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James Mason

Syria – Trump: a puppet president

Yes: it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the Russians could retaliate for Trump’s incredibly ZOGish attack, but perhaps WW3 is exactly what we need. After all, business as usual means continuing on the road of white extinction. If James Mason is right that ‘The enemy today is the U.S. Government itself and it is, by every standard of measure, the most evil thing that has ever existed on earth’, then we must welcome a total war even if we may perish in the process.
I’ll remove my previous post on philosophy and will only re-post it if things cool down tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can follow recent Alt-Right articles on this unbelievable stupid attack on Syria through Shitlord Hub.

17 replies on “Syria – Trump: a puppet president”

11:00 PM EST:
Fuck this.
I hope Russia nukes New York…
The Jews wanted this war, and now they’ve got it.

Notice: “The JEWS wanted this war”. These idiots will never blame Trump for that which he is culpable. Good Tsar, bad Boyars.
This is all eerily exciting anyway 🙂

Yesterday I was listening to Red Ice Radio interviewing Kevin MacDonald and another guy about the Syria attack. Not too bad but, although generally, I disagree with David Duke regarding the diagnosis of white decline, the Duke podcast I linked in ‘On myopia and perspectivism’ is spot on.
This Mueller investigation, a ‘witch hunt’ as Newt Gingrich repeatedly said on Fox News even before it started, has been hot on Trump’s tail the last few days. And yes: since the MSM is Jew-controlled in the US, Trump reacted the way the Deep State wanted: like a puppet.
What I liked about Duke’s radio show is that, although he’s very close to what I call a ‘monocausalist’, he’s wise enough to say that the Muslims orchestrated 9/11.

I have read the DS article and caught this shit:
“it is obvious that Trump is being held hostage by Jews. We saw this entire thing happen, with the raids on his offices, these new sex charges, all of the pressure being put on him, and all of the incoming potential threats.”
I hope the entire Alt-Right blows up in the first nuke.

Unfortunately, I cannot see the comments – I have to sign in or some rubbish. Before Charlottesville I was able to see the comments section without having an account.
But I sill stand by what I say: I hope the entire Alt-Right blows up in the first nuke.

Trump said the targets were chemical-weapons related, but Assad’s Syria no longer has chemical weapons (the Russians were directly involved in their removal a few years ago when Obama was still USA President; remember).
Also, the statement by Trump about being careful not to hit any Russians.
My guess is that the targets hit were unimportant, and this was more for show than trying to start WW3.
Assuming there was no real weakening of Assad’s side (including the Russians) as a result of the USA attack, then I don’t expect any direct retaliation by Russia such as launching missiles against whatever airbase those claimed air-launched cruise missiles came from.

As Alex Linder points out, we white nationalists have been against ALL of these Zio-wars, ab initio; since world-war 1. We would have been against the extermination of the Cathars and the Crusades – the Zionism of its day – had white nationalism been a thing back then. We white nationalists love our friends and hate our enemies.
We only care about the welfare of the ingroup: white men. We have no concern whatsoever as regards the deaths of brown and black children. We are totally indifferent.
No, it is the leftists; the Christians; those who have been deluded into a unipolar love for all – Linder rightly calls the Christian notion of “love” ‘whoredom’ – who have inflicted these atrocities upon mankind. We are the good guys. No, it is those who preach liberty and tolerance and emancipation and love that has the blood of untold millions upon their hands.

They are going to build a €5,000,000 Mosque in Kilkenny. They had a consultation with locals and they were furious. Perhaps there is hope for Southern Ireland. Southern Ireland hath waxed exceeding drunk on the multi-cult kool-aid. It was the Vatican-II sect that set up the “Irish” Immigrants Counsel; a feminist nun called Sister Stan.
The Vatican-II sect that set up a “Saint Patrick’s” refugee center in my own diocese.
That is why I view the Vatican-II sect as a military occupation, hell-bent on exterminating the natives.

gaedhal, is what I read recently, true, that the current PM of Ireland is some kind of mud, and he wants to import into Ireland more than a million other muds? If so, do you think he’s actually going to get that done or will Irish natives prevent it?

Well, one way to stop the building of a mosque is to take a pig and slaughter it on the site of the proposed mosque.

Fun factoid: A pig has such high levels of empathy that they are able to tell if any other animal, including a Human, is suffering. In light of this, they will often display behaviour which most would describe as attempting to console such and animal. If only we could have the heart to repay them in kind…

You know, I honestly blame the problems that Ireland faces solely on the IRA. The IRA were probably the most useless and unnecessary Terrorist group in history. They won, but I think this was due to lack of willpower on the part of the British Government.
The IRA preached about fighting against tyranny and then lead their people into one. Also, I am not too sure about this, but how many people did the IRA kill that could be considered innocent (White civilians, non degenerate)?
Killing “innocents” is a necessary evil if one’s cause is just, but the IRA killed how many, and for what? So their PM could be an Indian and they could have thousands of Nigerians within their borders – I am sure it was totally worth it.
From what I can tell, the IRA made no attempt to stop any of this. What actual attempt did they make to keep Ireland Irish/White? Better yet, what attempt did they make to keep the drugs out of it? If they made an attempt, then this proves their ineptitude.
The Government they set in place was neither WNst nor NS. The IRA was not even anti-Semitic. If the IRA had fought against the same things that WB Yeats fought against (mass industrialisation, race-mixing), then I would give them the benefit of the doubt.
Plus, the IRA has associated itself with people it ought not associate itself with: Gerry Adams and Jeremy Corbyn.

I am not a republican. I could care less about erasing imaginary lines on a map. A “united ireland” is a non issue for me. This is the deception. We have a phrase concerning the PIRA and Sinn Fein: Brits out, blacks in. @box456, yeah Veradker is a homosexual Indian. I think he once said that tricolors made him nervous. That is why I hold little hope for Southern Ireland. The loyalists, though, seemed to have adopted the white racial cause. I think Northern Ireland will, eventually, be fine.

The Irish are just trying to show they wish to destroy Whitey and so are worthy of being fellow PoCs. Potatoniggers.

So, we’re supposed to be surprised a man who who vouched for a murderous monkey called Mike Tyson, got Muds onto sporting areas for White Men, whored out his daughter to a Jew (or his daughter is a whore enough to fuck a Jew, regardless the failings of a child reflect those of the parents) and has repeatedly shown he’s no hero of the Whites to do such?

In the preface to the second edition he made astute observations against the obscurantists of language. But the windy verbiage in philosophy is only one of the features among western philosophers that moves me to call them stupid

This is the subject matter of John Harland’s book

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