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Eugenics and Race, 1

A passage from the first chapter of Eugenics and Race,
a booklet now available from Daybreak Publications (here):

This theory of an African origin is interesting as the African Negro remains the most ape-like in appearance of all the existing races of man…

With the improvement in climatic conditions he [Cro-Magnon man] started to roam the earth, and in Europe, in a few centuries, probably, he exterminated Neanderthal sub-man: the evidence of broken skulls would tend to suggest, at least, that the disappear-ance of the latter was due to his work. He exterminated them—all, that is, except the females, some of whom he definitely retained.

Like all conquering races of mankind, he would appear to have kept for his own use females from the tribes he conquered, for several fossils of this period show characteristics which point clearly towards an admixture of the two species, the one highly advanced, the other considerably lower on the scale; and isolated throw-backs to Neanderthal characteristics have ever since appeared amongst the various human races, admixture being greater in some areas such as Asia than in others.

Ever since man became more mobile, this retrogressive tendency towards the mixing of the sub-species has progressed with increasing rapidity, until we have the complex and generally blurred pattern which we know today.

3 replies on “Eugenics and Race, 1”

I’m a complete ignoramus in genetics and the genesis of Homo sapiens, but I wonder how the findings at Jebel Irhoud influence the old out-of-Africa hypothesis. Homo sapiens is 100k years earlier now (300k BP), and was first spotted in Morocco!

Do you know that some racialists such as Varg Vikernes take the 180 on the Neanderthal question and claim that the Nordics are superior because of the Neanderthal admixture (up to 4%)? What’s your stance on that?

“He exterminated them—all, that is, except the females, some of whom he definitely retained.”

Ancient Jews did it, too. Wouldn’t you count it as a racial sin though? The moral of National Socialism is sometimes as revolutionary as that of the French revolution, but to the opposite direction – Nazis do not rape, they gather foreign women in a church and burn it to the ground! The know-hows of Russia.

I reproduce the tales from the Russian culture molded by the Soviet propaganda. Whether they’re true, I don’t know, digging is hard. But I like them. After all, the NS are mainly a myth anyway, those legendary Westerners who were not faggots. Burning subhumans in churches is genius and far cooler than the 6 gorillion myth perpetuated in America.

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