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Nailing WN

“American white nationalism is a giant step backwards from German National Socialism.”

César Tort

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True. The modern white man is inferior to his grandparents’ generation. This holds true for the politically aware variety as well.

Further proof that Andrew Anglin is a phony Nazi, what he said last Saturday about a RamZPaul video:

A last point about admiring Hitler is that it isn’t as though I or anyone else who admires Hitler admires him exclusively. And it is difficult to see the difference, all things being equal, between admiring Hitler, the Founding Fathers, Napoleon, Charles Martel or any other historical European figure.

The Founding Fathers whose liberal, constitutional template meant that the US would be hardwired to become New Zion? Also, Benjamin Franklin became an abolitionist & Thomas Jefferson allowed (or committed) the sin against the holy ghost in his house!

Napos-big-blunderAnd Napoleon? The very one who empowered the Jews in Europe—an “emancipation” that opened the Pandora Box?


Right on point, César! But are there any other thinkers that have views as daring as yours? Only Alex Linder’s VNN?

Even if that’s true…. So what? It’s still vastly better than our current state of multi-culuralism.

This was wrote as a response to your TRS piece. I thought I’d post it here for you to respond to.


There are a lot of things that could be said in response to this wall of text. First and foremost, what needs to be said is that it is not obvious Cesar is being serious. Some of Cesar’s statements appear facetious, but it is mixed in with things it appears Cesar does actually care about. So here are a few things I’d like to say, without writing too much text myself.

1. Cesar is mostly correct about psychiatry and psychology. Schizophrenia is a big one. I suggest the work of the Italian Silvano Arieti to really get a handle on just how wrong the prevailing bio-medical model is.

2. It is going to be important for a White Nationalist resistance to be prepared for the ZOG to wage psychological warfare on them. More importantly, we will need to be prepared to do the same to the ZOG. Recall the character in the Turner Diaries named Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark invents an interrogation technique that can be used to detect ANY government agents, and they subject everyone in their organization to this test. Those who fail the test never wake up from the drugs. If Cesar is the real deal, and if he wants to help the war against the ZOG, he could probably best direct his talents towards this end. Not everyone has to be Earl Turner. Some can be William Luther Pierce, some can be Dr. Clark, and others can be more roles than were provided in the Turner Diaries.

3. The reality is that the Ashkenazi Jew is part of the white race, if you define it how most of the White Nation (the English-speaking European people of North America) sees it. The Soviet attempt at a solution to the Jewish problem was to utilize this fact to destroy the Jewish identity. The Nazi attempt, if it could even be called that before they were losing the war, was to destroy the body of the Jew. The White Nation entered the war against the German Nation, not because the Nazis were racist, but because they wanted to turn the rest of Europe into Euro-Niggers. The Nazis killed more Europeans than anyone else in history ever has. This is why some non-whites actually LIKE the Nazis; because he killed so many other Europeans. In fact, the only non-Europeans killed by the Nazis were people in North Africa. And as people in the White Nation know, the US government defines Arabs as ‘white’ people, when most of the White Nation does not (a half-Arab or half-Bedouin would probably be considered white by most though).

If you are not explicit about this issue, and do not attempt to deal with it in some fashion, most White Nationalists with a brain will think you are consciously lying. This is why the Khazar theory of the origin of Ashkenazi Jewery is important.

4. Ultimately Nationalists of the White Nation, which is the English-speaking European population of North America, are Nationalists first and foremost, and Pan-Europeanists second. This Pan-Europeanism does not extend to all Europeans, particularly the Ashkenazi Jews. Nor is it the job of White Nationalists to liberate other European Nations from whatever problems they are having. It is obvious most of Europe is also ruled by a ZOG, but many of them are not. During the coming Civil War in “America,” it is a possibility the ZOG will entice certain other Europeans to join with the forces of the “American” government against the White Nationalist Liberation Army. The European Nations that do this will face the fury of the White Nation, and at a bare minimum, their governments will be considered mortal enemies of the White Nation.

5. Cesar is correct about Christianity. White “American” Christians forced integration with niggers on the White Nation. Not Jews, not communists, not “Cultural Marxists,” but Christian Zionists. “Cultural Marxism” is a term invented by a Kike-lover to disguise the real cultural power in “America,” which is Hollywood, and the remnants left of Judeo-Christianity.

6. Cesar is not a member of the White Nation, and this is not a comment on his racial purity. European Spaniards are members of the white race, they are Europeans, but they are not members of the White Nation. The White Nation formed at a specific time in history, namely after the “American” Civil War. The film Birth of a Nation was quite accurate in depicting the origin of the White Nation. Cesar could move to “America” or “Canada” and integrate himself into it easily enough, and providing he married a white woman, his children would be members of the White Nation, but he would always be somewhat of an outsider, as are all first-generation European immigrants. Most members of the White Nation instinctively distrust most first-generation European immigrants, and for good reasons. That’s why they give them names like Hunky, Mick, Pommey, Dago, Wop, etc.

Some European immigrants won’t ever truly integrate unless they marry a ‘whiter’ European. An Italian person with two sets of Italian grandparents will more strongly identify with the Italian Nation than they will the White Nation, but this is not true with one set of Italian grandparents and one set of some other European grandparents. Of all the non-Jewish European immigrants to “America” and “Canada,” it is the Italians who have resisted integration the most.

7. While this may sound cliche, there are generally two types of atheists; people who don’t believe in God, and people who hate God. Cesar seems to be the later. It seems like internally, he really does believe in God, and is ‘trolling’ God by saying mean things on the internet, like he wants to hurt the Sky-Kike’s feelings or something. This is what makes me believe he is not serious about anything he says. I actually think he’s probably just trolling people, and goes back to his fellow Catholics and says things like “See what I can get these stupid whites to believe.”

This is, after all, the tradition of Spanish fascism. Franco had no problem air-lifting a bunch of Sand-Nigger Muslims to help him kill his fellow countrymen, and this seems to be the general plan of the ZOG in “America” and much of Europe as well. Serious White Nationalists have long recognized the problems with European fascism in this regard, this is why it is not a serious model for our resistance to the ZOG. There isn’t going to be any Haavara Agreement this time around, and we won’t be recruiting 150,000 Jewish Mischling into our resistance army.

I can read Spanish fairly well (had two years of it at the university), but it is more laborious for me than it is worth.

Would you rather write a response here, or over at TRS?

Or is your lack of a response indicative of something else? I’d say it is either that you realize you’ve been caught, or maybe you’re just starting to grasp the nature of the contradiction inherent in Nazi thought.

Let’s keep playing for awhile longer, shall we?

Next up, tell us what you think about David Duke’s attacks on the Khazar theory of the origins of Ashkenazi Jewery.

Or maybe you can write an essay about the Kevin MacDonald’s ideas about Jews and evolutionary psychology, and what that means for Ashkenazi (Euro) Jews and Mizrahi (Arab) Jews.

Or maybe you can tell us if the Zohar is a forgery created by medieval Sephardic Jews in Spain.

Or maybe just give us some commentary on the work of the Catholic E. Michael Jones.

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