporary American Viking would be as cucky with the Jews as the Zionist Xtian Americans are in the real world.

So you propose fixing the Jew-stupefied, gullible goy problem first before fixing the murderously psychopathic Jew problem?

Did you miss the point? What I meant is that whites around the globe are not defending themselves against the (((bacteria))) precisely because they have Semitic AIDS (Xtian ethics) within their minds. Get rid of the AIDS virus by rejecting Xtian ethics—a moral compass that even most WNsts subscribe with the exception of e.g., Linder—and the bacteria problem is solved the next day.
P.S. Your 1,300-word comment is more than twice length of my original post.

This is not a simple issue to be addressed with short paragraphs and soundbites. This is one of the major problems faced with informing others of the problems. Jewish media has conditioned people to adopt short attention spans so they want information presented in the Jew’s “soundbite” format.
My own father used to say, “If it can’t be said in a paragraph then it isn’t worth saying.” My father was an Air Force instructor on the numerous missile programs, including Titan, Atlas and Thor. Imagine if he had only been allowed a paragraph for training individuals on these weapons.
In fact one of the problems I have noted with directing people to your website is the voluminous amount of information you present. To their detriment, they are not willing to make the effort to read what is required to understand your point of view.
Again I ask, how is one to address the problem of defending themselves from the “bacteria” when the “bacteria” has transmuted its host into an inverted, mirror image of itself?
Jews are a classic parasitical infection of the host body. This condition is perfectly framed by another parasitical organism, Sacculina. Sacculina is a genus of barnacles that is a parasitic “castrator” of crabs. They belong to a group called Rhizocephala. They are a part of a group of infamous species that are body-snatching parasites that infect crustaceans and crayfish.

Falling into the category of “you can’t make this up,” is the parasitic barnacle Sacculina. Shedding its hard shell and injecting itself into the body of a host crab, Sacculina becomes its puppet master, preventing the crab from molting, growing, regenerating, digesting and reproducing. Instead, the reprogrammed crab directs all of its energy to nourishing the Sacculina and caring for the parasite’s offspring.
Life Cycle
In its larval stage, the female of the species has a hard outer shell, like other barnacle larvae. When she finds her preferred host, the green crab Carcinus maenas, she walks along its body until she locates a joint in the host’s shell. There, Sacculina, unlike other barnacles, sheds her outer shell and injects herself into the crab.
Once inside, from her now slug-like form, she develops a root system of tendrils; these filaments extend throughout the crab’s abdomen, taking over its intestine, diverticulae and even surrounding the stomach, allowing Sacculina to suck nourishment from the crab. In addition, other tendrils envelope the crab’s thoracic ganglion (a nerve center), and follow the crab’s nervous system down through its legs and up to and surrounding the cerebral ganglion (the crab equivalent of a brain).
After a few weeks, she develops a sac-like reproductive unit that grows out from the crab’s abdomen near its rear where the crab would otherwise keep its own eggs. There, many tiny male Sacculina in larval form (the males never reach adult maturity) enter the female’s external sac and fertilize her eggs, of which she can make hundreds every day.
After about 6 weeks, the eggs develop into larvae and the reproductive cycle continues. Mature Sacculina can live as long as their hosts, and, therefore, continue to breed for at least one or two years.
Puppet Master
More than just getting a free ride, Sacculina takes total control of its host crab. First, the tendrils that have attached to the crab’s nerves emit substances that rework the crab’s endocrine system. Via this mechanism, Sacculina causes the crab’s body to absorb its own Y-organ (the gland that directs the crab to molt or grow), as well as commanding the crab’s androgenic gland (which controls sex differentiation) to degenerate.
With Sacculina in the driver’s seat, not only is the crab unable to molt, grow or regenerate lost limbs, it is also now infertile. To add insult to injury, when Sacculina inhabits a male crab, the endocrine changes wrought by Sacculina feminize him, so that he now resembles (and acts like) a female crab – to the point that he will even do a female mating dance!
Under complete alien control, the infected host of either sex will begin to care for the parasite’s eggs (that rest on the crab’s abdomen where its own eggs would be). When the time is right, the crab acts out its own reproductive cycle by climbing to a high rock and tending to the egg pouch. When the hundreds of eggs are ready to hatch, the crab bobs up and down in the water to release them; he/she then stirs the floating eggs with his/her claw to set them on their way to new hosts, where this cruel cycle will continue.

Note the similarities in the parasite taking complete control of the host’s body to the point where the crab no longer addresses its own survival, focusing instead on the parasite’s regeneration, much like white nations commit their resources to protecting and advancing Israeli interests to their financial and political detriment. Note how the parasite worms its way though the crab’s entire nervous system taking over its biological functions. What’s more, Sacculina takes over the crab’s optic nerves, making it highly probable the crab only sees what the parasite wants it to see. Note also the feminization of the crab that can no longer reproduce. Are not the parallels of this parasitical organism to the Jewish parasite obvious?
So how might one suggest saving the crab from its parasite? Perhaps by removing it from its environment? No doubt the crab would survive if only it rejected its parasite’s values.

Arch Stanton, thanks for the poison-apple story about Oppenheimer. After seeing your quote about it, I did some bing searching and confirmed the truth of the story.
I had read a biography about Oppenheimer — focused mostly on his role regarding the A-bomb — about 20 years ago, and I’m pretty sure that poison-apple story was not in that book, which makes that book a bit of a whitewash.

It is completely unnecessary to post long comments with arguments from monocausalists I’ve already responded many times in other threads. If you feel compelled to advance, once more, any of such arguments for the Nth time, you can do it by merely linking to an external article—instead of posting the entire article within this comments section. (How many times for example have you posted Mammoth comments on Jesus that we don’t believe, since we are sceptical of almost the whole Jesus story?)

Again I ask, how is one to address the problem of defending themselves from the “bacteria” when the “bacteria” has transmuted its host into an inverted, mirror image of itself?

That you are still missing the point is a very commonplace among white nationalists, who don’t want to see the world beyond the first circle of the diagram. Back in August 2015, Jack Frost said this to the monos on The Occidental Observer: ‘The more interesting question than Jewish “domination” of whites is, what kind of people are they who are so willing to be “dominated,” and why are they so willing?’
Your crab example (again: a link would suffice—I had heard this argument a million times!) is based upon a false analogy, as Aryans have much larger brains than crabs. IMO westerners are using their wills to chose Evil: Xtian ethics, a moral compass that most commenters of the Observer subscribe, including MacDonald himself.
Using Christian terms, it’s whites the ones who are sinning by surrendering their will to the wrong axiology. This sin is what is causing the JP throughout the West.
No CP no JP.

The reason I post excerpts is because most people are unwilling to go to the websites, never mind reading through the entire article to glean the points I am trying to convey. However, I will henceforth honor your wishes.
Sure men have bigger brains than crabs, but does bigger necessarily mean better? After all, how many other organisms are threatening the planet with nuclear destruction? Funny how it’s the Jew’s egocentric Torah that provides man dominion over the planet’s other organisms. As the other organisms critical to the environment’s survival die off e.g. frogs and bees, we shall see how man’s dominion will work out for the planet’s long term existence.
At the rate things in the Near East are progressing, this entire argument will soon be a moot point anyway.
As one nuclear submariner wrote, “We knew (fooled into believing) that if we ever launched missiles for any reason, the procedure would be to… “bend over, grab you ankles, and kiss your ass goodbye!!” That was our non-stop theme. We added, “The first thing ya know… it’s the last thing ya know.!!”

I’ve been thinking this for a while but an argument against Christianity could be made even by a present day example. Most of the refugees are brought in, sheltered and funded by various Christian denominations — with your tax money, of course. Just imagine if these people had to pay for this samaritan work out of their own pockets.
That should be enough to abandon the churches, at least, but instead most white nationalists harp about how “Christianity unites us” — as evidenced by all the hundreds different denominations squabbling over some Jewish fairy tale and proclaiming themselves to be the only true faith.
So I don’t think it’s just Christian ethics that’s the problem — it’s that these people really seem to lack any higher cognitive thinking. Which is likely why they are attracted to that faith in the first place.

An excellent idea and while you’re at it, why not have America stop supporting Judaism as well? That should be enough to kill that shitty little state. Oh wait, Jews have already outlawed that idea for Americans.

The Jews did not “outlaw” the idea – Such a thing is impossible. Perhaps White people do not get very far when they take it into politics, however it is on them to use violence in order to put a voice to their ideas. It is very little fault of the Jews for the fact that Aryans are stupid and cowardly.

Really? So what are we to make of this and this? This is aside from the massive harassment campaign leveled against BDS supporters that have cost people their jobs.
Before you start dancing around the legal technicalities of my statement, ask what the penalties are for people who signed that statement to get relief and then went ahead in their support for BDS. And by the way, why was there a BDS movement to begin with?
Why not publish a comment explaining your views on the BDS movement?

You miss my point: Jews cannot stop you from thinking a thing because it is illegal to speak it. And it is not the fault of the Jews that Whites are too cowardly to fight against this tyranny and too stupid to realise there even is a tyranny.
There was a BDS movement because Leftists don’t like seeing Brown people being murdered. These Westerners do not think that Israel and Jews are a threat to them, they are just desperate to White Knight for the sand niggers. The Right Wingers like Gavin McInnes are not speaking on behalf of BDS because he is in the “too stupid” category. Those in the Alt Right are in the “too cowardly” category, which is even worse. This BDS mob are the same campaigning for “Human Rights”, the same who protested against Apartheid, the same who campaigned against the Vietnam War, not because it was getting young Whites killed but because poor little chinky-eyed man was being invaded.
Just because something is illegal should not make so many of us afraid to do it. The fact that one half of the White Race is too stupid and the other half too cowardly is not something I want to entirely blame the Jews for.

Just letting you know, Lefties only protest about Israel since they’re classified as Whites murdering innocent dindu nuffins (Palestinians). Palestinians themselves are mongrel spawn of Arab invaders with extra Nigger blood.

Before more people keep trying to “prove” that 9/11 was fake, please just watch the video I linked.
Plus “I have worked with planes” is a not an argument, or is it evidence. The same goes for “the visual evidence is conclusive”. The same also goes for “it is being banned on YT though, gotcha!”
Arch Stanton does not have to externally link 9/11 conspiracies, I was protesting at the fact that he was presenting them in the first place because, like I said, I have heard it all before.

Ditto, Jack Halliday 5:32 way above.
Exactly two months ago I posted the below comment but it is worth reposting:
duck-rabbit_illusionThomas Kuhn used the duck-rabbit optical illusion to demonstrate the way in which a paradigm shift could cause one to see the same information in an entirely different way.
I use it for the purpose of showing how we can interpret the same image in completely different ways. The typical WN interprets this other image as blaming the jew for ethnosuicidal Xtian ethics.
The other way to look at the caricature is simply: How, unlike the Chinese and the Muslims, can Aryans be dumb enough to believe a standard of values that predicates ‘ethnocentrism for me (Old Testament) and universalism (New Testament) for thee’? ‘Exterminationist hatred coming from my Yawhve but unconditional love coming from your Jesus’?

How’s that again?

In 1943 “the allied (Manhattan) project gained its irresistible momentum” although by the following year it appeared that Germany had no serious atomic bomb program (Monk 2012: 411,417). This piece of intelligence required a major shift in a military narrative that had previously hinged on the argument that the U.S. was in a breakneck race against Germany to build the first atomic bomb. General Groves began stating in Manhattan Project circles that Russia – not Germany – was the primary impetus for U.S. weapons development. Joseph Rotblat, a Polish physicist who had worked on the Manhattan Project for several years, was told by Groves at a dinner party in 1944 that the U.S. military’s goal was to “subdue the Russkies” (Monk 2012: 417). This statement shocked Rotblat as he had always been led to believe “that our work was to prevent a Nazi victory, and now I was told that the weapon we were preparing was intended for use against the people who were making extreme sacrifice for that very aim” (Monk 2012: 417).

From Behind the Fog by Lisa Martino-Taylor
Obviously, Rotblat and others were unaware of the Rothschild’s long-term plans that included the JudeaoSoviets receiving, not only the theoretical paperwork on the bomb, but the necessary materials to build an atomic bomb even before America fired the first test shot as verified by Major Jourdan
Jews set ‘em up and Jews knock ‘em down.

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