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Healthy religion

by Wotans Krieger

The ancients believed that religion is indissolubly related to the race and ethnicity of a people. Once an individual, family, clan, tribe or nation divorces itself from the foundation religion of their ancestors they face the prospect of initially a loss of identity and then ultimately extermination as a distinct sociobiological entity…

The Christianization of the northern European peoples resulted in a gradual loss of racial consciousness which followed an inversion of their spiritual values and a suppression of their beliefs. Today the Germanic and Celtic peoples of Britain are experiencing anomie, a lack of values and norms. Feeling cut off from their spiritual and cultural roots many of them turn to alcohol, drug addiction, gambling and vice as a palliative cure for their feelings of rootlessness.

The adoption of Christianity at the point of the sword and the fire brand has caused Aryan man to adopt a set of anti-values which denigrate the hierarchical nature of human society which is a reflection of nature. False ideals of humanitarianism, ‘democracy’ and equality have psychologically weakened the Aryan peoples so that they now lack the will to resist the genocide that awaits them perpetrated by the alien and Semitic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The adherence to a universalist religion which denies the validity and primacy of race and ethnicity is a form of race treason.

Only by responding to the call of the blood will we as a race deliver ourselves from the disaster which awaits us as a race.

— ‘Religion: A Question of Race and Identity’

5 replies on “Healthy religion”

The blog that article comes from named Phosphorus is an excellent blog. I met the creator of the blog 4 years ago. He is a Greek guy.

Also the author of the article, Wotans Krieger, runs a very good blog as well. I am in contact with one of Wotans Krieger’s comrades, Wulf, here in England who runs the pagan group Woden’s Folk. Great guys all round.

What is your criteria for Truth? Could it not be that the Religion of Abraham is True and that the religion of the Ancient Germanic or Celt False?

The “religion of Abraham” is for the children of Abraham. As Teutons and Aryans generally we have our own Gods who live within our DNA. We have no need to seek ‘truth’ outside of our own blood!

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