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James Mason Quotable quotes


‘The cross is dead, now the symbol
of Aryan salvation is the swastika’.

—James Mason,
‘One Verse Charlies’

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The Universal Order website should eventually be releasing One Verse Charlies along with most of Mason’s other obscure material.
Although Mason is Christian Identity, he acknowledges that Christianity’s role in our race’s history has played itself out and the religion is now (or nearly is) a thing of the past. And the future of our race can only be inspired by the racial worldview of Adolf Hitler.

Off topic, this is what my correspondent from Ireland sent me today:
You are correct, Cesar, we err to make of the National Socialists a group of sweet Dindu Nuffins.
The Jews, in their old testament, declare an exterminationist war against all the gentiles.
Those Gentiles who are not outright killed will be slave citizens of a Jewish World State centered at Jerusalem. In Isaiah, we are depicted as licking the dust off the soles of Jewish feet. Talmudism is actually an attempt at reform! A step back from the naked exterminationism of the Old Testament!
Perhaps, Germany was the only gentile nation, in history, to declare an exterminationist war against Jewry. I, like you, began to get uneasy with Holocaust Denialism, because it implies that total war is never justified, when sometimes – and I speak here in totally abstract philosophical terms: I live by primum non nocere, and this includes even Jews – I consider it to be amply justified.

James mason is absolutely right!
AND you say he believes in Christian Identity, the recognition that Whites are of Jehovah through Adam and Seth, while the ‘Jews’ come from Cain.
What greater threat could there be to the Jews than the general recognition of a Biblical doctrine of them as the Devil’s children? What could better buttress antisemitism? What would fill the coffers of White Nationalist organizations better than millions of awakened Christians who came to that new concept as plausible as any other of their numerous doctrines?
Just think about it … this is the means to a social revolution.

Mason is idiotic on this point. In a recent thread I compared him to Himmler. But Himmler, although did not allow atheists in the SS, was no Christian whatsoever.

Go away you fat American (I know you’re an American). You’ll never be a Hebrew no matter how ashamed you are of your heritage. Just as how Niggers will never be Egyptians no matter how embarassed they are of having been the sewage of Africa.
Aryan values aren’t Semite Values. Semite Values encourage anthrocentrism, scorn for the wild around him (see the animal abuse practiced by Kikes, Muslims, and Mud Christians), contempt for human beauty shown through the arts, and an unwillingness to investigate the world.

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