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Blacks Miscegenation

On Thomas Jefferson

Thomas_JeffersonI find hilarious the recent exchange at The Occidental Observer between those American patriots who still believe that the US started unpolluted and those who, like Jack Frost, rub salt into their wounds. The fact is that the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States either committed, or allowed among one of the male members of his family, a Sin against the Holy Ghost—having sex with a non-white! Why this is a sin that should not be forgiven is explained: here.

Replying to his angry critics, Frost said yesterday: “The fact is that the Jefferson Y chromosome entered the Hemings line [a Negro family], and it is still true that it came either from Jefferson himself or one of his male relatives. In the latter case, either he knew his slave was being used sexually, which makes him a pimp, or he didn’t know, which makes him a fool. The Hemings case was not inusual…”

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Back in that time, there were two Americas in one country effectively. One part of America, the northern states of New England for example, had an overwhelmingly white population. Also more white women came along with the white men into places such as New England and Pennsylvania. States such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island back in that time had a white population of 95% or more on average. In the southern states, and in states such as South Carolina especially, the negro slaves made up the majority of population. South Carolina had a black negro majority of 57%. But that was the nature of the economy of the two different regions of America. The southern states were often viewed as more racialist and whites in the south were thought to be more racially aware ironically. The whites from New England on the other hand, despite living in an almost all white environment, even in the XIX century tended to be the most abolitionist and for some reason possessed compassion for the alleged suffering of black slaves. Kevin MacDonald discussed once this strange paradox. One must understand that the economy of the southern states in that age simply needed black african slaves for labor. It was mostly white males that run the plantations which grew cotton, sugar, cocoa, coffee, fruits for export to European markets. Not just plantation owners were whites, but overseers were and many other plantation workers. But fewer white women came to those plantations, so many of the white men working on them probably got lonely, tired and bored and they had not that many white women to come by. The situation in the all-white New England was quite different. There developed a significant chasm between northern New England whites and the southern whites in the structure of economy, culture, attitude towards life, political ideology which eventually lead to American Civil War. Jefferson is representative of the southern plantation owners. John Adams represented New England.

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There is no morality in the USA, only money and poon.

I know I will offend many Southerners here but it just seems to me the whole culture of so-called Southern hospitality is rather fake, while Northerners, though considered rude, are actually more up front and genuine.

I think this same dynamic applies to male – female relations. I mean, what good was it to be married to someone like TJ with all the fineries of his plantation and being the lady of the house all the while he is shagging a sistah.

The South talks a lot of smack about segregation and race mixing is communism, but meanwhile these rich old “white” horney toads were getting their groove on with the groids.


I have heard it said often that the blacks in the North were often angrier and are more angry today. There was a saying that at least the Southern whites would look the blacks in the eye, meanwhile Northerners would not.

Interesting how there is a migration of blacks going back to the South: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2014/0316/Why-African-Americans-are-moving-back-to-the-South.

The South is pomp and circumstance. I have also noted that it is much more socioeconomically class conscious. These things transferred to how women were regarded and how rigid the roles were for black women and white women in the South.

“White” women = lady of the house, childbearing

Black women = fetish fucking, getting dirty

Hence the saying, “The Dirty South”.

Yeah, I don’t know. There is a lot of latent psychosexual stuff in the South.

Aside: When Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With The Wind, the main character, Scarlet, in the written work actually had 3 different children to different husbands- see link: http://www.funtrivia.com/en/Literature/Mitchell-Margaret/Question2228063_66493C.html.

Scarlet, though white, was quite the little trollup.

Yet when the novel was made into a movie in 1939, Scarlet had one child to one husband. It was if Hollywood was trying to present Scarlet as what the Southerners would WANT to see in a ‘white’ woman, not how things really were.

So what is it about “white’ female sexuality that was so off putting and scary to ole TJ? Why did he turn to shagging a sistah?

I find this dynamic alive and well today in Plantation Nation America. It is well and good for Minority Mamas to be single mamas, but if you are white single mother, by God you are a Harlot, a Jezebel. Same with dress. Black women can let it all hang out, but not “White Grrrrrls.”

Do not get me wrong, I am against race mixing. When I see White Women shacking up with Fat Albert, I want to hurl, but I sometimes wonder if these women are in essence “getting even’ with the “White” men who scorned them while these men had their way with whatever Mystery Mama is out there.

America is not the land of the free – it is the land of the enslaved, and Working Whites are THE slaves of America. It some twisted way, I see race mixing as something that may end positive for Europeans dispersedthroughout the globe in that the Mystery Meat Mashers will unite against the American Oligarchs that are pushing their agenda onto the rest of the world.

I know I throw much vitriol at what I call American Brutes, but I believe that my vitriol is justified. I was not brought to this Plantation Poop Pile by choice and for decades I was mired in thinking that my Germanic looks were perhaps bad- I actually had some Jew fag say I looked Amish once. I now embrace my looks because there is no way in hell I want to be Mystery Meat.

I like some of TJ’s stances, but his dalliance with a groid is just not a good look to me.

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