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Daybreak Publishing in Amazon

Delivering heavy books as the below letter-sized copy of SIEGE, assembled by a traditional bookbinder, from the country where I am living to the US or Europe, has proven to be quite expensive. So I opened an account in Amazon’s CreateSpace which offers basically the same services I enjoyed at Lulu, Inc.

Unfortunately, Amazon has the rule that books won’t be available for the general public until I get my proof copies for review, which will start arriving here by February.

10 replies on “Daybreak Publishing in Amazon”

I've moved this sentence here now that I fixed the image:
Incidentally, anyone knows how to invert a pic like the above in Photoshop so that the letters SIEGE may be read normally?

You can do it in MS paint. Under the “rotate” tab there should be an “invert” button. My operating system isn’t in English, so I don’t know the exact words used in the English version.

No problem, since you mentioned “rotation” (which is something different), I just looked at those options in Photoshop and found that below that there’s the option “flip canvas horizontal” and it does the trick.

I am afraid that SIEGE would need an independent Amazon account, as it was the book that moved Lulu to de-platform me and also its publishers elsewhere.
The above copy (pic) was not assembled by Amazon but by my book binder. Not expensive but so heavy that it could cost a fortune to deliver it overseas.
Also, making other copies of it means a whole day of work, as I have to cross this impossible 3rd world city to reach the binder’s shop…

I guess my only option would be to emulate the binding from another source.. although I can’t imagine arbitrarily walking into a binding shop and casually asking for the reversed Swastika embroidery. I would assume this would have been done by an associate of yours.

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